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#16 TF: Source 2 in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#2 name change in Requests

name changed from Mazeltop to mazerati

posted 1 month ago
#14 ire has passed away in TF2 General Discussion

There are few people that I know that put as much passion and dedication into competitive TF2 as ire did, and I have nothing but fond memories of joking with ire in the TFTV writing room back in the day. She deserved so much better.

posted 1 month ago
#7 Former Valve writer Chet Faliszek - "I miss TF2" in TF2 General Discussion
DrHappinessI agree with him that Casual mode kind of ruined the sense of community where people could hop in and out. But I do think he's looking back with rose-tinted glasses a little bit. [...] Although at least with quickplay, you weren't stuck if the server wasn't your thing; you could just leave.

I've seen these arguments before when MYM dropped, and it's always felt like sentiment sans substance. But, there is some merit to it, not that Casual is different, but that it's just a worse Quickplay. This is just my opinion, but Quickplay was never the "community-oriented" server experience that people reminisce about.

There are good QoL additions that make Casual good, but there are still fundamental issues that make Casual worse than Quickplay.

1. There's too much friction in between matches. The assets for the game start and end look great, but are a waste of time.
2. The system is not designed well for the player density of TF2. Frequently I've seen Casual matches that simply just cannot stay full because the matchmaking can't keep up with disconnects.
3. Players seem to leave a lot at the end of matches. Purely anecdotal, but it feels like I have to requeue at the end of maps often, which is weird even when the same map is voted at the end of the match.
4. Why can you only vote for three maps? The built-in map vote supports up to 5 maps, so why is there this arbitrary reduction?

Of course, the main issue isn't that these issues exist, but that they've persisted because Valve fundamentally reworked the games official server-finding flow and never refined it.

posted 2 months ago
#2 Stream Request - fuux in Requests


posted 3 months ago
#3 name change in Requests

chill is already taken

posted 3 months ago
#2 Stream Side Bar Request in Requests


posted 3 months ago
#2 stream request in Requests


posted 3 months ago
#7 tftv, I have an addiction... in The Dumpster

i downloaded femscout mod and now i can't win duels against scouts in MGE. help!!

posted 3 months ago
#15 can we just go back to tf2c in TF2 General Discussion

tf2stadium died for this?

posted 3 months ago
#2 RGL 6s S13 Invite Stage 2 Seeding: fgp vs. GlobalClan Ice in Matches

gecks tonight

posted 3 months ago
#2 koth_harvest edit in Map Discussion

map screenshots since OP didn't provide any

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posted 3 months ago
#9 OhnePixel is unboxing TF2 crates now in TF2 General Discussion

fun fact: 90% of uncraters stop before they're about to unbox an unusual

posted 3 months ago
#2 [stream] TempusTV in Requests

big brother is watching me flub the sync on jump_eons_b2

added, replacing

posted 3 months ago
#4 name change in Requests

name changed from QweX to rmrf

posted 3 months ago
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