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#18 Competitve horror stories? in TF2 General Discussion

This pug with elijah, sega, jemond, crazy and dan still haunts me to this day

Unironically a dysfunctional, nonsensical, and downright unfortunate disaster in five acts

posted 6 days ago
#183 NHL Megathread in Off Topic
GrapeJuiceIIIwell my bracket is fucked.

What if it was all just a dream?

posted 2 weeks ago
#71 2022-2023 NBA Season in Off Topic

you can kill the man, but you cant kill the process

posted 2 weeks ago
#180 NHL Megathread in Off Topic

Toronto really saw Boston's bones get ground to powder in seven against Florida and thought "we can do so, so much worse"

posted 2 weeks ago
#50 RGB LAN 6 in LAN Discussion
TheFragilewe know it’s the right move for TMG and RGB LAN

what did he mean by this

posted 2 weeks ago
#176 NHL Megathread in Off Topic

What Did They Mean By This ?

posted 2 weeks ago
#14 Best matches in tf2 history? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 2 weeks ago
#4 Favorite team memory? in TF2 General Discussion

throwback thursday

i also cherish this and also this, this team was so much fun

honorable mention to an onlyfans/spadesslick product scrim where i recommended we "squidward hold" (forward hold despite being three down) and it made spades comm in squidward's voice exclusively for the next hour

posted 3 weeks ago
#10 tf2 colonies in TF2 General Discussion
MongIf you are on a uni network you can ask arie from serveme for steam accounts associated with your ip. I accidentally did that and I found some guy in open was at my uni and I DMed him. Sadly he was a degenerate furry so our friendship could not blossom.

tf2 player make irl friends challenge (impossible)

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 Personal hard-counter? in TF2 General Discussion

milk (i cant drink it) (but i want to anyway)

posted 3 weeks ago
#170 NHL Megathread in Off Topic

everyone conveniently ignored how the defending cup champion just got bounced by a baby team

if this seasons finals ends up being kraken v. panthers i will shit

posted 4 weeks ago
#165 NHL Megathread in Off Topic


posted 4 weeks ago
#161 NHL Megathread in Off Topic
GrapeJuiceIIISpaceCadetI watched 5 of these 6 games and didn't think Toronto played particularly well to be honest but neither did Tampa Bay. TorontoBoston be like "hmmmmm today i will turn the puck over for no reason" repeat x60
posted 4 weeks ago
#146 NHL Megathread in Off Topic
SpaceCadethalf our players are AHL callups

the providence bruins beat the lehigh valley phantoms then, i stand corrected

i feel like getting some stability out of tortorella is a healthy way for the flyers to right the ship, and the atkinson/lemieux/risto acquisitions are providing the veteran grit that the team's (mostly) young core needs. that said, i recognize the injury bug you guys have been dealing with this season, and i get that its entirely at random and the nhl season is a bitch on players, but you guys have plenty of time. year 2-3 torts pops off, youll be back.

please try not to get so worked up over figure skaters in costumes, its centuries more enjoyable if you let go

posted 1 month ago
#12 B4nny's future financial wellbeing (SERIOUS) in The Dumpster

once dagger and murkscribe left the site was just never the same

posted 1 month ago
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