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#8 elite groups for enginners? in TF2 General Discussion
PapaSmurf323I believe they are called scouts

Hahahahaha. Well played.

posted about 6 years ago
#7 What happened to mge servers? in TF2 General Discussion

Bring back noids ammomod!

posted about 6 years ago
#6 Medic/Soldier LFT IM+ in Recruitment (looking for team)

Blink used to have some rage issues back in the day, but he's really matured and greatly improved his play over the last few seasons. Anyone looking would be crazy not to pick him up

posted about 6 years ago
#15 Fourth of july fun? in Off Topic

Going wild here at work.

kill me.

posted about 6 years ago
#13 Gunboats Pocket in TF2 General Discussion

My advice, practice with your shotgun. Yes in the past some pockets have had success without a shotgun, tri for example, but the shotgun is a powerful weapon and gunboats make it harder to build uber. As a few people have said, running gunboats to mid (or on koth) is ok sometimes, but as a pocket you are better off with a shotgun.

Also, just because tri could get away without using his shotgun doesn't mean you should try running gunboats as pocket. Tri is a freak. His aim is incredible.

posted about 6 years ago
#21 Good Scout Training Regime? in TF2 General Discussion

i thought was dead?

posted about 6 years ago
#11 40jam LFT soldier scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

Holy shit, 40jam!

Welcome back.

posted about 6 years ago
#52 Games for kids in Other Games


posted about 6 years ago
#906 yahud in Customization

I use an old version of the HUD that I've modified quite a bit. How do I import the taunt menu into an older version?

Also, whenever I disguise as spy no matter what class I pick it always shows scout on the HUD. Any idea how to fix that?

posted about 6 years ago
#10 thrasher LFT pocket in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted about 6 years ago
#2 thrasher LFT pocket in Recruitment (looking for team)

Bump. Couple tryouts lined up. Still looking tho.

posted about 6 years ago
#7 New Mic Please in TF2 General Discussion

Zalman clip on or modmic

posted about 6 years ago
#65 Pyro in 6's (LF Scrims) in TF2 General Discussion

"lol they have a pyro"



posted about 6 years ago
#1 thrasher LFT pocket in Recruitment (looking for team)

Those of you who haven't been around the game for too long might only know me as "that roamer who can't jump".

I Started playing for the now dead Tonight's Entertainment in season 13 as roamer just to do something different. Ended up becoming a pretty good team and I stuck with roamer for 3 seasons. Being right handed and playing lefty did make it harder for me to hit certain jumps and limited me sometimes, hence the label of the roamer who can't jump.

Those of you who have been around for a while might remember me as a pocket. I played it since beta pretty much, and now that I've had my fun with roaming its time for me to go back to my main.

Looking for a dedicated team that doesn't rage. Would prefer mid or high IM. Thanks.

posted about 6 years ago
#61 Competitive shooters? in Other Games

There won't be any real successful competitive shooters until the fucking moba craze dies down.

Multigaming organizations and companies who solo sponsor want to invest in the most popular games, as they have the most money behind them, get the most attention, and bring more people to their website/twitch/youtube/social media site. Right now that's moba, sadly.

I've been going to pax east every year since it started (not going anymore tho, it's shit now). Pax is huge. It's almost got E3 status. Every year you see more and more booths showing off their new game. "It's a new take on moba. You see it's exactly the same as every other one except in this one you can [insert totally useless minor difference here]."

People line up all weekend to try them. I've seen RIOT employees make kids "bark like a dog" and "kiss the floor" for some stupid skin code. As long as people keep flocking to moba their wont be any successful competitive FPS games. Tribes had a chance, and then hi-rez killed it off to focus on "smite"... A fucking moba. TF2 and CS will have to carry the torch for now.

posted about 6 years ago
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