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#19 gremlin alert in The Dumpster

at least it's not another pedo thread

posted 5 days ago
#2 Mumble issues in Hardware

Have you tried fiddling about with the audio wizard in mumble? I had this issue ages ago and changing the thresholds in "volume tuning" and "voice activity detection" in the audio wizard fixed it.

posted 2 weeks ago
#17 Harassment in the community in TF2 General Discussion

ban list for hoi mumble looks like this because of malarz
malarz made a group chat in disc + added a bunch of people to it just to schizopost:
jeven being mentally stable:

also had zoey's facebook, insta + whatsapp screenshots put in my steam comments too
really nice lads

posted 3 weeks ago
#42 book megathread in Off Topic

Necro but I found Wheel of Time to be really good, got through the first seven in about three months & they held my interest a lot better than stuff like Game of Thrones did.

Just don't be fooled into thinking it's a trilogy like I was and end up in too deep

posted 1 month ago
#18 RCADIA Fortress Hamburg Thank You Thread in LAN Discussion

shoutout poundland for winning open + putting up with my horrendous mental boom on the saturday, my constant naps and my general gameplay overall, love u boys
shoutout sneaky for carrying ulti + overwhelming modesty
shoutout imectus for stepping up to replace zambz and being the loudest person i have ever heard
shoutout saltyy for losing his fucking mind at imectus in ulti
shoutout zambz for pounding in invite
shoutout beavern for roaring across the hall every time he killed me + his gf for 2 shotting zambz in mixes
shoutout all of bus crew, really fun games
shoutout flick for being the most fucked up i've ever seen anyone during a mix
shoutout to beater for taking out my knuckles with a coin
shoutout hoi for sharing a cursed hotel room
shoutout mirra for the talks
shoutout mackey for turning up & chilling
shoutout gamer hotel for letting me take naps between games + having the worlds most fragile door handles
shoutout blue bonk
shoutout everyone that couldn't understand me saying "i'm row" and made me get someone to translate
shoutout everyone i talked to + played against
shoutout kaptain for witnessing the worst handshake i've ever attempted
shoutout warped + tev for bowling on the monday and observing my gamer posture
shoutout auto for the chat in hamburg + frankfurt airports

probably forgotten something/some people, lan death + lan blues hitting hard, probably my best lan, cu next

posted 1 month ago
#2 RCADIA LAN STV Demos in LAN Discussion

Sorted them all, removed all false starts + server tests, there are 3 from day 2 that I couldn't get to work at least on my PC, they are:
Upper bracket finals round 2: BIGBLOKELAN v Czuraci - Snakewater
Lower bracket finals round 1 - wer das liest ist doof v Duplo - Snakewater
Lower bracket finals round 1 - wer das liest ist doof v Duplo - Sunshine

I've stuck them in a separate folder just in case they'll work for anyone else

Fixed them + some of the demos from day 3 using this and #5 in this from this thread, god bless ArchRhythm + Collaide

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

posted 1 month ago
#36 queen dead in Off Topic

this is what happens when you visit scotland

posted 4 months ago
#16 TF2 LAN EVENT IN GERMANY, 25.-27-11.2022 in LAN Discussion


posted 5 months ago
#16 free sheem in TF2 General Discussion

posted 7 months ago
#23 rahThread: Class nerf discussion in TF2 General Discussion

give heavy wheels and no brakes

posted 9 months ago
#23 Why must you hate me :C in TF2 General Discussion

having to mute u in order to have a reasonable time while on ur team in any sort of pug is not a good start
everyone is loud from time to time but when i can't hear 4/6 on my team whenever your mic is on it's astonishing

loud =/= funny

posted 9 months ago
#7 book megathread in Off Topic

Recently been rereading the Eragon series just because I like it, it's fun to come back to once in a while & it's a story I know and enjoy.

The Name of the Wind & The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss are pretty nice reads if you're into fantasy, even though the third book in the trilogy has been coming soon™ for about 11 years at this point - the audiobook versions are good as well.

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett is good even if you've found that you don't really like any of their other books. (At least that's the experience I had) - Another one where the audiobook version is good

If biographies are more your thing David Mitchell (the British comedian) has a few good ones & Stephen Fry's first two are pretty good.

posted 9 months ago
#4 ETF2L S41 Div2 GF: Placeholder vs. street debils in Events

posted 9 months ago
#9 Copenhagen Games Postponed in TF2 General Discussion

delay hl until 2023 too

posted 11 months ago
#9 IS DOWN in Off Topic

posted 11 months ago
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