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#3 This community is getting to be too much for me. in Off Topic

idk man i usually separate gaming me and social me. most of the ppl in my fraternity or my friends have no idea i play computer games. and i dont think i'd ever joke about porn or random people she wouldn't know anyway, girls have to be really weird or really cool to not be offended by that kinda stuff

sorry about that tho shit sux

posted about 7 years ago
#5 give me your honest opinion in Off Topic

i like it. i could play tambourines for you if you want~

posted about 7 years ago
#7 Earbuds Vs. Headphones in Hardware

100% headphones. buds/iems aren't as good, especially at that price. defy's are a good choice or you could go for koss portapros (but they leak hella noise so if you need it to be quiet for others maybe not a good option.)

posted about 7 years ago

i can bearly see ur face

posted about 7 years ago
#42 Interesting Salamancer post in TF2 General Discussion
JdudeFor people sayingthat it will be filled with newbies that know nothing about competitive, maybe there should be a barrier to entry. Maybe there could be an in-game tutorial, maybe 30-40 hours required on the class they want to play? Then it's like an achievement.

(I haven't watched the video yet, but I will in a little. Just in case I address something that was brought up or whatever.)

I like that idea as a start. What I'm more envisioning is some sort of split where we have (like people have mentioned) tick boxes for "ESEA Ruleset," "UGC Ruleset," "Vanilla Weapons," and a "All Weapons Enabled." and a split of skill levels for something like "Expert," "Advanced," "Intermediate," "Beginner," and "New." There can be things like medal miscs when people "graduate" to the next rank, possibly strange. For example, if I feel like I have a good amount of 6v6 experience so I'd probably start with "Intermediate" which I'd equate to ESEA-O level. This would grant me an "Intermediate 6v6 Player Medal" (obviously named something more clever) which would track how many games in the "Intermediate" game mode I've played, and which rulesets I've played. It gives an item as an incentive which people always want, and allows people to judge how much experience the person has. It may even be prudent to have it display wins and games played, which may be a bit more telling of the experience.

Or there can be something like the botkiller weapons. There can even be "competitive killer" weapons or something that track kills in the game mode.

I think the idea is a solid one, especially if you have all of the different tiers of gameplay, allowing progression, with actual items to track your success.

Another idea I had was if some sort of competitive matchmaking system was implemented, they can possibly implement some sort of "community tournaments" like the 3v3 KotH tournament or something. Or small 6v6 tournaments/something like that reddit round robin highlander thing/etc.

Although, like everyone's said, Valve hasn't made a single move (other than Robin, who is no longer affiliated with TF2 development) towards competitive play, and now TF2 is getting old. As much as I'd love to see it flourish, I really doubt that Valve would care to implement anything like this.

posted about 7 years ago
#14 FULLY CHARGED 4 - communities! in TF2 General Discussion
DrakeMegrimompHexagrams was absolutely amazing.
bath salts

I was thinking he was robotripping hahaha

posted about 7 years ago
#7 Favourite concept albums? in Off Topic

Other than those you listed, "Fantastic Planet" by Failure is an awesome concept album.

posted about 7 years ago
#22 fps drops/stuttering in Q/A Help

This exact thing happened to me a couple months ago. After doing all the same things you did-- verify/defrag/reinstall/viruscheck/etc (with nothing working), I did a major compressed air clean job, and the that seemed to fix the problem entirely.

posted about 7 years ago
#5 Job interview - Help in Off Topic

confidence is key in interviews. I've successfully gotten jobs that i'm well underqualified for by just having a good interview. I can charm anyone in person though. I like to research my interviewer/the company a bit and look for things that I can relate to (i.e. if they all graduated from UCLA, and you did too, talk about that. or if they use dreamweaver and you've been using it since macromedia mx suite or whatever, talk about it)

finally, don't understate yourself. and emphasize your good/best qualities.

good luck on your interview

posted about 7 years ago
#4 144hz monitors in Hardware

where the fuck is monterey park? i'm in sb and i need a monitor but i'm too lazy to drive more than an hour

posted about 7 years ago
#186 my new hud. in Customization
omppoopfistI'd like having the last damage dealt text somewhat in the middle more, centered and something like 20 pixels down from my crosshair. You don't need to edit anything for me, just tell me where to look/what to edit and I'll figure it out.


CDamageAccountValue and CDamageAccountValueShadow in HudDamageAccount.res. Change xpos of the first to c-66 and xpos of the shadow to c-65 to horizontally center them. Then play with the ypos until you find a value you like (shadow should be one greater than the normal one).

Thanks Omp #omphud2012

posted about 7 years ago
#184 my new hud. in Customization
harvesthey guise

So I made a hud edit of omp which took a lot longer than it should have.
I give full credit to the creator(s), Omp, Rad, whoever made e.v.e. hud.

Basically for those who have no idea how to edit huds and are too lazy to find out, and just to see if there are other people out there with the same taste as me in huds.

here are some screenshots
(click each number to see a different screenshot, i just showed what i thought was important to normal gameplay, 28 screens total.)
(no it's not a virus lol, just imgur)

if you're interested in downloading, here's the link
tinyurl.com/harvesthuddownload (dropbox)

If ompy doesn't approve of all of this I shall snip away in shame!

Looks good, harvest. Exactly what I wanted, except for one small thing. I'd like having the last damage dealt text somewhat in the middle more, centered and something like 20 pixels down from my crosshair. You don't need to edit anything for me, just tell me where to look/what to edit and I'll figure it out.


posted about 7 years ago
#6 eXtv UGC HL: Gorgeous Gamers vs Bonus! Koth_Lakesi in TF2 General Discussion
VortexI don't know what a velociraptor stab is but it makes me want to main spy.

use http://tf2dingalings.com/sound/details/593 to velociraptor stab

posted about 7 years ago
#7 Malicious intent... stay vigilant in TF2 General Discussion

there were hackusations but he seems to retain his aim in other games, and I don't think he has hacks for multiple games. he's just a terrible troll who thinks he's funny but people actually take him serious.

posted about 7 years ago
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