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#92 mkHUD in Customization
z3rtuHey, I just downloaded the 07/14 updated version of your HUD, but the casual menu is still broken. What can I do ?

Here's how it looks:

my bad, i forgot to delete "matchmakingcategorypanel.res" and "matchmakinggrouppanel.res" from my repository. delete those two files in /ui/ and you should be good to go.

posted about 3 years ago
#98 Overwatch HUD in Customization
indecencypls add an option to remove that fuckin overheal and hurt screen effect

literally right "fuckin" here, you dingus

EDIT: Reply to #99

You can disable the blur (the blur removes the crosshair and the map vote) by going to the folder named "dx8_overrides/resource/ui" and copying "winpanel.res" from that folder and putting that into the HUD's ui folder.

It will still have the black overlay, but it shouldn't be too bad now that without the blur you can see your weapon viewmodel and other elements. If you don't like this at all, then you can just delete winpanel.res from resource/ui.

EDIT 2: Reply to #100

I don't think I'll move the control point icons down, the HUD was made with competitive players in mind and I don't think any ESEA match would be played on Junction.

Where in the HUD files is "EventColor"? I can't find it anywhere.

I don't think I'll be creating a 4:3 version for the buff overlay, sorry. I have only met like, 6 people that use 4:3 resolution on a day-to-day basis. I also won't be animating individual health crosses. OW does this, but I'm not exactly sure how I could do that.

posted about 3 years ago
#96 Overwatch HUD in Customization

Pushed another update. Mainly to fix the broken map selection in casual, but also fixed some minor bugs.

Please download the update from GitHub. refuses to accept the updated version for whatever reason.

Changelog- Fixed the map selection menu being broken in the casual menu
- Added overheal/hurt animations for the numbers
- Fixed the offset shadow being screwed up
- Removed sticky background when using a shield
- Added the advanced options button to the menu

One thing to note is that Intellectual / haZe (Not sure which alias he prefers) has created a health bar for this HUD. I will be messing around with it a little bit and probably will make it an option within a few days. He's done a great job.


ToasterThis is a cringe hud, remove that med particle effect and the hurt particle effect completely. I know how to disable it but it really shouldn't be a thing

Please leave, the intention of my HUD is to replicate Overwatch. I don't think you understand what the word "cringe" even means. You obviously have watched too much of Leafy or whatever garbage YouTuber people watch these days.


1) Can you provide a screenshot or something? I'm not sure what you mean by that. If you mean the circular ulti meter, that's not something I can do.
2) I really don't get how this is so important. But whatever, I added one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's in the top left corner by the vote/mute/report buttons.
3) If you mean the blur, go to dx8_overrides folder and take "mainmenuoverride.res" and copy it into resource/ui. It removes the blur.
4) Fixed.
5) Also fixed the misplaced shadow.

posted about 3 years ago
#89 mkHUD in Customization

Hey, I fixed up the HUD for today's small update. The map selection list seemed to have broken the casual menu slightly. I also made a new targetID that should be easier to tell if your teammates are hurt/overhealed. I would recommend downloading straight from my GitHub, doesn't want to accept my update for some reason.

The new targetid:



a little problem on a moitor with 16:10 aspect ratio. should i change the font's size?

I'm not 100% sure if this is the reason, but I think this is just caused by how TF2 renders fonts. From what I've noticed, sometimes zeros and Os get cut off, same with Ds. This bug also happens with the mkhud logo on the top left, the d is slightly cut off. If you care about this issue a ton, change it if you want. It doesn't bother me.

HatSimulatorone other thing, I changed hudplayerclass crosshair "fgcolor" to 36 237 66 255 and it doesnt change in game. its still white. any idea what that is?

Change "fgcolor" to "fgcolor_override"? Not exactly sure if that would fix it but usually it does.

posted about 3 years ago
#88 Overwatch HUD in Customization
TheGraySeedi have a few bugs and missing things here :
  1. There are no Sentry upgrading progress in the TargetID which annoys me when i am playing engineer
  2. No Medic's ubercharge percentage when aiming at the medic (it shows up when getting healed)
  3. When i can't afford metals for the building other than sentries, it will show up as sentry (literally unplayable)

Re-download the HUD, I fixed that yesterday.

For the last option, I can't really change that. I have literally every definition of the Sentry Gun replaced with "Gun" in the build menu and I have no idea why it would change back for such a rare situation.

- Low health and Overheal numbers are the same as normal colors. Change the low to red and overheal to yellow. Also for healing patient on medic.

I'll make it an option.

- On 1366x768 resolution the Loading...mapname is covered by the loading bar. Solution: Move the Loading...mapname upper, maybe right centered or to the left bottom.

if i move it to the left or the center then it would look nothing like the overwatch loading screen, and that's exactly what i'm trying to replicate

- In mainmenu there is no Heavy vs Pyro button.

i could care less about it

- In mainmenu, add a visual indicator of item server not available. (like in stock HUD with unplugged cable)

with the way my menu is setup, that's not possible

- Loadout presets are not ABCD and sems cut off.

design choice. if you know how to install a HUD you should know which things are which.

posted about 3 years ago
#16 ***MESSAGE TO ALL DEMO MAINS*** in Off Topic
Smesiyttriumflatlinei like your fontlooks like Novecento Medium. kinda similar to Lemon/Milk Regular.IT'S COUTURE ./

couture is a great font but the numbers are so skinny compared to the alphas .( wish they were kinda like novecento or avenir's numbers.

posted about 3 years ago
#85 Overwatch HUD in Customization
I don't know about this, I first noticed it watching slamberg's stream (VOD: which was in widescreen, and then I confirmed it happening to myself in 4:3.

That's a little strange. It seems to be completely fine for me.

Is it possible that he was running an older build where I accidentally screwed the targetids over or...? There is no differences with the TargetID I just uploaded to GitHub and the one I have installed in my TF2 folder.

Actually in that earlier build, targetid health values had color animations only for the main targetid (and therefore no color animation for the secondary targetid), and I was requesting an option to have color animations for both. In your update you actually removed both color animations when you remade the targetid, both the default and override hudanimation files would not animate the health value color, which I assume was an accident.

Yes, that was. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I forgot about the TargetID health animations. Fixed it.

I wasn't referring to the respawn timer in the tournament playerpanel (respawntime), I was referring to the local player respawn timer (ReinforcementsLabel).

I completely forgot that there was a separate respawn timer when it's in tournament mode. I pushed an update to move the respawn timer to the left side of the screen, a little bit below the tournament panels. I kinda have to edit this in the dark since I don't have a very good way to test the readymode things. I couldn't find a console command to manually start the game without getting someone on the other team to ready up.

I'm not sure if I've ever experienced this myself, theoretically it should behave exactly the same if coordinates are using the c-modifier. I use a 4:3 resolution (640x480) on a 5:4 monitor so the HUDs I use actually need to accommodate both, which they seem to do when made correctly.

It seemed to move when I used the 4:3 win condition override on 1280x1024, which IIRC is 5:4.
For the scope removal, I had it working successfully in mkhud earlier - but I removed it because ESEA probably doesn't want that. I don't want to incorporate it into this HUD either, it was just a little thing I wanted to try out.

posted about 3 years ago
#83 Overwatch HUD in Customization

1) The TargetID shadow is completely fine in 16:9. I added an override that fixes it for those resolutions.
2) I meant to not have a background at all. I removed it.
3) You said in your post earlier that you wanted an option to remove the overheal on targetids, not add overheal colours to the spectator targetid health. Whatever, I guess. Added overheal colours to the spectator targetid.
4) I have no idea how that works. The font definition seems to be hardcoded and does not want to co-operate.
5) Fixed. I'm sorry I'm getting all of this wrong.
6) I moved all of the tournament panels down. I don't think it should matter anymore.
7) Moved it all downwards, like you recommended.

Removed the scope removal animation as well. It doesn't even work anyways - I had left it there when I was looking into the animations JarateKing did with PrismHUD and tried to attempt some of the stuff he did.

Hopefully this is everything you covered. Pushed all of the changes to GitHub.

Edit: Added the refract removal for mapinfomenu.
Some of the 5:4 overrides don't co-operate with 4:3 that well, like the win condition label. I have to use different values for it, for whatever reason.

posted about 3 years ago
#81 Overwatch HUD in Customization
Vladmirres 2560 x 1440

can't see teammates/enemies health as spy

Did you install the newest version of my HUD? I changed the targetID to a less buggy one. I have never tested the HUD on 1440p, so that may be another reason as to why.

SitngusI have this problem still.
Help me, please.
Even in game I have def hud.

Make sure info.vdf is in the HUD's folder.

posted about 3 years ago
#78 Overwatch HUD in Customization
JOEInstalling latest update from github has no health, ammo, damage numbers, killfeed positioned incorrectly. The hud does show my killstreak though.

Is this just me? Worked fine yesterday when i tried it out.

res - 1920x1080

I accidentally broke something while attempting to use #base for HudLayout.res. I'm going to revert the changes and try a different way to incorporate #base into my HudLayout files.

Should be fixed now. My bad. This didn't happen when I was testing it.

posted about 3 years ago
#87 mkHUD in Customization
HatSimulatorthis hud is sick!
My only complaint is health is kinda hard to see when its low. Everything else is great

E: cant see more than 6 players on the scoreboard. idk what that is either

minmode toggles the 6 player scoreboard. turn it off and you'll have a 12 player scoreboard :)

posted about 3 years ago
#75 Overwatch HUD in Customization

Pushed another update, fixing a couple things Eric mentioned.

July 12
- Added overrides for 4:3, 5:4, fixes the tournament HUD and spectator tournament HUD getting cut off
- Added overrides for DirectX 8 users. Fixes the white ingame main menu backgrounds and class selection backgrounds.
- Fixed the charge meter and charge label's animations being swapped
- Re-aligned the freezecam so you can see it in different resolutions
edit: - New TargetID. Centered TargetID had too many problems. Until I figure that out, it'll be this for now.

I replied to a lot of posts in this thread so I'll put a spoiler.

Show Content
Fixed the targetid in 5:4 using the values you provided.

I repositioned the freezepanel. I completely forgot that I didn't use any C or R values within the HudLayout.res file for it.

For the tournament spectator elements, I provided an override that makes it so you can see all of them. It's not incredibly pretty, but I think I'm going to make a version of the tournament HUD that's like mkhud where they the tournament panels are rectangles drawn from the left. I had to move it down so it won't clip with the timer. I also fixed the off center win conditions.

I also swapped the ChargeLabel and ChargeMeter, thank you for letting me know about this. I have added an override that disables the targetid overheal as well. I will most likely setup hudanimations_manifest soon, but I'm not exactly sure how to start.
4812622it looks pretty good but why is the class gallery 6 over 3 instead of 5 over 4
I thought it looked nicer with 6 over 3. Plus, the classes are already divided into groups of 3 so it would only make sense to keep the same layout as that.
LinksupersayanIs there a way to remove the blurry screen at the end of a round? It bothers me a lot.
Download my hud again and copy "winpanel.res" from the "dx8_overrides" folder into resource/ui to remove the blur.
Mojo_da_Kiddcant see health of players that killed me in 4:3
Fixed in the newest update.
DarkNecridOkay I found a bug with the TargetIDs.

Spy can't see enemy Medics uber % unless the Medic actually has his Medigun out. (I think? I know I saw it when one healed me.)

Intended functionality is that Spy can see enemy Medics uber % at all times by targeting them.

This actually matters quite a bit for Spy in organized play, especially since the Crossbow increases your uber % now.

I think I'll release another TargetID that is not centered. There are a lot of kinks and things that I have not worked out with the TargetID I borrowed from MagnumHUD. I'll be creating one shortly. I'll edit this post once I'm done. I will probably end up making the centered TargetID an optional thing that can be installed, but I'll warn users of the problems with it. Thank you for the heads up, I never play Spy.

EDIT: Here's the new TargetID. I may end up replacing this soon, but it'll be like this for a bit until I figure this centered TargetID out.
posted about 3 years ago
#64 Overwatch HUD in Customization

1) fixed with overrides.
2) also fixed with overrides
3) also fixed!
4) i adjusted the hitmarker in photoshop. hopefully it looks symmetrical now.
5) i haven't ever gotten that problem before... does the hitmarker just appear in the screen or in a specific spot? could you provide screenshots?

thanks for the heads up on these. just updated the repository and to fix the targetid, medic charge position, and hitmarker.

posted about 3 years ago
#62 Overwatch HUD in Customization
illogicalgotta bug with the front letters

Are you running an operating system that's not Windows? I made this HUD on Windows 7 and I'm pretty sure Mac and Linux won't work with the HUD because of the way they render fonts. Sorry about this.

phobiaFor some reason i can't join a server if they have a motd, there's no continue button. might be a problem on my end only.

My bad, I forgot about this bug and never got around to fixing it. Should be fixed now.

posted about 3 years ago
#56 Overwatch HUD in Customization
LaMqTaGreat, ty! :) I downloaded the HUD a minute ago. So maybe check if the files were uploaded correct on github because the promobar is still there. :/

Shoot, my bad. I accidentally copied over the wrong version that didn't remove the promo code button. Fixed it again. Sorry about the confusion!

posted about 3 years ago
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