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#3 Cheater/Hacker thread in TF2 General Discussion
ManSkirtDude101I'm not sure if I like having a witch hunt thread....

Do you propose we do nothing and let them continue? They need to be exposed.


Another super obvious cheater. This one is as blatant as it gets. Wall hacks + aimbot.

He changes his name every few days, he was going by Got^FreeWifi the other day.


This one was reported to me to investigate as spectators of this player were sure he was hacking.


He went heavy at first, then swapped over to sniper and managed 80% sniper accuracy across 8846 damage.

Here is the Sizziling stats, and you know the drill STV is at the top:

He starts off as heavy I noticed the way he was holding and slightly shaking as he was spinning up his mini gun. The minigun has poor accuracy at long range, and I believe he was using a cheat which allowed his miniguns movement to compensate and essentially make it more accurate. But just fast forward the first 5 minutes of him playing heavy.

When he went sniper I literally LOL'ed. I laughed even more when I turned r_drawothermodels 2 on to see him clearly aiming at people behind walls and even tracking the invisible spy. This is the most obvious cheater I've seen in a long time. Super obvious aimbot + wallhacks.

posted about 5 years ago
#1 Cheater/Hacker thread in TF2 General Discussion

Hello everyone,

After calling out scout who/seven in this thread last week, I wanted to make a thread dedicated to reporting and calling out obvious cheaters that play in the TF2 competitive or casual competitive community (e.g. lobbies, mge, dm servers, pugs etc).

It seems lately I've had a run in with a cheater every couple of days in lobbies. I've had several people come to me asking me to investigate various suspects and stuff, and I am open to doing that as time allows. But I'll also use this thread to post new cheaters and proof in this thread as I find them. I welcome anyone else to post info on cheaters with supporting information as long as you are 99% sure they really are a cheater.

Anyways I'll kick this one off by posting about Carbon


First off, this guy has very bad game sense and is basically horrible at every class he plays. Multiple logs of him on scout with sub 50% accuracy averaging 130 DPM. Here is a link to his average stats across TF2C. He has however been toggling his hacks on sniper in various 6's lobbies. Here is one prime example:

75% sniper accuracy, 58 headshots accross 11762 damage. There are multiple logs of him sniping with 65-75% sniper accuracy. Any sniper main or player familiar with competative sniper will tell you that much higher than 50% is suspicious. Looking at stats alone 75% would surly be aim assist, unless he was only going for body shots, or the entire team was standing still on purpose.

Here is another log:

73% sniper accuracy accross 7666 damage. 480 DPM.
Sizziling stats that correspond to that log:

Please note that "Download STV Demo" link at the top. I reviewed the demo, and the aim assist was blatant. And his crosshair was all over the place and moving erratically.

The demo is only 15 minutes long, and if you use demoui you can fast forward rollouts and review it in <10 minutes. I would encourage others to take a look at the demo if you are unsure, or if you would like to see a prime example of obvious aim assist.

Anyways, thats it for now, more cheater call outs to come.

posted about 5 years ago
#67 Exposing a 19K hour cheater/hacker -- Seven in TF2 General Discussion
ibkfapsSomeone please review this guy (he has played lobbies with Seven and apparently they might know each other)
In this lobby he got 95% accuracy on sniper.
This is a lobby he played with seven

You are confusing damage done stat with accuracy stat. In the one you said he did 95% accuracy he only did 33%.

Accuracy stat is listed under "Acc" and can only be seen on maybe 30% of logs due to most servers not having all plugins for full extended stats.

posted about 5 years ago
#26 college acceptence? in Off Topic

You guys need to get your priorities straight. Get into invite first, then try to get into a good college.

posted about 5 years ago
#69 TF2Pug.Me in Projects

There are lots of posts, forgive me if this has not been mentioned already. I played a for the first time like 2 days ago. It went pretty well, but was tied at 2-2. The server auto-extended by 10 minutes. It was still 2-2, and it extended again. Then players started leaving cause the game was dragging on, and players just sat in spawn waiting for the game to be over so we could see logs.

I'd recommend maybe only one extension, or make it real obvious how to cancel the 2nd extension. Once it extended we tried to cancel it but it was too late.

posted about 5 years ago
#19 Exposing a 19K hour cheater/hacker -- Seven in TF2 General Discussion
0:15 :p

LMFAO its Seven! :p

The funny thing is, I watched an STV of him yesterday doing a similar last push on snakewater where he landed 4-5 consecutive headshots without missing. None of them were easy shots either.

ScilliantHe subbed for a silver team I was on and I watched the stv. He was playing roamer and his rockets/gamesense were way off but he hit every shot as sniper. Following that game I'm pretty sure he was banned for a week

That's exactly what I noticed in a couple STV's I watched of him. He went roamer at first, was mediocre at best, got frustrated after dying a couple times, then swapped to sniper and botted away! :P

posted about 5 years ago
#16 Exposing a 19K hour cheater/hacker -- Seven in TF2 General Discussion


Why would he idle when that shits been dead for years.

We are not talking about like idle'ing for the purpose of weapon farming. Just leaving tf2 open all the time even if you are alt-tabbed. It'll rack up your tf2 hours, and my guess is Seven thought more hours = more legit.

_KermitI'm very sure it still can take screenshots but I'm also very sure nobody uses that feature as it's a little invasive, I agree that it's a good feature but personally I think it's a little much.

Well as long as it only is capable of taking screenshots of tf2, and not anything else on your computer including like steam messages, I see no problem with it. It might not be used that much because most people don't want to take the time to look through hundreds or thousands of screenshots. It only takes a 2-3 second glance per screenshot however to see if there is something really obvious like walls, radar, spy camera, esp etc.

Vortexalright i was looking at the logs wrong because you had it highlight bullet. lymphatix is bullet's alt account too

anyways all i know about seven is that nonis reviewed some of his steel/silver via stv's where he did like 700 dpm and didn't miss. looked like triggerbot to me but apparently not to the ugc anticheat people

It's not really possible to 100% prove a trigger bot from a single demo. My guess is the UGC admins didn't know what to look for, and only viewed a single log. And they figured if they wrongly banned a 19K hour player it could backfire on them and make the community look like a joke. So they were very conservative, didn't see the super obvious walling/aimbotting and decided to let him pass. Accuracy stats however don't lie, and many of Sevens accuracy stats are super human.

posted about 5 years ago
#9 Exposing a 19K hour cheater/hacker -- Seven in TF2 General Discussion
Vortexuh, the logs you linked have a different account than the one you linked originally. zxx/ramii/etc is bullet in the logs with 92% accuracy

scout who is presumably someone else

Huh? Go to the log for scout who and click steam profile, it links directly to Seven:

posted about 5 years ago
#7 Exposing a 19K hour cheater/hacker -- Seven in TF2 General Discussion
tetrominoHe was investigated last season in UGC steel and there wasn't any action taken against besides a week ban for not having pov demos recorded.

I heard that as well. The problem is the aimbot can look very convincing. Couple convincing play with some lag compensation and it can appear they are just a great player with great aim. He's been playing long enough to know what he can generally get away with. However the logs show that he had an opps moment and really cranked it up!


Moving forward I would highly advise various gaming leagues such as UGC and ESEA to use something like this:

This anti-cheat plugin has detection and auto banning for obvious hacks, but also marks accounts suspected of using hacks such as triggerbots, auto det zoom, airblast etc hacks.

But one of the other very important features is it takes a screenshot of the clients screen every 10 minutes, which can be reviewed later, and the obvious hacks such as walls, radar, spy camera, esp etc, as well as any hack menu's or branding on the users screen will be easily spotted.

In addition to this, make sure all UGC/ESEA officially match servers have accuracy stat tracking.

posted about 5 years ago
#4 Exposing a 19K hour cheater/hacker -- Seven in TF2 General Discussion
JimiJamI have actually played against him in a pub and he has either the best aim of any video game player I've ever seen in my life, or he is a cheater. I'm leaning towards the latter

Yes, he is a more sly cheater than several other of the guys I have caught recently. I believe he frequently toggles, fires at the ground randomly as well as perhaps uses a smaller aimbot fov which requires his aim to be close to the enemy perhaps within 2-3 degrees. The type of cheating software they use is fully customization and can be as obvious or as subtle as the user chooses to make them. The last cheater I caught I still have him on my friends list, as he added me after a lobby. I've asked him quite a few questions about one of the leading hacks on the market, and what it is capable of.

MasterKuniGood work, nice to see this level of vigilance put into catching cheaters. In the age of triggerbots, sometimes people even slip through to high competitive levels before they're caught.

Thanks. With premium pay for hacks out there, VAC is a complete joke. VAC will pretty much only catch the freebie hacks out there. There are several high hour members in the TF2 community that have been cheating in lobbies and even matches for a while now. I will continue to keep an eye out and continue to expose the ones that I find.

Worth mentioning is that the scout sub on sevens team in that same log is also a cheater with the name zxx.

92% scatter accuracy in that log. His hacks are even more blatant than sevens.

87% Widowmaker accuracy accross a sample damage size of 7770 damage.

I saw him on TF2C defending another hacker which I called out in post #75 here:

posted about 5 years ago
#1 Exposing a 19K hour cheater/hacker -- Seven in TF2 General Discussion

Seven, currently aliasing as ♚scout who✯ Steam Profile:

He has 19K hours. Several people have chalked up his apparent skill to having lots of hours in the game. However, I will mention most of Seven's hours are idle hours, as he has 300 hours logged in the last 2 weeks alone. Also if you add up his class hours (although it could have been reset) its not that many hours.

I was lobbying against him last night, and the multiple headshots he was hitting on my teamates was just so unbelievable, we were all calling him out. Having investigated another TF2C hacker and got him banned, I decided to look more into Seven and see if he was legit or not.

High hour count might cause people to think, "hey maybe this guy is just really good at the game, after all he has 19K hours."

As we all know hacks are getting more and more sophisticated. Long gone are the days of cheap aimbot with 100% movement tracking on the nearby enemy. Now there are trigger bots and aimbots that when set to a fov of <5 and with silent mode enabled they are almost undetectable to spectators and STV/POV demo viewers. It makes them "look" legit.

However there is a fine line between a skilled player, and software assisted cheats.

I have been reviewing logs for the past several weeks and paying close attention to the accuracy figures on various players. I now have a very good idea about the accuracy of top level scouts. I've seen logs from IM and Invite scouts, and typical scout accuracy would be in the low 60 to low 70%'s, very rarely will I see any accuracy outside of this range. When you start seeing percentages in the 80's to 90's, is when I start getting suspicious. One might chalk up one match as having a "good game" but consistent high accuracy is proof that aim assist is being used.

One might ask, if they are using an aimbot why isn't their accuracy 100%? The answer is simple:

1) They shoot after they killed the enemy
2) They shoot the ground randomly to offset their stats
3) Their aim was so bad that they were outside of the aimbots fov, so the shot is a miss.
4) Toggeling aim assist on or off

Anyways you may be asking, but where is your proof? Well here is one log that I think is very good proof of Seven Cheating:

94% scattergun accuracy across 4635 damage.
69% sniper accuracy across a damage sample size of 4951
Rocket accuracy doesn't really matter, but 100% shotgun accuracy, but a very small sample size.

Anyways, you can review some of Sevens other logs, most of them have slightly lesser %, likely due to the level of cheats being used (e.g. enhanced aimbot fov, or not toggeling). Also in an STV I reviewed of Seven playing I saw him frequently firing his sniper at the ground with no one around.

posted about 5 years ago
#74 do not scrim bullets team in irc in TF2 General Discussion

Watch out for this lymphatix guy talked about in the 2nd post. He's still going at it. He's been hacking it up in TF2C lobbies lately. He's been playing a lot of demo lately trying to hide his hacks. But still more than likely using walls + auto det. He was in mumble and I called him out on it after the lobby.

Solid proof here:

He's the blue soldier, changes his name and avatar constantly 2v2mgeallstar = lymphatix = hacker/cheater.

Hover over his soldier stats and look at his outrageous shotty accuracy. 97%... You can see some other logs of him doing 89% scatter accuracy and 80% sniper accuracy. The guy is a total bs cheater. I've reported him to TF2C and encourage you to report him to other server communities.

For the sake of google searching, here is his steam ID STEAM_0:0:78388516 and U:1:156777024.

posted about 5 years ago
#17 Eric (erktle) LFT Open Demo in Recruitment (looking for team)

This guy always throws whenever I play with him in pugs....

Just kidding. Solid player.... idk how he does as well as he does on a bad laptop.

posted about 5 years ago
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