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#6 Windscribe VPN (50GB per Month) Free in Hardware
Vryktioncan i use it to watch american netflix?

TBH usually IP's from popular shared VPN's get flagged pretty quickly by Netflix. It may work now, but no guarantees in the future. You may need to actually pay for a VPN specifically is advertised to bypass Netflix's region settings if you want something reliable.

In the past on paid PIA VPN, even a US VPN on netflix would cause an error message saying the content is not available in your country or something like that, even though I'm in the US trying to access US netflix.

BurningSmileI like it a lot I got their lifetime unlimited package for 35 bucks when they were first starting out. Works great from the Linux cli!

I almost bought that, but then when I saw this I was like, 50GB is plenty for me, and I don't have to share my billing info with them.

posted about 5 years ago
#1 Windscribe VPN (50GB per Month) Free in Hardware

I've been using Winscribe's free VPN for a few months. It has pretty decent reviews. Pretty decent speeds when using torrents as well. I don't download much so 50GB per month is plenty for ocasional use..

More details here:

I have no relationship with Winscribe, I'm just a user myself and this is a great deal. I've previously used PIA which also is a great VPN but costs $30/yr when on sale.

posted about 5 years ago
#3 Tons of logitech shit on sale @ BestBuy in Hardware
phobiaso how do i use the code, can i use it at a local bestbuy like if i walk in or do i have to buy online?

These deals right now are online only, but shipping is free

posted about 5 years ago
#1 Tons of logitech shit on sale @ BestBuy in Hardware

Lowest price I've seen on the G303 mouse. Some other pretty good deals as well:

posted about 5 years ago
#16 black friday in Off Topic

A Pro tip for those of you with credit cards. Find a deal you want, buy the TV or whatever else you want in advance. Then after black Friday take the Black Friday sales ad and have your credit card company price match the lower price. No need to wait in lines and fight crowds of savages. About half of the major credit cards out there offer some kind of price protection.

posted about 5 years ago
#788 2016 election live results in World Events
eeeYeah, Carson is a token. He has no qualifications for anything at a government level. He knows absolutely nothing about healthcare from an administrative point of view. It would be like making a grocery clerk the CEO assuming that since he knows how to do the floor stuff he can figure out the rest.

Obama and Hillary didn't know shit about healthcare either. They supported the most disastrous healthcare reform we have ever seen in this country. Obama either totally lied about his plan for healthcare reform, or was incredibly naive when he made promises like "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan" and "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." Thanks to Obama my healthcare shot up from $200 to $330 a month in 1 year and should be going up by another 20% in 2017. That is basically a doubling of rates in 2 years.

Also how naive are you to think that a man that has been a MD for years doesn't know anything about healthcare reform, how insurance works, and what patients want from doctors. I'm guessing you'd nominate someone from a pharmaceutical company or some hospital exec that will do nothing but shill their way to increase profits for the insurance companies.

posted about 5 years ago
#771 2016 election live results in World Events
mustardoverlordIt's easy to overlook things we don't want to see about candidates we support, but it is a sign of cowardice. I've certainly dealt with it myself, having to confront my support for Obama despite his drone strikes that make me extremely uncomfortable. I am sorry that you are unable to move past your pre-existing notions and literally cannot process objective information put directly in front of your face because it does not gel with the image of Donald Trump that you wish to believe in.

P.S. no, employing black people and putting a token black republican in his cabinet does not give him a pass for years and years of racist language and actions.

That's what you think Dr. Ben Carson is, a token? You are the one now sounding like a racist. Do you really think he is just doing it for show, or do you think he actually admires and respects Dr. Ben Carson? And secondly, if Trump is a racist why would people like Dr. Ben Carson endorse Trump and campaign for him?

People love playing the race card, and I've had it played on me several times even. I'll be the first one to say that I respect Dr. Ben Carson more than Trump, and always have.

posted about 5 years ago
#751 2016 election live results in World Events


I'd say 90% of the content at least that I looked at that paints him as being a racist has either been disproven or is something that Trump directly wasn't involved in. Like come on blaming him for photoshopping a German soldier onto the background of a graphic?! Like, I'm sure that was him personally that did that, or I'm sure he gave his staff orders to do that. Really? And the Jewish star on that Hillary graphic, again I'm sure Trump was involved in the entire creation of doing that....

I don't know how he can be a racist if he has also treated so many minorities with such great respect and hired so many of them to work at his company. Another example is he will be appointing Dr. Ben Carson to his cabinet. I'm pretty sure a true racist wouldn't hire a black man for a position like that.

The media and clinton campaign (same thing really) has spent over a year digging up dirt, paying people off to make things up, and grasping at straws to try to prove he is a racist. I just don't buy that that is his general behavior.

It's not very often that we see a video showing the good that he has done, and how he has helped people, but I feel it is worth watching for those that have only seen Trump's "dark side" as portrayed by the media.

posted about 5 years ago
#693 2016 election live results in World Events

@693 If you are going to continue to comment about Muslims, please address my entire post specifically the parts about those that sympathize with ISIS and those that believe Sharia law should be the law of the land. Do you think Sharia law is compatible with the laws in the US? Do you think its ok for people of the Muslim faith to ignore US law and substitute Sharia law when they live in the US?

"Overwhelming percentages of Muslims in many countries want Islamic law (sharia) to be the official law of the land, according to a worldwide survey by the Pew Research Center. "

In Pakistan, 62% of Muslims report having a favorable view on ISIS. I would think that taking this into serious consideration before allowing people from Pakistan into the US would be a smart move? Are you in disagreement?

posted about 5 years ago
#691 2016 election live results in World Events


"Which is a limit on religious freedom.."

So we shouldn't discriminate against ISIS from entering the US either? Many of them will tell you they are only acting out on their religion. All Trump wants to do is separate those who supporter or sympathize with ISIS and similar terrorist groups from those that do not. You probably do not know this because you've been buying the whole Islam is a religion of peace and extremists are just a small fraction of 1%. But what they don't tell you is there is a very large percentage of Muslims that believe Sharia law should be the law of the land. And under Sharia law gays are put to death and women are beat and raped. Are we supposed to be tolerant to this set of beliefs because its apart of a religion?

“He also wants to create a network that monitors domestic Muslims.”

Oh like the NSA that spies on everyone? After the terrorist attacks in France they went in and audited several mosques and shut down several after finding jihadist documents and weapons. I remember hearing that Trump said that people should report suspicious activity and not be afraid of the PC police. He said this about the San Bernardino attacks where the couple had bombs around their house and neighbors suspected something wasn’t right but never said anything because they didn’t want to feel like they were stereotyping someone.

"Gay marriage, 1st amendment in regards to the press, limitations on religion, freedom to have an abortion, economic freedom to conduct international business, freedom to go to the gender correct bathroom, probably more if I spend more time on this"

States decide, wants to keep press honest, wants to reduce terrorism, abortion isn't in the Constitution. Freedom to conduct international business? LOL? Increased import taxes for and exit taxes wouldn't infringe on peoples ability for global trade. Bathroom? He said Caitlin Jenner can use whatever bathroom they want at Trump tower, don't think he really cares that much about that.

posted about 5 years ago
#687 2016 election live results in World Events


You are so naive it amazes me:

"How are any of those bad? Increased trade and more efficient transmission of resources + people around the globe is good for humanity as a whole"

Oh how is that bad. Yea well lets just go ahead and join hands and be ruled by a basket of countries including North Korea, China, Russia, and all the extremist middle eastern countries that still put gay's to death, and allow men to beat their wives under the law. Like are you serious man? How is that bad? Because I (and most people in this country) want our country to make up the laws of the land, not some group of globalists.

"Trump is in favor of banning muslims and reinstating bans on gay marriage. Seems like you voted for the wrong guy"

Did you hear that one on the Clinton News Network? He is in favor of extreme vetting and possibly a temporary immigration ban on people from terrorist prone countries, he has revised his position. Ban's on gay marriage, wrong. He said let the states decide.

"By trying to artificially limit what businesses can do in america?"

No by having the globalist government telling people who can start a business and who can't. And just having overreaching control on private corporations.

"So instead you vote for the candidate that promises a reduction in nationally granted freedoms out of fear of some shadow entity in the future that you have no proof or cognizance of reducing your freedoms instead?"

What on earth are you even talking about, what freedoms does Trump want people to give up?

"Russia is a dictatorship with a failing economy. Do you REALLY want america to follow suit?"

How you came to the conclusion that that is what I was implying is beyond me.

Please try to familiarize yourself with the globalist agenda. Do some reading. Maybe pick up a book on the topic before trying to argue then maybe you can sound like you are informed on the subject.

posted about 5 years ago
#684 2016 election live results in World Events
eeetelling globalism to fuck off is only a win if you're in the bottom 25% of america

The rest of our economy depends entirely on service work propped up by managing overseas manufacturing
American independence is all well and good but we aren't any more autonomous than before. We're probably less independent now since closing trade relations means we lose political leverage but w/e

I'm not sure if you actually understand the globalist agenda. I'm not talking about American trade independence where we make most of our own stuff and don't trade with the world, that has nothing to do with it.

The globalist agenda is more about the promotion of a one world government with a global currency, global laws, open borders, global culture, a decrease in religious liberty, personal freedoms, a decrease in capitalism, and more global control over virtually every aspect of our lives. Brexit was about England maintaining its own sovereignty and rejecting globalism. Russia has also rejected globalism by putting some of these globalist bankers in prison.

Nub_Danishalso neither candidate got more than 50% percent of the vote so the neither is a majority

Not only that but 1/3 of the population voted. So less than 1/6th of people actually voted for the winning party. But that is pretty normal in this country.

posted about 5 years ago
#665 2016 election live results in World Events
mustardoverlordYour post is literally bereft of logic. The liberal media painting Trump as the second coming of Hitler is the reason why some Trump supporters really are white supremacists? So either a) they were sitting around doing nothing, turned on CNN (lol already) and heard that Trump was a Nazi, and decided they wanted to back him without ever hearing him talk, or b) these racists have nothing to do with Trump, it's completely coincidental that they're popping up the day after election day, and the media is just pretending they're connected?

The election was a win for American independence and a middle finger for the globalist agenda, you are bound to have some racist come out of the closet on both ends.

I personally am seeing much more violent racists coming from the left than from anywhere else. Sure you have a handful of tweets and FB posts which show some "racist trump supporters" talking shit to immigrants and stuff, but they could entirely be fabricated because they lack any way of proving the legitimacy of the story.

But on the flip side we have multiple videos of minorities saying stuff like "he voted for trump lets get him" and beating the shit out of some white Trump supporter for no reason other than he is white and he voted for Trump.

Examples like this are as racist as you can get, and far exceed any of the racist words I've heard. Neither are justified, but actions are much worse than words in the case of racism.

mustardoverlord[most] people aren't protesting because they don't accept the validity of the election, they are protesting because it's the most valid channel of expression against a particular candidate and their goal is to foment a movement
the tea party did exactly the same thing in regards to obama and it helped lead to a wave of new candidates that never would have propagated otherwise

Please man show me videos of thousands of people in the streets rioting, settings things on fire, looting, destroying cop cars after Obama's victories. This kind of new age thuggery they are calling "protesting" is not protesting it is domestic terrorism.

posted about 5 years ago
#660 2016 election live results in World Events
SearchlightdollarlayerThere is no such thing as jobs that "American's don't want to do." Just like any job market in the free world if a job is shit and no one wants it then they raise wages until someone wants it, or find another way to solve the problem (e.g. build a robot or automate the work). Case and point.... Last I checked cows were mostly milked by machine in this country....
So you're admitting that the whole deportation thing isn't actually about freeing up jobs for American workers. Because all it'll do is make the business that relied on them close down.

I do not believe that there are American businesses that are relying on an illegal workforce so heavily that if they are removed that they can not hire legitimate legal American's to do the work. All large corporations are regularly audited in multiple ways. The illegal workers are primarily working in smaller businesses and many of them either for cash payments, or are using or borrowing someone elses ID.

We currently have around a 10% unemployment rate. The gov says 5% but those numbers are just fabricated because they consider people that give up looking for work as people that are out of the work force and no longer count them. We have plenty of workers in this country to fill the positions that illegals occupy. And if we don't, and a company can prove we don't have enough or don't have people with the needed skill sets for a job position, well there are special visas for bringing people in, in these situations.

The best thing we can do as a country is employ more American's that are currently on welfare. It saves the gov money, increases domestic production, increases tax revenue, decreases poverty which in turn decreases crime and violence, which in turn decreases the amount of policing that needs to be done etc.

posted about 5 years ago
#618 2016 election live results in World Events
ultyEven though eee is pretty tilted, he has a point about immigrants doing the jobs that Americans don't want to do. The one problem that I fail to see with Trump is that he promises jobs for the Midwest working class but I am pretty sure a good portion don't want to milk cows or do other shitty labor jobs. Removing immigrants only open those "opportunities" and In some cases our economy rely on immigrants to do these jobs because they can't afford to pay an American to do the work.

There is no such thing as jobs that "American's don't want to do." Just like any job market in the free world if a job is shit and no one wants it then they raise wages until someone wants it, or find another way to solve the problem (e.g. build a robot or automate the work). Case and point.... Last I checked cows were mostly milked by machine in this country....

posted about 5 years ago
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