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#3 New Zowie FK 2014 in Hardware

I wonder if the AM and the non-CL EC evos will get the same treatment.

From what I understand the lift off distance can be even lower than it is with the current red LED Zowie's, DPI steps are supposedly closer to their advertised spec instead of being much higher.

posted about 10 years ago
#21 Zowie FK in Hardware
Platypus The issue is more that Zowie uses a custom lens to lower LOD further, it makes the native DPI steps weird values (only native value you can use is 2300) and makes it much more inconsistant surface to surface

Pretty much this.

I was the one who made that post on OCN about the dpi changing, it's not as big of an issue as I made it out to be. It's something that I haven't noticed since then with a Zowie FK and EC1 evo.
My intent was not to make someone paranoid about some small detail on a mouse, I apologize for that.

As said earlier in the thread, don't get too invested into these things. I've personally stopped caring about the little things (especially the whole "smoothing" thing being talked about on OCN) and I just use whatever feels comfortable.

Basically just ignore all of that nitpicking about Zowie's, ever since I started using an EC1 again I have nothing but good things to say about it.

posted about 10 years ago
#13 Which file edits damage numbers/other questions in Customization

Change the "delta_lifetime" back to 3.0 (or something that isn't 0) and empty the "delta_item_font" and "delta_item_font_big" fields so that they look like this:

"delta_item_font" ""
"delta_item_font_big" ""

Should give you just the hud damage numbers.

posted about 10 years ago
#8 nvidia shadowplay + twitch in TF2 General Discussion

It's very limited in terms of functionality, I'd still run OBS over it personally but it doesn't seem to affect performance at all so that's a plus.

Here's what the quality settings are like:
High = 1280x720 3500Kbps (3.5 Mbps)
Medium = 864x480 2000Kbps (2 Mbps)
Low = 608x352 750Kbps (0.75 Mbps)

Hopefully they'll give you more control over resolution and bitrate in the future.

posted about 10 years ago
#8 Help making my konr wings bolder in Customization

You can make that crosshair a little more bold by changing the "weight" value in clienscheme.res

Should sort of look like this, never mind the weird formatting.

"name" "Garm3nFont"
"tall" "18"
"weight" "0"
"antialias" "1"

Change "weight" to something greater than 600, makes that crosshair a little bit thicker.


posted about 10 years ago
#26 Cherry mx red vs blue in Hardware

I like tactile switches, I've tried reds and blacks but I couldn't get into them. The reds I could probably live with if I got some o rings for them but the black switches were just too much.
Browns are still my absolute favorite though, would like to try ergo clears at some point.

CMstorm also has a mx switch tester available here http://www.cmstore-usa.com/mechanical-key-switch-demo-board/
They're pretty inexpensive and also include mx greens and mx clears, they tend to sell out very quickly though.

posted about 10 years ago
#112 TeamFortress.TV ZOWIE Invitational in News
JDMYoshiokaWhich zowie mice is similar to my G400?

EC1 feels the closest out of all of the ones I've tried (ec1/2, am, and fk), the FK might work if you claw the G400.

posted about 10 years ago
#13 Lange Audio Request in Off Topic

I didn't even know that you could do something like this, basically what Lange is doing is running his Snowball into a few different plugins to "enhance/tweak" the sound of his microphone.

So he has a noise gate/reducer that he uses to reduce excess background noise, a compressor to even out the volume of his mic, and then a limiter to make sure that the output of his mic doesn't go above a certain level.

posted about 10 years ago
#40 Logitech G400s vs Razer Deathadder 2013 in Hardware

Those weights include the cable for both the 3.5G DA and G400s, G400s is around 105g and the DA 3.5 is around 110g.

posted about 10 years ago
#21 Logitech G400s vs Razer Deathadder 2013 in Hardware
ScootlyI have only two more things I need to ask then I'm done. I've heard some people say their sensors are both great. Which one's sensor has been the most reliable for all of you?

I have both and the tracking feels about the same, I haven't had any issues with either of them.

posted about 10 years ago
#16 Logitech G400s vs Razer Deathadder 2013 in Hardware

braided cables dont really matter, its just a marketing thing.

If you get a G400 you should tape the cable to your desk, make sure to give the cable some slack. I loop my G400's cable like this, I've had the same G400 for almost two years and it hasn't had any issues.

posted about 10 years ago
#690 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization
Ruelelcould you link that ?

Yup here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?t4maugbasjh6sek

I changed a few things with the ammo panel so it looks a little bit different, nothing really significant though. Keep in mind that a lot of the base hud (5MD) is unchanged, I didn't really mess with the spec hud and win panel since the Imagine font looks really ugly when it's scaled down.

As Skappa mentioned above you have to use shadows to get the thick borders around the font, the only issue is that it's a bit of a pain to setup with the ammo panel.

posted about 10 years ago
#673 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization

Got a bit bored so I threw together a small edit of ya hud. I kind of wanted to recreate this hud, I don't know how Skappa was able to get the thick borders around the health and ammo though.





Link as requested: http://www.mediafire.com/?t4maugbasjh6sek

posted about 10 years ago
#10 Zowie EC eVo CL in Hardware

I doubt it'll be any different, it would require Zowie to change the lens/sensor/firmware which would cost a lot on what is basically a cosmetic change excluding the slightly different scroll wheel. With the scroll wheel it appears that they've only changed the plastic insert and have added some more notches, the difference will probably not be that significant for most users.

I was hoping that Zowie would release something unique for Cooller, not just a rehash of a preexisting design.

posted about 10 years ago
#4 Mini Bass Amps in Off Topic

Would probably get better advice at Talkbass.com.
I don't really think that there are any amps that are like the Marshall mini-amp for bass, the smallest ones that I can find are things like the Vox Pathfinder 10w, the Roland Microcube, and a number of other small combos with 8" or 10" speakers.

Personally I'd look for a dedicated headphone amp like the Vox Amplug or look for a decent multi-fx unit like the Korg Pandora which can also operate as a headphone amp and still fit in your pocket. If you go this route, try looking around at local guitar shops for second hand units to save money, the Korg Pandora PX4D in particular is really good.

posted about 10 years ago
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