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#1 How do you manage time in Off Topic

Recently I've been thinking about how I should manage my time regarding work and games. Ill be going off to university next year and I've never really had to "manage my game time"; I could just get by because it was retarded high school.
But university is lot more of demanding and a lot more goes into it, you're unlikely to do good just by gaming after coming back from class...

I hope to join a team next year, so itd just be interested to read on how you managed your time, how do you determine what was a healthy habit and what started becoming a burden to your work and your life, how it worked out, etc...

posted about 6 years ago
#1 Question about csgo in Off Topic

I was thinking of picking csgo up, and couldnt help but notice that most csgo players who are considered amazing (get right, flusha...) have around 3-4000 hours in the game. I mean thats like the same amount or less as yer average pugger/high on tf2. Is it because the skill ceiling is lower, or its just too boring for anyone to play 5-9000 hours, like tf2?

posted about 7 years ago
#1 Favorite Subway Sandwich in Off Topic

I always go with:
Italian Bread
Steak and Cheese
Lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumber, olives, peppers, onion
Mayo + sweet onion + barbecue

posted about 7 years ago
#24 My friend is suicidal and i feel powerless. in Off Topic

Here's a story; a couple of weeks ago I had to call the ER because my girlfriend, who has borderline personality disorder, had swallowed her antidepressant + sleeping pills after locking herself up in the bathroom.
There was puke everywhere and I was really scared, worst part being I was locked outside, and tried to knock down the door but couldn't in time to stop her from swallowing the pills, so I kind of know how it feels to be powerless when facing a situation like that, although in your case, it's worst, because there's nothing you can do; all he has to do is go offline, and there no way to contact him; at least I could talk to her through the door etc... Anyways, so the ER comes, I show them the pill and we drive to the hospital.

On the way there, they told me that the she hadn't swallowed enough pills for them to harm her, and as I sit by her, in her pill induced trip she tells me: "I'm going to be alright, don't worry, I counted them (the pills)". So i sit here like what the fuck why would she do that to herself?? But during the night at the hospital, I realized that if someone is willing to put themselves through serious shit like that, may it be swallowing just enough pills for it to be scary or messaging your online friend how badly you want to die and listing the shit you may or may not have taken, there's a problem.

They're calling out for help, and if you don't respond well, and just say like "okay dude, whatever, you're over doing it, you want attention", then you're putting your friend in danger. After that experience at the hospital, my girlfriend and I always talk about it, what led to it, why it happened, got all personal with her initimate life and have gotten alot closer, and I think that's what she wanted, and that's probably what Matt wants aswell.
Talk to him, ask him what's wrong, take him seriously. If he's prepared to go as far as to message his friend that he's about to take 600mg of pills, he needs help, and he wants yours, so be there for him

posted about 7 years ago
#1 Dumb build question in Hardware

So im thinking of getting the new Asus g751, with the 980m, SSD and a quad core i7 processor @2.5ghz, so no problem running tf2 at more then 144 fps, and then buying a BenQ xl2411z, and hooking that up through VGA/Display port. Can someone confirm that this will work? Thanks

posted about 7 years ago
#26 what is your favorite nostalgic game in Off Topic


posted about 7 years ago
#1 Worst setup you've ever had in Off Topic

Sometime ago I waited for computer parts to arrive, which they did 2 month later. During that time i was stuck with a shitty asus laptop, consistent 40 fps, a noisy fan/jet reactor, a broken D key, so i had to move all the keys 4 columns to the right, to "tfgh" instead of "wasd". Sure made me enjoy my new computer. What's the worst you've had to deal with?

posted about 7 years ago
#904 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

In ya_hud 5MD, how can I change the color and size of the damage numbers? Thanks

		"fieldName"				"CDamageAccountPanel"
		"text_x"				"7"
		"text_y"				"0"
		"delta_item_end_y"		"0"
		"PositiveColor"			"Green"
		"NegativeColor"			"Damage"
		"delta_lifetime"		"3.0"
		"delta_item_font"		"DataLabelBig"
		"delta_item_font_big"	"DataLabelBig"

		"ControlName"	"CExLabel"
		"fieldName"		"DamageAccountValue"
		"xpos"			"c-70"	//-182		
		"ypos"			"300"	
		"zpos"			"2"
		"wide"			"80"
		"tall"			"17"
		"visible"		"1"
		"enabled"		"1"
		"labelText"		"%metal%"
		"delta_lifetime"		"10.0"
		"textAlignment"	"east"
		"fgcolor"		"Damage"
		"font"			"DataLabelBig"
		"ControlName"	 	"CExLabel"
		"fieldname"	 		"DamageAccountValueShadow"
		"xpos"			    "c-71"			
		"ypos"			    "301"	
		"zpos"			    "2"
		"wide"			    "80"
		"tall"			    "17"
		"visible"		    "1"
		"enabled"		    "1"
		"labelText"	 		"%metal%"
		"delta_lifetime"	"10.0"
		"textAlignment"	 	"east"
		"fgcolor"	 		"HudShadow"
		"font"	 			"DataLabelBig"			
posted about 7 years ago
#7 Laptop in Hardware
R4ndomWisdomTreeIll be buying the g750jx, for around 1400€Is there any particular reason on why you are buying it?
Like small desk or you move a lot, etc.

I basically live and study between three different countries and travel between them four times a month

posted about 7 years ago
#5 Laptop in Hardware
R4ndomIf you're buying a laptop just for the comodity (can transport it ezpz) then it's fine, but the fact that it will overheat, the GPU won't be as good as a normal desktop one and the price are a thing that is worth checking before you buy it. You're not bad because you bought a laptop. But bare in mind that not all laptops have good keyboards (I can only think of one tbh, which has Cherry MX Reds) and that the screen height will be fixed. 120 Hz is indeed wonderful, but at what price?

Ill be buying the g750jx, for around 1400€

posted about 7 years ago
#1 Laptop in Hardware

Im gonna be buying a 120hz asus laptop soon. Am i a bad human being?

posted about 7 years ago
#825 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
WisdomTree why would you need to add or multiply these values?
Trying to get a DPM value on the scoreboard

So no way to do mathetical operations on the hud?

posted about 7 years ago
#818 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
why would you need to add or multiply these values?

Trying to get a DPM value on the scoreboard

posted about 7 years ago
#23 How, Kaidus? in Videos

Who sticky jumps with 2 sticks across the map, shoots a sticky while soarting through the sky synced so that it'll hit the ground when he'll be close to the med then dets at the stick right at the med's feet for 100 damage, surfs the sticky away and lands a pipe on the med who's been knocked out of the way, drops the uber and lands on a roof with 27 health...

posted about 7 years ago
#816 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
b4stianWisdomTreeI was wondering if anyone knew where the Scoreboard stat's (%damage%, support%, %backstabs% etc... , in tf\custom\CustomHud\resource\ui, ) are located. ThanksAs Amir told you already, they are located in the scoreboard.res file. I don't know what else you would like?

I'm trying to apply mathematical operations to these values to add onto a scoreboard, but at least I know where they are now, thank you. However, I am not able to add or multiply these values. Any way to do this? Normal mathematical operators don't seem to work

posted about 7 years ago
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