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#17 Jungle Inferno after action in TF2 General Discussion

I hadn't played for quite a few months before the update (or realistically for well over a year if you don't count reinstalling for like 2 days). It's been just about big and interesting enough to get me playing again for now, but also jank and head-scratchingly executed enough to already have me a little frustrated again.

I'll spoiler my long-ass thoughts on individual changes so they don't take up too much space in the thread for people who quite justifiably don't care about the opinions of a dude who hasn't played 6s since 2015.

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Dragon's Fury is the coolest addition of the update but it's a little wonkily balanced. Within its entire fairly short effective range it's maybe the overall strongest fragging weapon in the whole game and then it just has a deceptively short hard cutoff where it's completely useless. The projectile hitbox not having the width of a truck would be a very good start, beyond that I think it can go in a few different directions. Personally I'd like a consistent firerate somewhere between the current base and increased speeds (ideally resulting in lower overall DPS) and also a longer range but with very harshly-scaling damage falloff past around the current cutoff range. Either way, right now the weapon feels like a weird-ass stubby little projectile not-quite-railgun which is almost harder to miss with than to hit and kills way too quickly, but conceptually it's very very close to being a proper skill-based fragging option for Pyro.

Thermal Thruster feels like a meme that's one or two changes away from being really good. I don't think fixing the damage to players you land on so that it actually works will be even close to enough but it'd be a start. It has to at least either draw or holster faster – not even necessarily both, but definitely one or the other. For a mobility tool that uses up a secondary slot I think you really need to be able to either reliably engage or disengage with it, the obvious comparison being Gunboats which allow you to do both, and right now it's so slow to switch to and from that you can't really do either with it. Even with the Degreaser it still feels pretty slow and with that you're gimping your damage output even harder. Better air control would help too. Overall the whole item just feels very "canned" – it takes an age to switch to, does the weird hop before the launch, doesn't let you strafe properly and then takes another age to switch back from. Doesn't fit into the flow of combat at all.

Gas Passer doesn't feel like it has a niche. You throw it into a chokepoint and then what? They walk through it with heals and don't really care about the afterburn? They uber through choke and it does straight-up nothing? The rate at which you actually get access to it after spawning is in the same kinda ballpark as the rate at which uber builds and the usefulness of it isn't even in the same stratosphere. Besides all that, Pyro already has a strong chokepoint lockdown tool with airblast, feels a lot like diminishing returns sacrificing other secondary options for even more (and arguably less effective) area denial on top of that. I guess you could throw it onto point after they've gotten through choke and that does something maybe, but good luck building full meter before they push. I don't even know where I'd start with suggestions for it because the whole concept feels redundant.

Slap Hand was designed to be a meme and accomplishes exactly that and nothing more.

New fire particle effects feel more dense and visibility-impairing than the old ones, you really can't see shit past them at all sometimes, especially with multiple Pyros knocking about. Not a fan.

I really wanted to like the new Mantreads but rocket jumps without Gunboats just take so much health that you can't properly exploit the effects without the Rocket Jumper and then you're just playing a meme loadout anyway. Maybe they'll be good for pockets who don't want to get juggled but unless Pyro really does make it into the meta full-time somehow I don't feel like pockets really benefit in some huge gamechanging way from increased air control, so for that purpose they're essentially the same as they were before the update anyway. Legitimately laughed out loud when I saw that they buffed the Cow-Mangler, that part of the patch notes should really be accompanied by the Seinfeld theme.

I feel like I would like the new Pocket Pistol a lot if the +15% firerate actually worked, as it is it feels underwhelming. The new Flying Guillotine is dope and I like that it's not pigeonholed into being a Sandman combo anymore.

I kinda dig that burst-fire Heavy is a proper thing now. Makes him a lot more enjoyable to play at the very least. GRU and Eviction Notice changes are really interesting now the HP-stacking exploit has been fixed, being able to do a reasonably fast Heavy-to-mid with the tradeoff of showing up with about the same health as a Soldier is a compelling idea. Kinda funny that it feels like Heavy got more sensible, thought-out and potentially healthy changes than Pyro after losing the vote.

Not sure about the Panic Attack. The switch speed is nice but it doesn't really feel like it does damage. Kinda gimmicky still.

I'm not sure the Ambassador really needed the change but at least they listened to reason and implemented it in a way that doesn't introduce unnecessary RNG.

Speaking of unnecessary RNG, I know they're most likely not gonna get rid of random crits on casual servers. I really think they should, but I can understand that it would be a big leap to remove a fairly iconic feature of the casual TF2 experience. But for fuck's sake, at the very least they could finally get rid of random bullet spread. Shotguns on random spread servers feel awful and it benefits literally nobody, even the casual players who "benefit" from random crits by getting lucky kills will get hindered just as much as helped by it.

Don't think I really need to say much about all the bugs. Really siding with all the people here who think that over 400 days should've been enough time to have launched the update without so many gremlins. Some bugs you can't really see coming, sure, but then there are things like the jetpack not even having its listed damage effect which you'd think competent playtesting would've picked up on.

All-in-all I'd say it's cool, but for how long it's been you'd really think it'd at least be a more polished experience and you could even make the argument that, while the foundation has definitely been laid for Pyro to be a much better class, they may not have even accomplished the main thing they set out to do and really done it. Time will tell on that I suppose. I kinda feel like they hit the bare minimum standard for the update to not be outright disappointing for the time spent on it.

Boggles my mind that Valve don't apply their usual strategy of outsourcing everything possible to the community and bring the TF2 Beta back – sure, it won't get them a lot of feedback, that's been shown in the past, but it'll certainly get them some very important feedback and playtesting from the people who are dedicated enough to the game to care. Quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to that kind of feedback anyway I'd argue. Just have the option there and at the very least a handful of knowledgeable, dedicated people will use it and hey, what do you know, now you don't have to spend quite as much extra time after an update doing retroactive quality control anymore.

posted about 3 years ago
#18 Giving a RL signed by lansky to whoever wants it in Off Topic

Aight, I know I said I'd be checking this thread in "an hour or two" but I got done with what I was doing faster than I expected and I'm impatient. After reading the posts I will actually be invoking my "choose whoever I want" clause because a) I'm a complete sucker for cool collections and b) I've always got a soft spot for another writer, so Koncept gets it.

Sorry to everyone else, wish I had more things like this to give to the rest of you but I already gave my Lucky Luke-signed Scattergun to a friend and that's the only other thing of this nature I had. Thanks for all the well-wishes, for people wondering I just got real burnt out on TF2 and moved on to other games and now lately I've been taking a small step back from FPS as a whole just to deal with some IRL stuff and give myself a breather (enjoying Quake Champions, though). May dip my toe back into TF2 to try out the Pyro Update whenever that comes, not sure. See you all then, or in another 10 months or whenever I next have a reason to log in to TFTV.

Vourii always thought u got ur dick sucked way too hard for a guy that just had decent english skills in order to write extremely over the top stories

Trust me dude, I'm probably more of that opinion than you are. I had that i55 satire piece that everyone seemed to like sat around for like a week before posting it because I just didn't feel like anyone would be interested, but people liked it so I went with it. TFTV has and has had many writers who deserve infinitely more dick sucking than I ever did and they don't get nearly enough of it.

posted about 3 years ago
#1 Giving a RL signed by lansky to whoever wants it in Off Topic


Sup TFTV, been a while.

Getting rid of some old TF2 stuff finally and remembered I still have a strange RL signed by powerlifting genetic freak and bonafide TF2 legend Big Dave "Has Anyone Seen This Guy and Brock Lesnar in the Same Room No Reason Just Asking" Polansky.

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It's just been sitting around doing nothing on my account since I stopped playing and I don't want to sell it because that feels kinda douchey. So, whoever posts here first that they want it (make it a reasonable post at least please, if it's just "GIB" I'll probably pass over you to whoever's next, the whole point is that I want it to go to someone who'll appreciate it so I guess say in your post why you want it or something? I dunno do what you want I'm not your mum) can have it. Don't want anything in return, just want it to go to someone who'll actually get some use and enjoyment out of it.

Blame my Heaven Shall Burn fangirl friend for the name and desc, she got it from one of the i-Series fundraisers and gave me all her TF2 stuff when she quit. You can rename and redesc it and all that.

Hopefully this gives someone who missed their chance to get a weapon signed by lansky with the fundraiser a second one, even if it is a couple of years later. I'll check this thread in maybe like an hour or two and trade offer whoever had the first reasonable post (probably anyway, in reality it'll go to whoever I feel like giving it to after reading all of the posts, but unless someone's particularly stands out to me for whatever reason it'll just be whoever is first).

Still love y'all nerds.

posted about 3 years ago
#37 New 6v6 Voice Lines in TF2 General Discussion

"Take the flank, get the rank"


posted about 4 years ago
#33 So... what did this update actually fix? in TF2 General Discussion

There's not a whole lot I want to say that hasn't already been said but I can't begin to fathom why they would even consider buffing the Sydney Sleeper without so much as touching its charge rate. That change is just baffling no matter how I try to look at it. The one sniper rifle still banned in ETF2L, one of three still banned in ESEA, and it gets straight-up buffed with zero changes to the reasons for its continued ban.

posted about 4 years ago
#193 MAJOR TF2 update for 7/7/16 (Meet Your Match) in TF2 General Discussion

Haven't played outside of walkway testing yet but if it is actually locked to viewmodel_fov 54 that feels way too low for a maximum lock

I mean fuck I'd be fully content with 70, minmode viewmodels with 70 fov look honestly great for almost every weapon I've tried it with I'd say, but 54 just looks too squashed down to the bottom to look "right"

posted about 4 years ago
#5 New Taunts! in TF2 General Discussion

Oh my god the fanfare is so fucking BM, I love it

Imagine a roamer beefs every shot on your med and dies or you win a 1v1 on single-digit HP, the guy's already tilted and then just [muffled trombone in the distance]

posted about 4 years ago
#6 salamancer was wrong in The Dumpster

posted about 4 years ago
#19 Four new taunts in TF2 General Discussion
trashon one hand I hope this taunt is one of the ones added...

Who cares about people getting annoyed when you can come into mid like Vince fucking McMahon

This taunt could only be better if it played his entrance music when in use

posted about 4 years ago
#44 So when do I cash in on pounds? in Off Topic


Once it was clear remain was losing by a high enough margin that there was no hope left the new game became waiting for my local area's results to come in, as we were one of the last to submit: more than half of my local area voted leave (52.7%). Bloody fantastic.

posted about 4 years ago
#2 ETF2L S24 W6: Comfortably Spanked vs. happy farmers in Matches
supersub3 scouts and no demo on Spanked, a new strategy...

posted about 4 years ago
#5 Is my sensitivity bad :7? in Q/A Help

Years back I used to rock the ~2 inches/5cm per 360 as a roamer and didn't think anything was wrong with it at all (in my defense the mouse space on every desk I've had before this one has been a postage stamp)

Then I started lowering it little by little over time, now I'm on around 7 or 8 inches per 360

Looking back: there was DEFINITELY something wrong with it

With that said, of course to some degree you should use what's comfortable for you and mostly stick to something once you find it. But you should definitely experiment with lower sensitivities and move outside of your current comfort zone because, like me, you could find out that it's easier to hit rockets when a slight twitch of your hand doesn't do a 1080 turn and fire into space

posted about 4 years ago
#83 "Matchmaking will fail" - Muselk in TF2 General Discussion

What Jon said a thousand times over. Muselk claiming that MM will fail will not make MM fail, he's shouting fabricated statistics into the void in the hopes that the void gives him a thumbs-up and tells him to keep up the great content. He's made himself fairly irrelevant in TF2, he's not managed to make himself particularly relevant in Overwatch, even after moving to a different game entirely he's still living a hundred miles into STAR_'s shadow (for good reason, too, STAR is actually charismatic), his greatest accomplishment still seems to be co-hosting a gaming show on Disney XD and sincere congratulations to him for that but the XD says it all there really.

b4nny has information directly from Valve, Muselk has information directly from his ass. I know which I'd rather listen to.

Fuck him for making me have to change this, though.

posted about 4 years ago
#18 I say bring update volvo in The Dumpster

sleep tight pupper, don't let the shitposters bite

posted about 4 years ago
#39 removing rng from competitive tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

Midfights only have rng elements if you decide your mid strat by rolling a dice

If you decide your mid strat by rolling a dice, rng is the least of your issues in this game

posted about 4 years ago
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