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#22 If you could customise a mouse.. in Hardware

As much as I couldn't stand it as an actual mouse (terrible sensor, clunky shape, horrible shiny plasticky feel), I loved the functionality of the Naga Hex I had for a while, so I'd probably take the FK1 and slap the Naga Hex's 6 side buttons on it with the same configuration except with the buttons about half a mil or a mil flatter to the surface, they always stuck out just the tiniest bit too much. Better switches for the sidebuttons too I guess.

(The irony of jamming a bunch of extra buttons on an ultra simple plug and play mouse does not escape me)

I also put Hyperglides on my FK1 but not the ones actually built for Zowie mice, I use the more traditional oval feet (I think it was the MX3s designed for Logitechs that I put on mine?) so I'd have recessed bits for those on the base of the mouse, instead of the giant recessed areas for the giant Zowie skates.

I do still have that Naga Hex lying around in a drawer somewhere, thinking back I'm pretty sure I actually kept it with the intention of swapping out the sensor one day for funsies.

posted about 4 years ago
#100 Thoughts on Overwatch? in Other Games
fatswimdudei dont understand why people here are still complaining about 76's ult and saying shit like "this game gives you an aimbot what a joke!!!!!"

ults across the board are
a) more positioning than aim based
b) inactive for the majority of playtime
c) supposed to be very powerful
so i dont get why it matters that 76's ult just happens to be centered around an aim assist mechanic

I do agree, but I also believe that mechanics like 76's ult being reworked to require aim would probably be better for the game overall. I don't think his aimbot ult is the inherent problem it's frequently made out to be because, as you say, it's a sodding ultimate. However, I'd imagine at least some would agree with me that 76's ult, for example, giving him no recoil nor reloads for its duration rather than aimbot - this is just a rough example I've seen Platinum give in another thread which seems solid, but more generally speaking something roughly equally powerful but still requiring him to aim - would be preferable to its current state?

I'd argue that a mechanic which drastically increases the impact of a player's mechanical skill is often going to be preferable to a mechanic which replaces it entirely in an FPS. It just feels kinda cheap and not really contributing positively to the game to have an ultimate which removes your need to aim for a few seconds in a game where DM and raw mechanical skill are already of pretty low importance compared to some other FPS titles.

It also just sucks to have a duration-based ult where the most logical counterplay most of the time is to run and hide behind a wall or a shield until it's over because otherwise if you're vaguely on his screen you're lined up for an almost guaranteed death. Again, not necessarily a stupid or imbalanced mechanic, but it doesn't really feel enjoyable to play against I think. It's one of those ultimates where it's startlingly easy to counter and yet paradoxically you don't really feel like you've been outplayed at all if you die to it. If he happens to use when you're not really in a position to easily run away and hide, you don't really feel like you could've done a whole lot about it either, apart from just to not have been standing there. It's different to McCree's ult in that sense I think because of a) how vulnerable McCree is during the chargeup time and b) the fact that McCree's ult HAS that chargeup time where he's looking to get the most value out of his ult and you have that window to try and get away and maybe force him to either waste it or use it inefficiently. 76 can press Q and almost immediately start shooting.

This isn't to say there's NO counterplay to 76 ult, of course, or that it's necessarily a terrible thing. I just think it's not really a very cool ultimate and could be much cooler.

Agreed completely on Widow ult though fuck that

EDIT: got semi-ninja'd by obe_ above while I was typing this nerd essay and he said a lot of what I wanted to say in a much more concise manner, read his post if TL;DR

posted about 5 years ago
#23 Thoughts on Overwatch? in Other Games

An unsurprisingly terribly balanced game with an awful lot of potential which may or may not ever be realised. It's really up to Blizzard and where they want to take this game, I think - there's a lot of bullshit which could definitely still be made not bullshit if they really want to.

It's a glimmer of a phenomenal game buried under a mountain of nonsense IMO. We'll see whether Blizzard choose to move those mountains.

posted about 5 years ago
#6 Headphones advice request thread #???? in Hardware
jerhmsThis pair of headphones normally cost around $300. They are now $150

Yeah unfortunately the price of Sennheisers in the UK doesn't quite comply

posted about 5 years ago
#1 Headphones advice request thread #???? in Hardware

GENERIC THREADS YEAH - I know there's a thread from about a week ago of someone asking for headphones advice but didn't feel like bumping and hijacking.

My ATH-M30xs finally gave up the ghost after a couple good years of use, looking for a new set of headphones for a kinda £60-80 budget (I could maybe just about stretch to £90) - before anyone suggests HD558s or ATH-M50x, that was my first thought also but on Amazon UK they're both around £120 which is a little more than I can manage at the moment, I wasn't really planning to have to replace my headphones yet.

Primarily for gaming, all kinds of music, VOIP, that kinda thing. General use. A lot of the music I listen to is a pretty guitar-heavy so something with solid mids response would be ideal but it's more important to me that they work well for gaming with voice chat. Open or closed back are both fine.

I could maybe stretch to a pair of HD518s if people are under the consensus they're still worth the money (~£90 on Amazon UK) but what other options are around for my budget if any?

posted about 5 years ago
#422 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion

In today's news,

Get Good, Get LMAOBox™

posted about 5 years ago
#21 Petition to Classify eSports as "Legitimate" Sport in Esports

Let's be honest here - I don't think anyone gives a fuck about whether or not eSports is REEL SPORTS, that's not the point and never has been and it's all just semantics regardless. Whether or not eSports is a sport depends on your definition of sports which can change from person to person, dictionary to dictionary and so on. What people DO give a fuck about is eSports being seen as a legitimate form of competition and pro gamers being able to travel to international LAN events without visa issues fucking everything up.

It's not about wanting to be a sport per se, it's wanting to be given the same rights and treatment as other forms of competition such as sports. It just so happens the way of doing that which seems to make the most immediate sense would be for eSports players to be able to obtain an athlete's visa, which means recognition as a sport. Well, to my knowledge anyway, I'm not knowledgeable at all of how these things work and won't pretend to be, but that's the impression I've gotten.

Sidenote: with it being a White House petition it is cool for me to put my name to this as a non-US citizen right? I've never been entirely sure of how that works, I did try to figure it out from the website but it wasn't very clear on it.

posted about 5 years ago
#323 b4nny v thalash in TF2 General Discussion

"django is not a player" - b4nny, 2016

get toasted iceland

posted about 5 years ago
#8 RIP Prince in Music, Movies, TV

God damn, what is it with this year? Prince was one of my grandma's absolute favourite musicians of all time so I grew up knowing of him, but she also never plays a whole lot of music around the house so I had the experience of "discovering" him for myself as I got older and more into music and the experience of listening to Purple Rain for the first time was amazing. RIP.

posted about 5 years ago
#80 chart thread in Music, Movies, TV
kevalso the one album from one artist "rule" in a chart is stupid because many artists ulitize different genres in their discography

This is very true - I used the "rule" for my own purely on the basis of wanting to force some variety and not have like 4 RATM albums and almost the entire discography of Led Zeppelin and so on but it is true that artists can span genres and subgenres across as little a gap as one album to the next, let alone across their entire career.

Hell it applies to some of the most iconic bands of all time, take the Stones - look at something right at the start of their career e.g. England's Newest Hitmakers and compare it even to Their Satanic Majesty's Request which was only three years later and the differences are staggering, and then if you compare TSMR to effectively any other Stones album there will be huge differences again. The Beatles too - take something early like With The Beatles and it's all upbeat rock n' roll, fast forward five years and you get the white album and suddenly you're dealing with Revolution 9.

TL;DR if you want to force some variety or whatever the one-album-per-artist rule can be a fun restriction but apart from that it shouldn't really be considered necessary

posted about 5 years ago
#75 chart thread in Music, Movies, TV
Show Content

It's a 100 so spoilered for size, no particular order apart from tiers (and even still there's some overlap and uncertainty between those)

Stuck to the one-per-artist rule to try and get some variety in there, even still it was pretty tough to narrow it down even to 100, I tried 50 first time around and that just wasn't happening. I know having both Cream and Derek and the Dominoes as well has having both Chester and Lester and Les Paul and Mary Ford on there is kinda pushing the one-per-artist limit but whatever

Lots of albums and artists missing but its just about close enough I guess - I'm sure if I did this list a month ago or if I redo it in a month it'd look very different

#74 thanks for reminding me about This Town Needs Guns, heard them like two or three years ago and completely forgot they existed

Rec me pretty much anything I guess, I'll give pretty much everything at least one listen (except new Megadeth fuck Dave Mustaine)

posted about 5 years ago
#16 my irl friend is an engimain in The Dumpster
DishSoapwhat do i do to secure my fragile scoutmain career from being poisoned by such an aids class.DishSoapfragile scoutmain careerDishSoapaids class

posted about 5 years ago
#14 cultural appropriation in Off Topic

Culture is nothing if it isn't celebrated and appreciated, regardless of who by. I think the issue is with people confusing "cultural appropriation" with exploitation and cashgrabbing. If you're using stupid racial stereotypes to promote your shit and then claiming "nah bro celebrating the culture its just a social experiment bro" that's dumb and a fair reason for people to think you're an idiot, but people borrowing aspects they like and enjoy and respect from cultures that aren't their own is what culture itself is built upon.

If you wanna be a white atheist with dreadlocks celebrating Christmas with a festive yoga session go for it, it's your life. People can get offended as much as they like, do what makes you happy.

My favourites are the people who get up-in-arms about cultural appropriation and aren't even a part of the culture that's being "appropriated". If you're gonna get offended by something that you feel affects you then sure, but getting offended on other peoples' behalf because you think they should be offended? Really?

posted about 5 years ago
#14 Rip Phife Dawg in Off Topic

Damn. I was never into rap and hip-hop most of my life so I only got into ATCQ in the past year or so but I loved them right away, this sucks. Rest in peace.

posted about 5 years ago
#60 ADULTS PLAY TEAM FORTRESS 2 (Adults React: Gaming) in TF2 General Discussion

Immediately going to soldier and sniper? Yeah sure "Tom", we know it's you Jukebox you can't hide

posted about 5 years ago
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