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#64 Demo Buddy (A tool for launching demos/recording) in TF2 General Discussion
JessikaJungWhen I'm using the recording tool, while recording, my viewmodels are turned off, is there a way to turn it on? I have a toggle for viewmodels but it won't work. I'm watching a POV demo too.

You probably have Disable Viewmodels ticked in Demo Buddy. It should be in the Recording Tools tab.

posted about 6 years ago

Vector gonna go 8-8

posted about 6 years ago
#92 missing ddl links in TF2 General Discussion

Does anyone have a DL link to Prem by Cube? I thought there was a fakkelbrigade one but I can't find it.

posted about 6 years ago
#39 How to Make Videos for TF2 in Videos

Yeah I'm having the exact same problem as Ed. Rendering it with lagarith doesn't change much either.

EDIT: nvm, I imported it into Sony Vegas and it worked fine in there.

posted about 6 years ago
#10 S10 Lan recordings in TF2 General Discussion

Whoa, you used the in game record feature to record these? How long did it take to render these in Virtualdub?

posted about 6 years ago
#163 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about 6 years ago
#13 esea lan highlight vid in TF2 General Discussion
kirbyYeah, SFM can be a great alternatives to what you would typically do in TF2 itself. A straight upgrade, to be honest.

Definitely agree about SFM, I wish I could use it, but unfortunately I get like 3 fps in it.

posted about 7 years ago
#8 esea lan highlight vid in TF2 General Discussion
kirbyis some of this video sped up? anyway glad someone did this

Oddly enough no, I think it might be Youtube because the one I have on my PC seems fine.

Oh well, that's my bad.

Also, thanks for posting this enigma.

posted about 7 years ago
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