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#67 what's your major? in Off Topic

Info Sys Management. Would not recommend

posted about a year ago
#1 NYC Labor day weekend in Off Topic

My cousins are looking to do a visit grandma labor day weekend but I don't wanna sleep on the floor of an airbnb. Anyone have a bed/sofa I can crash on?

I can pay in venmo or provide multiple sessions of Obama Kush with a volcano vaporizer

Can provide references on request

posted about a year ago
#5 kawa lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

SteveC: pubg
kawa: i bought weed instead

posted about 2 years ago

It has lights and goes VROOM!!!

posted about 2 years ago
#1 CHICAGO in Off Topic

Who lives here? I'm visiting Apr 30 - May 5

posted about 2 years ago
#3 do my c sci assignment for $20 in The Dumpster

Post it here!

posted about 2 years ago
#20 irl friends in Off Topic

Dead TF2 players that cut me from my first team

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fucker forged my signature on drinks

then undertipped
posted about 2 years ago
#1 PHILADELPHIA in Off Topic

Who wanna get kbbq?

posted about 2 years ago
#48 Where do you work? in Off Topic

Operations Technology hat-wearer at a 2 year old "Uber for X" startup

posted about 2 years ago
#2 help me with my coding hw in Off Topic

posted about 2 years ago
#43 What are you positive about today? in Off Topic

At home to see my cute siblings from Dad's side and plans for dim sum with mom's side + favorite Grandma tomorrow. Got my contacts ordered. UNIQLO store opening and Ramen tonight with bffs. Late night ice cream with cuz. Shit ton of 2nd to last week schoolwork and first weekend of work. Gonna sleep so well tomorrow

posted about 2 years ago
#70 wat is your biggest regret in Off Topic

Signing a 1 year lease toward an apartment for a remote job

posted about 2 years ago
#69 first time u smoked weed in Off Topic

Guardians of the Galaxy

3 years ago I started doing cannabis. I wasn't really a hardcore consumer but still the type of guy to get really high and play CS:GO. Al and Andrew we'll call them. My longtime local internet friends however, little did I know... they smoke like hell and wanted to meet up. So we decided over mumble that we'd watch Guardians of the Galaxy at a shopping mall theater in the local suburban DC area. We decided to meet at a specific time, Al and Andrew were to bring the dank.

It's 8pm and the movie about to start. They said they would be here in time. "Just 15 mins away" Andrew said in an instantly responded text. They get here at 8:36. Ticketing office is closed and the last show for the night was the movie we decided that we wanted to watch. We just do what gamers do and do nothing for a bit. Then one of us brightly suggests we head to the adjacent Silver Diner in the shopping plaza. We all get in Al's car to head over to Silver Diner, it's littered with Chick-Fil-A sandwich wrappers and foam soda cups.

At Silver Diner we just kick it. Nothing too eventful, we discuss the area and how rundown the mall is. The waiter was polite, food decent, and got to feed the jukebox to play our song.

At this point we're all pretty satisfied so I ask "yo we gonna smoke". In all honesty, I've never really smoked with other people before. Much more of a closet user for my insomnia and lack of exercise as a plump pre-keto Asian American male. We look around outside the diner and decide to do it on the roof of a parking garage that's connected to the mall.

So we get back in the same car and head up to the 3rd level of this parking garage for BigLots(a furniture store). It's desolate, literred with shopping carts with no cars in sight. I realize how bright the lights were. Sort of distracting but beautiful in it's own sense of solitude. We were all alone.

Andrew whips out the ziploc bag of weed. This wasn't just a sandwich bag of weed. It was one of those freezer like bags where you could fill a liter of coca cola if you wanted to. And it was all full, with Fruity Pebbles(a strain of weed)...

Andrew starts grinding up the devil's lettuce. Al gets out the blunt papers rolling it to make some sort of cone shape with it. Originally Andrew had just drop a couple nugs in but we realized that wouldn't burn well. As this is going on, Al notices a car coming up the ramp. Andrew is still focused on grinding and trying to roll the blunt. Al says "Hmm an SUV". As the car comes closer towards us we notice something. IT'S A COP from the local PD. Andrew immediately let's go of the wrapping paper and weed scaddadiling the Fruity Pebbles all over the front-seat passenger side of the car. He whips out his phone faster than cheetah and stares at it with the most unconcerned look on his face. We all follow suit.

"He's parking" I say. The cop is parked on the opposite side of the parking lot between the exit ramp facing directly towards us. There's almost no movements between us. We're looking straight ahead playing our roles as angsty disgruntled white skinned males that just got off their shitty part time jobs with nothing better to do at 11:55pm. About 25 seconds pass, we're sweating but theres no other option. We either leave or risk the potential to be confronted by police officer while smelling of the kush.

My mind is a bit blank from that short moment when we passed the cop. I like to think that we seemed calm and collective but our thoughts were definitely of the "ayy lmao we gonna get fucked" type. We somehow leave without being followed and book it 3 miles in a random direction away from the shopping mall.

We end up in a park, fill a fat blunt, do the 420 and talk about our recent experience. We play some older hip hop talking about the experience we just had while bitching at Al for playing JPop for the initial 5 mins while Andrew was rolling. Eventually I realize I couldn't even partake in the level of smoke that these 2 guys could handle. My goto was a portable vape. We have the munchies and decide to head over to this drive thru fast food place called Checkers.

At Checkers nothing significant happens. Except the part where I try to order a menu item called the Spicy Chicken Cheezer. My mind was thinking a 10 thoughts at once. Like: Why is it named that? Do I say it like Cheesar as in the sar in caesar? Does the drive thru lady think I'm high? Who puts cheese on a spicy chicken sandwich? HOW THE FUCK DO I SAY THIS? I realize I've been staring at the name for about half a minute. I open my mouth and the words "Can I get a spicy chicken che-ch-ch-ch *laughter* ch-ch-ch cheezar?" This entire ordeal takes about 3 minutes to complete my order. Andrew and Al are laughing hysterically.

It was a wonderful night. We still have yet to watch Guradians of the Galaxy.

posted about 2 years ago
#16 Working in China. in Off Topic
fade-im not trying to say that berkeley was a shithole or anything, i loved the atmosphere of the city but some parts of the bay area are just really run down (elcerrito for example idk if anything has changed since I was there)

still loved the city, but maybe my perspective was skewed due to going from toronto suburbs to an smaller apartment for a while (+ i lived for a while in albany ca which was still pretty nice tbh) not trying to shit talk cali at all

buffalo's a nice place if u stay between main and richmond which gives u like a 4 block strip where ur actually safe tbh

but in stark contrast i always felt safe in toronto and china was just different and really cool and i loved it

so what you're saying is: "I only feel safe around chinks and chink bubbles." Literally every urban city is like that lmao

fade- it's not all sweatshops and sex slaves like you have this image of

Fu Zhou/Fujian is full of sex workers, it's pretty common for girls from poor rural areas of China to move into more populated areas to become sex workers while they have their looks.

fade-america's literally the biggest shithole ever compared to both toronto and china

To generalize the US based off limited experiences in 2 cities while playing videogames in your apartment is pretty asinine. I guess living in ur high-rise condo in China paid for by your parents money that they made in America is hella nice. Families from lower classes literally have green card marriages to live in the US and work a low-wage 80 hour job at some chinese restaurant.

Back when I lived there during summers the river water was green af, trash was the scent that filled the air, and everyone smokes. Saying America is a shithole and China isn't is just a delusion by your yellow tinted glasses.

On topic: China is pretty swell, don't take shit from anyone, always haggle.

posted about 3 years ago
#28 Laptop for studies and future work in Off Topic

Get a MacBook Air
- It's quiet, there aren't any fans
- You can pick it up with 2/3 fingers without fear of dropping it
- Battery life is hella
- User experience
- Apple makes a consistently great product

posted about 3 years ago
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