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#13 need some POSITIVITY in TF2 General Discussion

I went from someone who almost didn't graduate high school to starting as a sys admin for a software company right out of college

and tbh tf2 is probably soul sucking but the regulated schedule of scrims/matches put some structure in my life that encouraged consistent school work/sleep schedule that I had never had in life

posted 1 week ago
#176 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion

I'm saving for a Valve index and spent $30 of that fund for keys cause idk

Mastercoms pls share thx

posted 1 month ago
#91 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion

Tbh I probably spent way more than I should have on keys in 2019 but I haven't ever unboxed an unusual up to this point so that was kinda :)

posted 1 month ago
#17 TF2 update for 7/25/19 (7/26/19 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion

133 days since I was banned from RGL because of posting the spy exploit when Valve was probably already working on it :)

posted 1 month ago
#4 -r_emulate_gl in Customization

posted 2 months ago
#8 g403 stops working for few seconds in Hardware

can't read

is your micro usb cable the one with the wing things that holds it into the front?

When it freezes does your PC make the device disconnect sound?

Sounds like a hardware issue tbh

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Also make sure you've done this (but I've never seen this fix anything personally)

posted 2 months ago
#91 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion

can we just agree that literally everyone is shitty and will play to gay the ruleset however they can

euros think their version is better and it is better for lan so just use that one

posted 2 months ago
#32 RGL unveils Traditional Sixes League details in News

I just hope that admins are allowed to vote over sigafoo (i.e. sigafoo has 1 vote, so do 5 admins, not sigafoo has 3 votes and the others have 1.)

He's already proven that personal shit will affect him and he'll way over react and act out of spite. Don't let that guy make decisions on where people get to play etc

posted 3 months ago
#102 Leagues meet to discuss future of North American TF2 in News

People driving are likely much more impacted by weather in winter anyway, a lot more on the ground travel to cover without hitting a blizzard

Also the logistics of hosting a 6s and HL tourney that's isn't BYOC is..... Stressful. Running one game at a time for both is already 24 computers and you're not even providing warm up stations.

I can see why a BYOC would be chosen to combat that issue but then you're adding back some of the variables in place online that playing at LAN is supposed to negate

posted 4 months ago
#19 Is comp tf2 w/ no whitelist plausible? in TF2 General Discussion

Unfortunately it you want to look at what is balanced and also care about what is fun, a lot of the core mechanics of weapons are just not fun. Like you can tone down jarate, but it still fucking sucks that as you walked through a choke some dude from the back of the point clicked while looking at the sky and now you take a fuck ton of damage.

posted 4 months ago
#63 Leagues meet to discuss future of North American TF2 in News
NursayI also said later in the same paragraph that as long as people are loud about what they want, that's what they'll get no matter how hard luc and b4nny try to push their own ideas. I obviously have my own personal preference on things, but when it comes to a new league I highly doubt they'll do much to try to piss a majority of people off.

Hasn't banny been a pretty open person about the fact that he would gladly remove the entirety of the current invite players if it meant making progress towards what he thinks it's the way to grow the game?

Either way this discussion started with your saying that luc and banny should be invited. I agree. So should you, purple, skeez, botmode, etc.

And tbh someone should be a neutral 3rd party with a mute button because every meeting similar to this that I've been apart of has been banny aggressively shouting his ideas and trying to silence people who disagree

posted 4 months ago
#32 Leagues meet to discuss future of North American TF2 in News

He also banned me from his league for not following his requests regarding the spy exploit (and because I tweeted a screenshot of him asking me to take down the post)

posted 4 months ago
#6 Leagues meet to discuss future of North American TF2 in News

If you're inviting b4nny, I hope that other top players from multiple different teams are both being invited and actually showing up

posted 4 months ago
#113 Pls help save invite!!!! in TF2 General Discussion

oof I didn't know we were doing nerd sperg posts I would've puked out a bit more effort last night

mr_popoCaspian and I have similar sounding voices (we are of the same race) and we are both friends with JM. However, that is really where the similarities end.

Your claim to fame is that all you are is someone who pubs with JM but Caspian's screenshots on steam are mostly just him playing pubs with JM

mr_popoNow I will level with you Pete. You've sunk 6000-7000 hours of your sad life into this game and you're only mid-high intermediate at one class.

I actually crossed the 5k hour mark last January (I think) and got pretty sad about it LOL, but I remembered that I used to idle on my mom's macbook when I was in highschool. Never reset my class stats so this is just kinda funny

Gee I Wonder Why I'm Only Good At Scout
(also lol @ my 372 kills in one life as scout, my strange weapon game in 2014 was POPPIN)

mr_popoPositive kdr by the skin of his teeth playing the high frag count class. Sub 200 dpm scout player. You're definitely disrespecting the rest the players on your team lol.

ya I played medic in an hour long match (s/o kings crew I'm still salty)

In most of the logs you posted I was kinda miserable playing tf2 and was just doing it cause I enjoy streaming and tf2 is where I get viewers

also lol you linked a fuckin rgl match where boar played 6 of the 9 classes as proof of how bad I am (undefeated RGL No Restriction 6s 2nd Place Player, While Getting Banned In The Same Season BTW)

mr_popoHold up,

I quit playing after Season 10 (I believe that was Winter 2012) and didn't return until Season 25 (Summer of 2017).
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You also did 300 dpm after presumably not playing for at least a year in your first ever ss

Also cool to see that Caspian, who hasn't played a match since s22, and hasn't had a log recorded since 2016 just kinda randomly logged on to esea to change his name

Plus the entirety of what shows up on when you compare logs that have JM & Caspian in them to the ones with JM & popo in them is just a wacky coincidence I'm sure

O I forgot these as well:

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posted 4 months ago
#95 Pls help save invite!!!! in TF2 General Discussion
Air_Petelmao @ the 4 people that messaged me after I posted this and said they can't believe no one else realizes its caspian

you're literally so bad people just assume you must be a new player ROFL

you've revealed his hidden identity, now he has to change it again and come back as someone else

lmfao "gee I wonder who this new player is that is obsessed with JM and happens to only be half decent at a brain dead class"

also can we quit letting JM get away with this "I don't care about this game" bullshit he puts up. The dude has played tf2 consistently for the last 9 years and hasn't improved in the 6 years I've been playing. I played IM w/ 350 ping fluctuations but this man child has to hide in open where he can farm his fragile ego.

If you want to just live in mediocrity I'm cool with that but at the very least don't send your lil boy toy circle jerk to say you have ping issues on tftv.. just sad.

posted 4 months ago
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