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#10612 stream highlights in Videos


posted 2 weeks ago
#2 nerdRage calms down and comes back to ETF2L in News

This is the season elacour wins prem !

posted 1 month ago
#24 Calling out div 1 etf2l teams in TF2 General Discussion
smziWho on веазтмоде won prem?

funs in season 28, although I just checked and he was a merc...

posted 1 month ago
#22 Calling out div 1 etf2l teams in TF2 General Discussion

Hello dear Doughy,

Out of the 3 teams you listed as "pussy", I will argue that only 2 of those are legit.

Boinicle did finish first in the regular etf2l season 35 (and second in playoffs) and did participate in the etf2l season 36 premiership qualifiers. I believe the team they were supposed to play dropped, so they were awarded a spot in prem. I don't understand how they were allowed after all to say they didn't want to participate in prem anymore.

веазтмоде have a really strong lineup (2 ex prem runner ups, 1 prem winner and 2 players that have had a very solid prem debut). They are behaving like a prem team, scrimming and getting decent results against other prem teams. They could definitely be playoffs contenders in prem. But, from what I have heard (correct me if I'm wrong there), chris and funs said that if they were put in prem, they would simply not play. How is this allowed ? Building a prem team and then threatening to drop if you have to play prem ? To me, this team is the one that should've been put in prem and if they refused, the players should have been banned from playing etf2l (not all of them, respect to my mens silves and deli).

Now, concerning 5 gerz burgerz and fries, I don't think it is really legitimate to call them pussies and I think they do belong in div1.

  • They are mostly scrimming div1 team, having close games most of the times
  • They don't practise a lot since 1: they don't want to, 2: one player (da jordz) has limited resources/time to scrim
  • They sure did finish 4th in prem last season but let's take a quick look at the roaster changes
    • aph and mak stay on class.
    • opti goes to scout. last time he played scout was season 30 and i63, ascent fr/eu. Do you remember what happened ? very bad at the class and worst scout @ lan (tf2metrics confirmed it).
    • collaide medic. basically his debut in higher divs as medic. also has never played prem.
    • jordy soldier. While he has played prem (season 32), he hasn't played much since, only d1 iirc.
    • crayon soldier. Hasn't played prem in soldier, only d1 with jordy as well.

While the team is strong (contender for d1 winner), they don't belong in prem and would probably get 6-0 all the way there.

Also, no disrespect here, but putting the GAY JAIL team in prem is a really weird decision.

  • They've barely been scrimming and got pretty bad results
  • They have players with little to no experience in d1/prem divs
  • They have players known for being very unstable, players that have, in the past, left teams mid season, or were cut due to their behaviour.
posted 1 month ago
#70 ETF2L Website not working in TF2 General Discussion
Twiggyjnkicome on its a free league, no patreon, no nothing, people running the website do it at a loss by default
some of the only income is from amazon referals and from google ads(fun fact this is why etf2l prohibits nsfw profile and team pictures, because the pages get demonetized)

the sponsorships they acquire fund prize pools, these 300 eur for prem highlander dont materialize on their own
Then perhaps it's more important to use sponsorship money to make the organisation more solid before giving the money away in prize pools. If money is an issue one might store the backups on his own PC for free. But it's none of my business :)


posted 1 month ago
#12 How to get FREE AUSTRALIUM SKINS in 2020 in Videos

J'éjacule de la chapelure

posted 2 months ago
#7531 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 2 months ago
#2 Highlight: Lukas & papi vs. da wizzerdz guild in Videos

Gi-Lui Legacy

posted 3 months ago
#15 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events

This is the first time I'm watching an RGL game and I have to say, I can't remember the last time I have enjoyed a cast that much. The production was rock solid, the game itself was crazy, and the b4nny/extine combo was soooo enjoyable to listen to.

posted 3 months ago
#7462 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 3 months ago
#11 klassy leaves ascent? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 4 months ago
#1 PugChamp EU Open: A year of logs in review in TF2 General Discussion

Hello gamers,

The year 2019 has just ended and I figured I would take a look at how we gamers have performed in PugChamp EU.

I have taken into account 4876 logs.

Number of pugs on each map:

cp_snakewater_final1: 1219
cp_gullywash_final1: 1218
cp_process_final: 1106
cp_sunshine: 695
cp_granary_pro_rc8: 200
cp_prolands_rc2t: 156
cp_metalworks: 147
cp_reckoner_rc2: 50
cp_logjam_rc10a: 34
cp_prolands_b6: 25
cp_logjam_rc9a: 24
koth_product_rcx: 2

Then I have summed numbers taken from the logs (kills, deaths, airshots...) and averaged them to a per minute number.

At the end of this post, I will link a spreadsheet with every player and all their stats during 2019. But first I will preview some "highlights" with the top 5 performers for some stats. To avoid outliers with very little time but very good stats, I have considered players with at least 20 hours in the relevant category.

* Names are pulled from the ETF2L API (Owen = Matthes)
* Combat classes is everything but medic
* total_time_airshot = total time as demoman or soldier

Top 5 maps_played (> 20.0 hours of pugs)
Owen: 1318
ever_x: 1230
nation YB`g: 1101
leth: 1084
Ace: 1025

Top 5 airshots_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as demoman/soldier)
Thaigrr: 0.1480637813211845
leth: 0.11655659593634665
Opti: 0.11008550180125856
Elacour: 0.10404209519253767
Kounaa: 0.10338275616539667

Top 5 combat_classes_kills_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as combat classes)
slemnish: 1.1931426914573593
sorex: 1.1046410568399097
Puoskari: 1.0072129105910435
nuthouse: 0.9823812066203952
Unrav: 0.9753771692291084

Top 5 combat_classes_dmg_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as combat classes)
slemnish: 347.4720017396977
Silentes: 347.1576862414261
LUKASTANK: 331.83040310575706
Thaigrr: 328.43949850168144
Elacour: 325.3821084451162

Top 5 combat_classes_heal_received_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as combat classes)
Elacour: 295.5722652559985
adamracek: 291.6216244648061
Yohn: 278.8614762935916
WARHURYEAH: 277.55908402357875
Kounaa: 271.1818721413358

Top 5 combat_classes_kd (> 20.0 hours of pugs as combat classes)
sorex: 2.048348106365834
slemnish: 1.8329621380846326
hemp: 1.7622739018087856
Unrav: 1.7308429118773947
Kaper: 1.7213431107680432

Top 5 winratio (> 20.0 hours of pugs)
slemnish: 0.6851851851851852
Loopy: 0.6049382716049383
Kaper: 0.5958549222797928
seeds: 0.5828025477707006
shock: 0.5795053003533569

Bottom 5 deaths_as_medic_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as medic)
seeds: 0.22925796679370156
Ace: 0.2492563046491366
shock: 0.29798270122856035
Klassy: 0.3313340111750604
mulaa: 0.3316371293209335

Top 5 kills_as_scout_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as scout)
slemnish: 1.1972216689902409
Thaigrr: 1.1723764960379977
Silentes: 1.1055883704699814
sorex: 1.1050913838120104
amppis: 1.0612398652644122

Top 5 dmg_as_scout_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as scout)
Thaigrr: 363.04780267582123
slemnish: 347.55053774148575
Silentes: 338.5418829897697
sorex: 313.3933855526545
amppis: 311.0560274026605

Top 5 kills_as_demoman_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as demoman)
Silentes: 0.8083270578324633
AlienSmiley: 0.7706390027024671
Ama: 0.7646220475709482
LUKASTANK: 0.7590499321587051
deli: 0.7579297432641895

Top 5 dmg_as_demoman_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as demoman)
LUKASTANK: 358.81333262514426
Silentes: 354.28848583864095
deli: 341.6078293626881
Ama: 339.3651672178329
WARHURYEAH: 334.76785121222184

Top 5 kills_as_soldier_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as soldier)
Samski: 0.8579181427602321
Silentes: 0.8266667617760246
myrrik: 0.8232181761593526
Gazy: 0.8219236074607437
Thaigrr: 0.8113798544546761

Top 5 dmg_as_soldier_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as soldier)
Silentes: 348.8413896903834
papi: 335.50617396299606
Thaigrr: 323.1260215256353
ever_x: 312.26219651956205
krafty: 305.7976263622547

Top 5 dmg_taken_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs)
Silentes: 305.6844848281735
papi: 294.42976957737255
Josh: 292.7174535491203
Smirre: 286.00339305127613
Elacour: 284.6225203098432

Top 5 drops_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as medic)
mak: 0.04109369147626946
voxtec: 0.03779831019319136
earl: 0.036393395272709766
rivs: 0.034860144420598316
nitbag: 0.03441821146066059

Bottom 5 drops_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as medic)
seeds: 0.010832022314759524
Ace: 0.013612437013881254
gilga: 0.016653788736937652
Dandere: 0.018571739642925914
Kars: 0.018691924729056956

Top 5 heal_pm (> 20.0 hours of pugs as medic)
seeds: 1185.8379045393317
Jorge: 1105.7583678507347
Kars: 1103.9795826668344
Ombrack: 1102.914328520839
Ace: 1089.4115321871855

Here is the spreadsheet (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GIADg8A5ExQwN8ohon1IYT8WbxarkSvy3JHnj0sywHw).
It is also likely I have missed a few logs or made some mistakes but it looks accurate enough so I will leave it that way.

posted 6 months ago
#7318 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 6 months ago
#6 question about LAN-streams. in TF2 General Discussion
klassyLastly I want to add that Copenhagen Games is probably turning out to be a good home for 6s TF2 but the fact that it's been casted 2 times in a row now on Kritzkast, a channel that is being used on the side for personal streams like this just seems off-putting in a sense.

Also, why are there only 3 6s games from CPH 2019 (and none from 2018 ?) uploaded to the channel when I'm pretty sure much more were streamed (like the Grand Final for instance).

posted 7 months ago
#92 TF2 player nationalities by toxicity in Off Topic


posted 7 months ago
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