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#17 ETF2L S33 maps // Global Map Pool in TF2 General Discussion


posted 11 months ago
#8 Restreams i46: Leviathan Gaming vs. Classic Mixup in Matches
Console-NoJuuPetition to start the recast with the same frag movie showcase that was at LAN

One had a plane in it, I remember that much
We will be starting with eXtelevision's "America vs. Europe" Documentary to give context to the match for those who weren't around and then showing the full finals VOD, including the prematch stage intro with Redeye. This means Prem by Cube will also be played :)

Absolutely beautiful

posted 11 months ago
#6 Restreams i46: Leviathan Gaming vs. Classic Mixup in Matches

Petition to start the recast with the same frag movie showcase that was at LAN

One had a plane in it, I remember that much

posted 11 months ago
#57 weekly hedgehogs images in Off Topic

This is the best thing to happen to TF2 in years

posted 11 months ago
#24 My rock and roll album is finally here! in Music, Movies, TV
HyceThanks all!

Twiggy, NoJuu hit the nail on the head again. I basically used the SM-57 for the low end of the sound and then the U87 clone for the mids, and EQ'd them as such.

Here's an example of one of the SM-57 EQ curves:

And the U87:

I see those high passes and I respect those. You do the mixing in Reaper then?

Also is that "I want a load of distorted mid sound so just gonna fuck them all in" EQ on the U87?

posted about a year ago
#19 My rock and roll album is finally here! in Music, Movies, TV
TwiggyHyceEach mic was selectively EQ'd and set to give one good total sound.So you would end up with differentsettings for each track that makes a part?

Yeah usually if you multi mic guitar parts for seperate tracks you can take for example, two different amps and mics with two different characters. For example you can have one that sounds "Dark" and one that sounds "Bright" and blend them after the fact to get a better sound. Like one might have fantastic low end, but really shit high end, and the other could be the opposite. By blending the two and EQing them to compliment each other you end up with one better sounding guitar part.

posted about a year ago
#7 My rock and roll album is finally here! in Music, Movies, TV

Not him but I work in music so I can give my input on some of these

Twiggyquestions as i'm reading

-what makes mastering so difficult that you (and lots of others) outsource it to some expensive studiodude? According to Crypto's definition you take your audio files and then put some analyzers, audio meters and whatnot on it and tweak a compressor/eq until all the tracks look like you want it.

Basically, mixing a track is taking the record "stems" (basically just the raw audio files) of each instrument, voice and whatever and adjusting them so that the track sounds as good as it can do, which are then bounced down into a single two channel stereo mix. You then master this stereo mix to make sure it sounds balanced across formats and playback devices, as well as making sure the album, EP or whatever sounds consistent. This is compression, very tiny EQ tweaks, shit like that. I've also seen people just master on the L/R output of the mixing session if they're doing it all themselves.

I think the main reason people don't do it themselves is it's a very particular skill and is also finicky as all fuck.

Twiggy-So if you play electric guitar, you put it through a "standard" guitar amp, then put a mic in front of the amp? Why not ditch the mic and plug the amp signal directly to your recording device?

You can record guitars directly into recording desks, most famously Nile Rodgers from Chic did it to keep his sound very clean. However the amp itself has a certain "character" to it's tone, and even beyond that the speakers add their own character to it. Then depending on where you place the mic on the speaker cone, and what the speaker is, it can sound even more specific. A lot of people mark a "Sweet Spot" on their guitar amp speaker, which is basically where the amp sounds the best.

You can use Amp Simulators now to recreate a lot of that, or even take a line from just the Amp Head itself without the speakers and use a Speaker Sim, but for a lot of rock stuff the sound of a real amp with real speakers just sounds a bit better and more authentic.

Twiggy- I thought compression was about putting a max threshold on a signal's amplitude. I should probably read more about this because I seem to understand it backwards (ie compression = reduced amplitude -> less pronounced attack)

Compression is basically putting a threshold on volume, but you can change how much is ducks it below the volume, or can set it to raise the volume, or "squash" everything together to sound flat. You can also adjust how quickly the compressor acts on the signal with it's attack, how quickly it stops, you can set a "knee" in the graph of how it adjusts, a lot of things.

I just fiddle with the knobs til good sounds happen

posted about a year ago
#14 Music Documentaries in Music, Movies, TV

Supermensch is a cool documentary about Shep Gordon, the manager of Alice Cooper and others, I think it's an netflix.

posted about a year ago
#19 ETF2L admin credibility in TF2 General Discussion

Have ETF2L admins literally ever been good tho

posted about a year ago
#46 What is "soft/hard aiming" in TF2 General Discussion
Mouldany older euros remember Limp [FIN]

softest aim this side of the hemisphere i strongly suggest you take a look at one of his fragmovies where he just thousand yard stares forward with his crosshair barely moving

had like a meter for a 360 or something

Am I misremembering or didn't Arx have like a 90cm/360 for a while. I remember someone at like i43/46 having something like that

posted about a year ago
#47 bass guitar in Music, Movies, TV

Carvin Custom 6 String Fretess (bad photo)

Anytime I see a 6 string fretless of I immediately think of a Miles Davis All Stars gig where the bass player just masturbated on it for 90 minutes and they now instill fear in me

posted about a year ago
#95 what are ya READING? in Music, Movies, TV
Nub_DanishDoes anyone know of a any good introductory neuroscience books? I'm not looking to be a doctor or anything I'm just looking for something that deals more on the theory and current understanding of how the brain works.

Not entirely related but my sister got me a book called Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks that was pretty fucking banging

posted about a year ago
#37 bass guitar in Music, Movies, TV
lighthouseyeah the bass ive been using for like 10 years now is a squier j bass that i had set up professionally to get a bit of a better sound and play out of it but im probably going to want to leave a bass at my bands studio so i dont have to transport it, which means its time to upgrade lol.

problem with the squier i have to stretch my hands really far and its pretty tough to play fast as i expect ill have to do soon, so i want something that i can play really quickly. do you recommend american/mexican/japanese fenders or does it not matter?

On American/Mex/Jap, in my opinion for the price difference between Mex/Jap and Americans it's not super worth it? I've got a Mex Jazz Deluxe and apart from the bridge it's entirely capable of professional use. iirc some Jap basses from the 90s are meant to be fantastic. Also anytime you get a Fender immediately get it set up professionally, the factory/shop set ups tend to be dogshit

posted about a year ago
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