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#127 Remove Iron Bomber from whitelist in TF2 General Discussion
Menachem"The rocket launcher needs to allow for soldier to deal damage and be mobile at the same time, without making him too hard to kill."

This is only tangentally related but I think it's important to not overstate Valve's original intent of balance as it relates to modern 6v6 metagame, and rocket jumping is like a microcosm of that. If you look at early TF2 videos of how rocket jumping is presented, it seems pretty obvious to me that Valve never intended for rocket jumping to be as mobile and advanced as it is now.

If I remember correctly from either in game commentary or Valve talking about it early on, the Uber was basically designed to kill sentry nests. Heavy is obviously the intended med/uber target in their original design of the game, I don't think we need to take what they "meant" the game to be into consideration.

I guess you can tie that into the discussion of whether you should nerf the IB or buff GL, in that what Valve intended for the power level of the demoman to be in the game as a whole doesn't really have THAT much bearing on how we want the balance to look in our game.

Also there's some weird Death Of The Author argument in here

posted 1 week ago
#45 Please have S37 in autumn 2020. in TF2 General Discussion
kaidusWe actually had a similar situation once where the admins did not want a season but the vast majority of the player-base did. The reasoning back then was that ETF2L did not want a season that ran through summer due to the interruptions vacations etc would cause, so instead we had an "interim" season. It wasn't a numbered season, instead it was just called AFS (all fucking summer) if I remember correctly. It wasn't recognised as an official season, but it was functionally the same and allowed the players/casters/viewers to maintain their usual habits. If ETF2L really won't see sense and revert their current decision, maybe some sort of modified season could be put in place akin to AFS, potentially with a shorter timeframe required. Either have less teams per division and therefore less matches, or trim play-offs significantly, but for the love of god just have some kind of season for people to play while you still can.

To add to this, if you really don't want to have a normal numbered season and want to run cups instead to test things like for example med scout speed changes and so on, just run the shorter season as a testing season. Have the winners get a signed 8x10 of twiikuu or something

posted 1 month ago
#56 Book recommendations? in Off Topic

I'm a massive simp for Terry Pratchett, Discworld starts off rocky with the first three books but really hits a stride, I think they hold up for adult reading but that's just me.

Non-fiction wise I'm a big fan of Oliver Sacks work, last I read was Musicophilia which was super interesting. Also a big fan of The Men Who Stare at Goats by John Ronson.

Out Stealing Horses is a book I read for secondary school about ten years ago but it's a recently interesting use of language to display nostalgia, hated it on the first read as a teenager, adored it on my second when I "Got it".

posted 3 months ago
#28 Redeye thinks TF2 should be an esport in TF2 General Discussion
eXtineValve would like to see TF2 become a viable and successful esport, but you're correct they don't want to MAKE TF2 a successful esport in the sense that they're not going to drop a lot of cash suddenly out of no-where. This ISN'T what happened with Counter-Strike and DotA. With both cases they were actually supporting eXisting infrastructure. Valve's whole methodology involves not forcing the community to do or like certain things. .

If Valve would like TF2 to be a viable and successful esport, and don't want to force the community to do or like certain things, why on the release of their MM system did it not follow the established rules laid down by the community.

posted 3 months ago
#10 Redeye thinks TF2 should be an esport in TF2 General Discussion
eXtineHe also answered my question -

I still think the community isn't interfacing with Valve correctly and that we can still create better relationships with them that could lead to something like a compendium eventually.

If your answer to the question of why TF2 didn't take off as an esport is "Valve's fault" you're not looking at the issue deeply enough.

We need to continue to focus on growing the fundamentals of the competitive community, stuff like infrastructure (volunteers, admins, leagues/websites), media (Producers, Casters, Streamers, tf2bers), and events (LANs/Tournaments/Pug nights/Newbie MiX).

2020 was looking like it was gonna be a big year for TF2, then, yknaow, things. More recently, RGL and OzFortress have seen a surge of signups, I'm not sure about ETF2L. Things are starting to look good again imo.

There are so many issues with TF2 "making it" as an esport that have happened throughout the years it would take far too long to mention them, and I do love all you've done for the game, but I do think the whole "Relationship with Valve" boat has sailed.

The fact that in game matchmaking just has the wrong ruleset and map pool should be sign enough of that. Valve aren't interested in interfacing with us, it's a pretty clear "our way or no way" imo, and we didn't follow their way.

I also have a vague memory of a video of I think Gabe and Robin doing an interview long before MyM came out mentioning competitive TF2 as "A group of people who play the game in their own way, but that's not really our game". If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I remembering it being posted on ETF2L's forums years ago

posted 3 months ago
#28 S3 RGL in TF2 General Discussion
Air_MikeMatcommunity: remove the med speed buff so med is harder again

rgl: unbans solemn vow

Additionally, the solemn vow requires an appreciable amount of focus to be effectively used.

rgl thinks you need to have an "appreciable amount of focus" to look at an enemy and then read the number they have for their hp

The true test of a medics skill isn't positional decision making, it's reading

posted 4 months ago
#157 Med speed buff removal EU DMIXES in TF2 General Discussion
ZestyAnother advantage of testing this in pugs is: If you test some of these changes (particularly quality of life stuff like rampbugs, projectiles/melee colliding with teammates, sticky det bug) and demonstrate that they work and people enjoy them then you can also send them to valve. There's a non zero (although still pretty low) chance that valve might actually patch them into the game because the fix has already been done for them, similar to how most of the hats etc that get added to the game are community made. Balance changes are probably less likely to get pushed through but you can always try.

If Valve had any interest in fixing any of those bugs they would have long ago, they don't care about the game. The absolute state of Casual being full of bots and server crash exploits should be more than enough evidence of that.

Big Daddy Valve aren't gonna do shit.

Mouldu guys reckon if valve never brought in a command to turn crits off that we would be playing without a crit removal mod? after all that mod surely would be a hefty barrier of entry to competitive play

Unless I've gone senile wasn't that one of the original things TFTrue did? I'm pretty sure we DID use a plugin to turn off crits

posted 4 months ago
#147 Med speed buff removal EU DMIXES in TF2 General Discussion
nykaptironically servers that change the game's mechanics considerably are the most popular ones

really makes you think
This is a really good point. Do u think when the first no random crit pubs were introduced people were worried about it dividing the pub playerbase?

24 players and sv_alltalk 1 will irreparably divide the community and Valve will say mean things about us at lunch time

posted 4 months ago
#126 Med speed buff removal EU DMIXES in TF2 General Discussion

There's an argument against a promod not being accessible if you have to go and download an entirely seperate client or do something on your own end, if it's just a server plugin then I can't see anyone having an issue. Literally the only wall for someone coming in from Casual is to just go "Oh this, this, and this are slightly different then they are in pubs". I mean in CS in the casual mode you don't have to buy armour and you do in matchmaking, and it's never decried as too much of a barrier, nor is changing end of round time on 3rd party services. If anything NA using ESEA's plugin and client for years was more intrusive and a bigger barrier to entry than this "promod" is.

Honestly most of these things I can't imagine are the kind of thing a casual player is going to be super committed to. I don't think there's a single person in the world who wouldn't play competitive solely because the medic doesn't run faster when healing scouts anymore.

And does anyone really believe that Valve will ever interact with the competitve community, especially at this point?

posted 4 months ago
#131 weekly hedgehogs images in Off Topic

Never stop

posted 7 months ago
#14 drum thread in Off Topic
hayesI feel like it's weird that toms aren't essential to whatever your end goal is, but jazz brushes are. Ultimately, your choice though.

SM57 is fine for snare, but for overhead, use condenser mics. They're a lot better for that sort of thing.

Never played on a Millennium pedal before in my life but if it's only 522 SEK ($55 roughly in USD) that shit is monkaS. Definitely pay a premium for a good pedal, it'll make a massive difference that will certainly be worth it.

I'd recommend get a drum key plus some heads. I use Evans Genera Dry and Evans EMAD2 with corresponding reso heads. Remo and Aquarian make their own versions, but they're all good from my experience. They make a world of difference, and if you go the used route, will probably be required depending on the condition of them.

This is definitely subjective, but in my opinion, there are shitty cymbals and good cymbals with no real in-between (with few exceptions). 101 to PST5 is an upgrade, but both are pretty shitty overall. As long as they aren't cracks (maybe keyholing depending on how bad it is), 100% look at ebay for that because shipping won't be ridiculous compared to full drum kits. In general, you can skate with a crappier hi-hat and ride, but I would pay a bit extra for a good crash.

Everything he said is correct

posted 8 months ago
#5 drum thread in Off Topic

Are you using two of the 57s as overheads? They're not totally ideal for that but 57s will mic literally anything so you can make it work. Also I'd recommend getting a nicer kick pedal if you're gonna be playing a lot personally, but millenium stuff is generally always fine.

Also agreeing with the other two, a lot of this stuff will be cheaper and totally acceptable second hand

posted 8 months ago
#4 Rocket Jump Waltz in TF2 General Discussion
ArchRhythmbut it's in 4/4

I mean it's felt as 3+3+2. So the three side of the clave. Or calypso maybe. So Waltz ish but not a Waltz

posted 8 months ago
#19 Brock's Horror Movie Thread in Music, Movies, TV

I saw the Lighthouse at a film festival a couple of months ago and it was one of the best movies I've seen in years, highly recommend when it goes on wide release.

posted 8 months ago
#69 Remove NURBEY from the Live Streams list please! in Site Discussion

Can we get "Don't be a fucking pedophile" added to the official TF.TV rules because apparently that needs to be stated thanks

posted 8 months ago
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