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Monitor BenQ XL2411T
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#11 gtx 760 in Hardware

duno what pricing is like in america but at least in the UK, you can find an AMD R9 280X for cheaper/same price and the 280X is a good amount faster. if i were you i'd try and find a 280X for the same price, better in pretty much everyway :p

posted about 8 years ago
#29 mix^ in TF2 General Discussion

a spectacular conclusion to what was previously a rather mediocre season. congrats mixup!

posted about 9 years ago
#69 Most annoying thing in tf2? in Off Topic

cocky tryhards who spam "Nice shot!" and "Thanks!" after every shot/kill and chat binds. also pyros

posted about 9 years ago
#2 Logitech G400s vs Razer Deathadder 2013 in Hardware

never used a g400, but the deathadder 2013 is excellent quality with a really high quality sensor. also actually has really good sweat resistance, doesn't get grubby at all. i have pretty small hands and its really comfortable to use. probably the better option imo because the g400 is pretty old now, though i duno how good it is :p

posted about 9 years ago
#57 Your weirdest dreams in Off Topic

i once had a dream that started off casually playing star wars battlefront 1 then ended with a football player climbing in to a spitfire, waving goodbye to all his fans who were standing in a hangar. the football player drove the spitfire down the runway and stopped at the end, he didn't take off or anything. me and my sister ran down to the end of the runway to meet him and suddenly loads of red and yellow envelopes appeared on the field that also just appeared. my sister shouted "I'M GOING TO READ THE RED ONES!" and so i say "I'M GOING TO READ THE YELLOW ONES!". little did i know the football player didn't like that idea and proceeded to remove one of his football boots and smack my hand with it repeatedly while yelling "YOU WILL NOT READ THE YELLOW LETTERS!". i then cried and screamed and apologised to the football player and said that i wouldn't read them, then woke up. never really liked football anyway :/

posted about 9 years ago
#2 Benq XL2411T issue(lightboost) in Hardware

if you're running 144Hz that might be causing it, i have this monitor and it plays up at 144Hz, screen flickers and such. im guessing you've already tried putting it to 120Hz?

posted about 9 years ago
#11 SSD Question in Hardware

install windows 7 to it like you always do. a new copy though, dont copy stuff from your hard drive over because it's a waste of SSD space.

you need a 2.5" bracket or mount to properly install an SSD to the case, but honestly you can just leave it hangin'. my SSD isn't mounted at all, it's just fucking sat there on top of my hard drive. it doesn't matter 'cause SSDs aren't volatile like hard drives are

posted about 9 years ago
#17 PC Build Thread in Hardware

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE @ 3.8GHz
CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D14
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
RAM: G.Skill RipJawsX 1600MHz 8GB
GPU: XFX Radeon HD5830
Storage: Samsung 840 120GB (non-pro version) SSD + Samsung 1TB SATA2 drive
PSU: XFX Pro Series 750W
Sound card: Creative X-Fi Pro Fatal1ty
Case: NZXT Hades

pretty old overall but still somehow manages to play the latest games at high settings (1080p!). upgraded to the sabertooth so i could get piledriver/steamroller in the future.

posted about 9 years ago
#14 Help with raging in Off Topic

cut down on the amount you play mge/lobby; if you play it most of your time, you'll get too emotionally attached to it (when i've overdone it i start getting shakey and intimidated rofl) and start getting mad very easily. nothing to be ashamed about, it happens to everyone. i can say from experience, i broke a monitor before lol. so yeah, just detach yourself from it, play it a couple of times a week or something, you'll even notice you'll play much better when you're relaxed and have had a good break. hope this helps :)

posted about 9 years ago
#22 any good PSP games? in Other Games

star wars battlefront: renegade squadron is also fun

posted about 9 years ago
#33 ETF2L S16 unlocks in TF2 General Discussion

puff n sting allowed in 6s :/

posted about 9 years ago
#61 Making a roamer based frag video, need demos. in TF2 General Discussion

not the most awesome kill ever but a pretty satisfying one at least:


posted about 9 years ago
#80 Show your most creepy screenshot, ever. in Off Topic

posted about 9 years ago
#40 Can someone tell me why everyone hates pyro in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 9 years ago
#127 who are your favourite players of all time in TF2 General Discussion

scouts: ruwin, enigma
soldiers: jukebox, mike, wonderland, ipz
demoman: b4nny, kaidus
medic: pyyyour, mirelin

posted about 9 years ago
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