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#72 We seriously need more koth and a/d maps. in TF2 General Discussion

i thought koth was harder to balance than 5cp. its naturally more steamrolly and the area needs to be really balanced between spawn and the point. 5cp i figured has more leeway with one side being biased because the gametype sort of guarantees you a chance to set up when youre starting to lose.

posted about 3 years ago
#8 Recommend me a headset please in Hardware

aside from ones mentioned the only other headset i know thats good value is senns game zero/one

for under $100 almost everythings gonna be ass. Probably better off getting a modmic and some ok headphones to upgrade later or something.

posted about 3 years ago
#2 What are the problems with gpit and other ad maps? in Map Discussion

most A/D maps favor defense heavily. This is fine in theory since offense only needs one major win to take a point and defense needs to win several. But it makes the game into a perpetual last push and you end up with way more downtime than 5cp or koth. The generally long timers (designed because pubbers are bad) dont help it much either.

Gravelpit in particular had some shit point design. B was way easier to hold than A and it was very hard for defense to switch between them (its made for pubs to have players at both points). The C area was massive and the height made it difficult to reach the point from many areas.

but fwiw thereve been very few tries to make ad maps for 6s. i think that if people really wanna go for it then the defenses should be weaker with shorter timers. That doesnt work in pubs because people expect offense and defense to win a fairly even amount but in stopwatch its ok if offense is stronger to make things more fast paced cuz the timer is more important.

posted about 3 years ago
#27 We seriously need more koth and a/d maps. in TF2 General Discussion

a good linear AD map is definitely something thatd be nice to see. reworking 5cp maps (unless you already own it) is kind of unfavorable though because it really hurts your chance of valve officializing it (see product needing a name change just to get on the workshop).

though if anyone tries to make a gpit style cap system then it needs to be way easier for defense to rotate between the two capture points. people literally just gave up A most of the time to hold B cuz it was more defensible.

posted about 3 years ago
#16 path of exile update in Other Games

takes a lot of patience though. i probably wouldntve stuck with it if i didnt have someone showing me the ropes.

posted about 3 years ago
#3 What are your favorite scripts? in TF2 General Discussion

resupply bind w/ presets

in scout:

bind F5 "load_itempreset 0; alias 1load load_itempreset 0"
bind F6 "load_itempreset 1; alias 1load load_itempreset 1"
bind F7 "load_itempreset 2; alias 1load load_itempreset 2"
bind F8 "load_itempreset 3; alias 1load load_itempreset 3"

bind 1 1load

then 2load for soldier, 3load pyro, etc.

then in autoexec:

alias 1load load_itempreset 0
alias 2load load_itempreset 0
alias 3load load_itempreset 0
alias 4load load_itempreset 0
alias 5load load_itempreset 0
alias 6load load_itempreset 0
alias 7load load_itempreset 0
alias 8load load_itempreset 0
alias 9load load_itempreset 0

makes F5-8 load each of the presets, and makes the 1 key reload the last selected preset for spawn cycles and shit.

unfortunately afaik you cant preserve the alias across sessions so it has to reset to the first preset every time you launch.

EDIT: changed cuz i fucked up trying to condense it for the thread

posted about 3 years ago
#10 path of exile update in Other Games

as a heads up the steam version has a history of occasionally sucking dick at updating the game properly so id recommend the standalone client over it. It also runs better but theyve put a lot of effort into improving performance recently so that may not a big difference anymore.

posted about 3 years ago
#6 path of exile update in Other Games

new shit looks dope. leveling was the worst part of the game and thisll be a huge step up.

ill probably skip legacy league though

posted about 3 years ago
#56 ban jarate in TF2 General Discussion

or you know maybe you headshot an overhealed scout and wanna scrape off the last 20 health

or like any other scenario besides trying to full zero someone with your secondary alone

posted about 3 years ago
#9 b4nny comp tutorial series in Videos

it struck me more as him introducing the leagues/services tbh. like this is the first video in a multi part series thats probably meant to be watched as a whole. i doubt hes expecting people to watch part 1 on console commands and hardware and then immediately queue up for faceit.

posted about 3 years ago
#26 ban jarate in TF2 General Discussion

imo crossbow should just heal over time at the same rate that a medigun does

like if you hit a 150 arrow on some dude itd still only gonna heal him at 24/sec until it heals 150 or hes full.

you could even weaken arrow building that way just by making it so that the uber gained is dependant on how long the heals last (like medigun) instead of the amount healed. so you couldnt just like stack it on one dude every second.

posted about 3 years ago
#3 New way to play 6's (Just a thought) in TF2 General Discussion

balancing the map would be a nightmare

i dont really see how this is better than stopwatch. its functionally similar to a linear A/D map. except instead of being all or nothing, you each play a side, and winner is most caps with speed as the tiebreaker

regardless building A/D maps is probably tough as dicks anyway just because the game modes naturally stalematey. thats not a good way to really handle that without making the map generally favor offense (which isnt a huge problem but defense might be really frustrating to play).

it would be nice if there were more A/D maps made with comp in mind, but the only time i can think of that (phis map) didnt go over well iirc.

posted about 3 years ago
#22 EUHL is actually dead (if it wasn't already). in TF2 General Discussion

i dont think theres a single person in tf2 whod care more about playing hl than rewind lan

posted about 3 years ago
#4 Recommend me an android music player please in Music, Movies, TV

I highly doubt that youll find one that groups all albums with a single song into its own subfolder. Thats a really specific functionality and doesnt rely on just searching the database for tags.

If you go with yttriums solution then Poweramp groups all unknown album tracks into a single album. Which is good because its pretty much the best android player out there anyway (UIs kinda ugly but you can skin it). Alternatively you can just make a fake album titled Singles and just tag them all as that, but if you have a shitload of music that may be out of the question.

posted about 3 years ago
#31 metal / hardcore / punk / heavy stuff thread in Music, Movies, TV

some hardcore/post-hardcore shit

The Bronx
The Letters Organize
Dance Gavin Dance
At The Drive-In
He Is Legend
The Fall of Troy
The Revenge

posted about 3 years ago
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