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#13 KnightComp Season 1 - A mode for Demoknights in TF2 General Discussion

Plugin made by Easye (modified from the one he made for 4v4 PASS Time).

posted 8 months ago
#10 Stay Warm in Off Topic


posted 8 months ago
#31 ESEA Intermediate S30 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

(I don't have much to apologize for here, Dylan.)

Emo I appreciate your statement and I will take it at face value as sincere. It should go without saying but try to be a nice person.

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Do good.
(stupid timestamp won't work-- skip to 1:11)

There is actually something you can for me if you haven't done this already. Detail exactly what you did with your HUD or whatever you did to give you those enormous square cheater shadows and give this information to someone trustworthy (I nominate Nursey). Then we can send this to Valve with an explanation and maybe some time in the next year and a half if we're lucky it might get addressed and fixed.

posted 9 months ago
#18 ry4n lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

He's fully back and smashes my face in almost daily. Ryan is a low-key kinda guy and so he's not super well known and doesn't broadcast himself very loudly. He's underrated though and deserves a good team.

posted 9 months ago
#21 ESEA Intermediate S30 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Trust not this man for he too is complicit

posted 9 months ago
#18 ESEA Intermediate S30 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

This is an official Notice of Subpoena to the TF2 player known as Emo (

A public Request for Explanation is being filed with regards to the events of Thursday Dec. 27 at 1030 EST.
Plans for Practice Clan War were arranged between our teams as evidenced here:

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At 1030 you prompted for info and within one minute were given it. Soon you and some of your gamers arrived in my server where my gamers were already amassed and prepared to commence scrimmage. It was taking some time for you to get your team in when I realized that there was actually less people there than before. You and your gamers had left the server and you had gone offline on Discord rendering you unreachable. According to first hand sources you were also unresponsive on Steam. You were, however, continuing to stream ( though you promptly shut it off when confronted in the chat.

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Please be aware that being a huge Piece of Amphibian Shit is generally frowned upon by the community at large. Shoutout to Reflecto and Fabulous who are the trailing wet spots behind said shit. Evidence of their compliance in the above-mentioned Assholery is also available.

Please promptly provide an explanation and apology or I will be forced to create a GoFundMe page to procure you a working treadmill. I can tell you would hate that very much so please don't let it come to that. Thank you in advance.


posted 9 months ago
#35 ESEA Map Rotation in TF2 General Discussion

It actually makes an even playing field when everyone has to play a certain map in a week and gives that map a chance to be played. With the current map banning system the new maps don't stand a chance. I guess people tend to like propaganda and dislike cardinal but you're fooling yourself if you think that'll make much difference and that people will choose the new map(s). They will still be banned at extremely high rates. What if my team plans to play new_map a lot but then most other teams ban it? Then what's the point? Is that a good use of my team's time? Of course not so I will be proactive and ban it myself because I don't want to be in the position of having to play some map where I can't find a scrim partner who will play it against me.

The map system with the banning, as it is, gives new maps no real chance so the entire debate is nearly pointless.

posted 9 months ago
#13 ESEA S29 Coverage Feedback Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Just a little bit less of sandblast chewing into his microphone while continuing to cast and talking through 2 pounds of food in his mouth otherwise things are alright.

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In all seriousness though thanks for casting and putting in the work to all involved.

Also with the HUD... There's a certain thing that I find annoying with this common layout. It's that the medigun looks like the 7th player on each team and as it fills it looks like a player who's being healed up since the ubercharge bar and the health bars are basically the same style. I definitely prefer the type of HUD that RoL posted with regard to this sort of thing.

posted 9 months ago
#55 ban insom from pugchamp in TF2 General Discussion

Besides lots of people having admins added on steam friends it's actually pretty easy to reach most folks these days. Most people run Discord where you don't need to add someone to message them. I haven't been pugging a lot but I am on all the time (usually 2am est or later most nights) so don't hesitate to message me if there's serious problems. I can often help right away but sometimes it might take a while. In those cases just be patient because I do read everything.

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It's not exactly a fun time reviewing demos and interviewing pug players for detective work but I've done it and I'll keep doing it. Note: If you waste my time by constantly nagging me with irrelevant issues or just to be a funnyguy I will block you at best or restrict you if it comes to it. If you report someone/accuse them of something and it's shown to be blatantly false then you will incur the same punishment as that person would have gotten if they did in fact do that bad thing. Example: You say someone blatantly offclassed for half the pug and then I check and they barely offclass at all outside of last situations then YOU will be restricted as if YOU offclassed for half the pug.
posted 10 months ago
#23 Morris LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

Yo he's finally free. Needs serious top open / IM consideration.

posted 10 months ago
#11 ry4n lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

He's been gone a while but he's back! Seems like he's de-rusting very quickly. Smart, funny, awesome guy with IM experience.

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posted 10 months ago
#6 tsar lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

One of my favorite people. He improved so much over the previous season. His mechanics might be his weakest point but they are not weak. If he could commit to start he'd be mine! He's awesome!!

posted 10 months ago
#24 Medic's Primary Problem in Videos

This was pretty much already mentioned but I think a good thing would be if the crossbow did a little bit of healing immediately (like a flat 25hp or 20% of your max health like a small health pack) and then the rest would be applied over several seconds like a lvl2 or lvl3 dispenser healing you. Tino's suggestion earlier was way too extreme because it suggested nerfing the crossbow in every possible way all at once. My idea would still retain the feel of the weapon and keep it quite good but remove some of the most frustrating aspects. Also it shouldn't build uber at all. Everything else is fine as-is if you apply those things I just mentioned. EDIT: Going to rip off another person's idea below and say that if you want another small nerf then have medic do -1HP per second self-heal when the weapon is on you (like blutsauger-light).

What this does not address is some way to make the needleguns more alluring. I love them and I think they're very good at what they do but the crossbow is just too good at what it does. I think buffs to the needleguns should be passive things like, say, +3hp/sec extra regen when it's being held out (like the amputator) or +5 or 10% resistance against a damage type, such as blast damage, when it's held. Blutsauger needs no changes. It's very good if you're going to be an attacking idiot which you generally shouldn't be doing and very bad if you're actually playing medic.

And while I like my ideas I still don't know that I wouldn't only use the crossbow.

posted 10 months ago
#3 HOME RUN THOMAS LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)

Sherwood and Golden are good guys and powerful gamers!

posted 10 months ago
#1 Choking under pressure in Off Topic

This is pretty long but it's a good listen (or read). Lots of interesting stuff comes up that people may find relevant.

posted 10 months ago
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