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#30 Rename in TF2 General Discussion
Natalbeemaking real issues (police violence) into a joke by making trivial changes nobody asks for!!! I love corporations!!!!!!!


posted 14 hours ago
#332 Most aids log? in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#4 tr_aim_training corrupt map in Q/A Help

There you go. Decompiled and recompiled. Airshot room still broken like it was prior and who cares. Not sure what was wrong and as far as I can tell everything seems the same and nothing got borked up in this recompiling process.

posted 1 month ago
#34 RGL Bans in TF2 General Discussion

Shameful display, vanta. Straight up bullshit. I never thought I'd say it but here is actual "Fake News". Our match against Sorrow's Soldiers was on 02/25/20.

Here's that same dialogue from Discord with the date on (1/27/20). I guess you took a screenshot of this right as it was said? I really don't recall this being at 11:53am but I guess it was? What the fuck is wrong with you man? The obvious thing is that these words are about something that happened way earlier and are not about this current drama. Someone said some nasty stuff to me. It wasn't that serious and it didn't amount to anything. You see the word underlined in orange? That word was used a lot in the text above and below this -sarcastically- because that's what got golden banned. He jokingly changed his steam name to that for 10 seconds before a SCRIM in my PRIVATE server in a PRIVATE game between two teams that has basically nothing to do with RGL and our whole team got derailed by this. And based on some inside information it seems like this was done "for the lulz". No one was offended by anything. It was not aimed at anyone and there was no context for it whatsoever.

There's definitely a huge policing overreach problem with RGL. That's probably the league's biggest flaw that everyone is currently struggling with. The intentions may be good but the implementation is utterly flawed. Currently the system can simply be weaponized by teams against other teams to take out the competition outside of the game. Soon after the golden incident we had our match with the team that reported him and, go figure, we lost without our best player. RGL's noble goal is to avoid alienating anyone and removing hate speech and being a welcoming environment for all but I think when you do this by way of fear (of getting banned) you just create disdain for the org and its rules while encouraging others to use your system for spite. Whether or not certain behavior is acceptable by a community is a reflection of society's views at large. Over the years they HAVE been getting less hostile towards all minorities but you need to let it go at its own pace. When someone goes around saying something commonly considered a terrible slur the community at large will not want to associate with them and they'll eventually end up exiled, for lack of a better term. Until then, overpolicing is not going to accelerate this process. "Tolerance" is often touted as a very positive term but it's actually pretty trash compared to "Acceptance". Anyway this is just my opinion and I obviously lean towards letting people say whatever they want and then suffering the fallout from it naturally. I can type a lot more about this but I'll save it.

'24' here is calling us out for suddenly denying their ringer 10 minutes after the start time or whatever and accusing us of bad sportsmanship. First of all most of the delay to start the game was literally because we were sorting out the ringer situation with you, not springing it on you 10 minutes after 1030pm. We got into the server and a couple of people go "wait a sec, is that Owib?". And it was. There were a couple of "whatever's" but a bunch of us decided that we'd rather not play against this player who's got $$ winnings from last season in Advanced and was then still rostered on an Advanced team. IMO he doesn't belong in this div. Shoutout to him, he's really very good! There are also some other players on other teams that I feel don't belong in the div but it's not my place to challenge that. But when it's my team about to play right then and there, YES, that IS a good time to challenge this type of thing. So I double checked by messaging an admin and it eventually came back that he's only allowed to play medic. You can make the distinction all you want between a ringer and someone rostered on your team but I don't see him rostered on your team now which tells me that the same admin ruling applies to actual rostering and not just ringing him. We were not trying to sleaze you out of a fair game or collect an easy win. From our POV it's YOUR bad sportsmanship for trying to roster and pound us with an Advanced player. I don't recall us denying anyone else but I do remember saying something like "Can't you guys find, ya know, a MAIN player for this match between our MAIN teams?" You said that we were the ones bm'ing you and being rude. No actually it's more the other way. We were dry and straightforward about what our issues were and you were the ones getting pissy, though it's understandable due to the circumstances. Some pretty rude stuff was said by you guys, mostly before the game as I recall, and one last colorful zinger after the game by your main medic.

Yeah it's mostly bullshit that you can do this in this league and part of my intent was to pass some of the grief on that was done onto my team. Except here it was in a match and with context. But most importantly I felt fine reporting because you guys were being pricks. I can say plainly that I'm not too offended--mostly because I don't offend easily--but what you said is very distasteful. The word Jew is not inherently offensive but using a name of a minority as a verb is kinda bad. Try it yourself with any other such term. If it were possible to actually quantify my level of offense would it really make a difference in whether this was justified? I am Semitic. I have been bullied before with people using anti-semitic remarks. I'm 99.9% sure they didn't actually hate Jews but were just saying whatever the most shocking and hurtful things they could think of were. Does that make it not offensive? My sister actually had the shit beaten out of her numerous times as a teen and called really bad slurs (in Russia, she was born in 1971). There's more troubled history the further back you go with parents and grandparents, etc. Does any of this stuff even matter? I realize I'm playing both sides of the court at once here. RGL is way overzealous with enforcement of this stuff and I'd like to see this change (but I'm not holding my breath) but at the same time I'm not sorry for reporting this because you guys were being twats.

posted 4 months ago
#889 unpopular tf2 opinions in TF2 General Discussion

It's very obvious from some of these posts here that those people didn't watch the video. One guy even said so. You don't have to watch it, of course. It's rather long and uninteresting to most people (and attention spans these days are basically nonexistent). But in that case you probably shouldn't comment. I like how post #863 picked the raunchiest photo to screencap (actually maybe one of the Belle Delphine ones would have been even better?). If you judge by the title of the video then you could wrongly assume it to essentially read as "Nursey Did Nothing Wrong" which is not at all what I said. I repeated that probably 10 times throughout. I'm not at all condoning Nursey's actions and I'm certainly not condoning pedophilia (which is not what any of this is anyway.)

The main point of disagreement is that this petty garbage is just not that serious. When I say that--it doesn't mean that I'm saying "therefore it's fine". I am merely saying to not make a mountain out of a mole hill. You can go ahead and talk about pressing charges or whatever but nothing will come of it because the system needs to be used to take care of actual serious abuse and whatnot. If you believe that this is serious then you need to bring forward more evidence. Better evidence. Something that shows serious manipulation, coersion, grooming, etc. Victims need to rally, make a strong case, come forward, state their stories. Because right now this just looks like everyone's buying that some uwu lewd text and a dick pic seriously traumatized and wounded a bunch of poor innocent "children". Yeah, I'm not buying that. But I did just tell you how you could change doubters' minds.

Final thing I want to mention is that I think it's absolutely hilarious that people think I'm a teacher or some shit. I didn't mind that rumor, and still don't really because I don't think being a teacher is that bad. I actually purposely went out of my way to not correct people for the last several years or however long that rumor's been around. I did this to see how this information would disperse, and it surely did. Bit of a social experiment. This is also a very real and current example of "if you just repeat shit enough it will become true". Same for the other stuff. Someone actually thinks I have panties NAILED to my wall? You can thank Air for these rumors. I opened my home to him long ago because he needed to leave his place for a night or two for whatever reason... I think he was faking being somewhere else to his parents? Some conference? It was never possible to tell with Air what was true and what was complete random bs when he told you things. Anyhow, most rumors and stereotypes are based in at least some kind of reality. The only true thing is that I definitely do have two plush stickies. Gf bought them for me before they became sold out and prohibitively expensive. There was a time I was considering becoming a teacher but I decided not to pursue that. Also, as many know, I "teach" newbie mixes and sometimes mentor teams/players.

And just to put it out there so it's clear: I have no interest in young people. I have had one real, serious relationship that may as well have been a marriage. It lasted 7 years and she is substantially older than me.

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posted 4 months ago
#13 King SCREW lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

This really isn't what I wanted. I didn't want the game to lose a player and tftv to lose a good editor. This was just supposed to be a retort to a post but I guess it got kinda carried away. I really hope you make a return. You're not any kind of bad guy at all and your attitude towards improving wasn't even bad. I sincerely believe that you can figure out a way to conquer your issues and be really amazing. Feels to me like you're already most of the way there. I'm sorry, Carter.

posted 4 months ago
#5 King SCREW lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

Feel free to send me examples of what is archaic and bad because I'd love to hear your opinions. But you are perpetuating these classic jag myths. I have some sway with the team but I don't lead this team, I barely call, etc. So it's interesting how pointed this seems at me. Of course this is because I basically told you "you need to leave" so I understand how that will feel personal and there's salt involved.

The reality is that we're doing as bad as we are in no small part due to you. The moment we play with someone else on roamer we're going even or beating teams in scrims that otherwise beat us? You're 90% brawn 10% brain and almost no ability to speak while playing. With mechanics that good you could play at a really high level if you didn't play so god damn fucking stupid. I spent half the season watching you do the most abysmally dumb stuff after I was dead. (Yes you also had plenty of great shots and salvages of situations, many of which could have been going better if you just did smarter things). Your play is selfish, one dimensional pugbrain shit. You're literally a junkie for the dopamine hit you get from connecting a good shot. You put out a frag clip (you're a great editor) every couple weeks and your plays revolve around making sure you have enough footage. I'm not saying you're terrible by some wicked choice but it's like some kind of symptom of tons of pugging, ego, and airshot lust. If we're already winning you are riding high but if we're losing you're a feed machine that complains about scout class.

It's so rare that I cut people I cannot remember the last time I had to cut someone for performance. It's super rare and usually only for attitude/toxicity issues but I'm sure it must have happened in the past decade... I guess? I was asking some people on your behalf about mentorship and they said they weren't too keen because they didn't think you'd actually take feedback with your attitude. You might be roster riding on a higher level team and I'm sure that's validating but you're actually not good enough for this team. Seriously, no amount of dm is going to fix your problems and you know this. Please get a mentor. If you have enough time to play this many pugs a day then you have time to work on your gamesense at least a little.

Also validating will be when I get -fragged hard while you get +. But I don't play many pugs and mostly keep to myself while people like you perpetuate info like you wrote above in your salty state. Meanwhile you're 'networking' in pugs half the night so of course everyone loves carter. Woah did you see that shot? Well if they didn't they'll see it in the frag clip.

posted 4 months ago
#16 tr_turner in Map Discussion

Zidgel you are right and you've echoed the most common feedback that I've gotten about the map. The surf part is in fact very tough and doesn't quite match the flow of the map. That being said I've chosen to leave it in and I don't think I want to explain within the map exactly how to surf.

I am now releasing version b2 of the map. It's basically the same. I have fixed a few major bugs, a ton of minor ones, and have made some small "quality" changes. A lot of people were asking for a built-in timer and since Tomato Tom linked me a pre-made one that is featured on many jump maps I had no excuse to not put it in. So now we have a timer. Also, idk if you could call it a "conclusion" but I added some stuff that goes down if you complete the bonus objectives. I know most peoples' fps configs turn off the 3d skybox but it's a lot cooler if you have it on (in console: r_3dsky 1).

It's been a lot of fun working on this but I'm kind of sick of it now so do me a favor and don't find any more bugs. Thanks :)

download B3:

posted 5 months ago
#10 tr_turner in Map Discussion


posted 6 months ago
#5 tr_turner in Map Discussion

If you're trying to no-rules speedrun it then there's things you can do with soldier and probably demo that are super insane.

posted 6 months ago
#3 tr_turner in Map Discussion

I had it called tr_lrn2turn and while I kind of liked that it was actually so hard to look at that I opted for a cleaner and simpler "turner".

posted 6 months ago
#1 tr_turner in Map Discussion

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I made a map that no one needs. Well that's not exactly true. No one that's been around here for a while will find anything challenging about this but for people who are new and perhaps transitioning from pubs this is pretty useful and indeed will be quite hard. As with any movement map the process of grinding it and overcoming the difficulty is what unlocks the required skills and sets them into muscle memory. I was helping a newer player on a beginner jump map and they got quite far in--farther than expected--but then got stuck in a rut of trying to do the perfect rocket jump to get to the next platform. They were trying to do tough jumps while missing what I would consider pre-requisite skills. I realized that their air control was still very poor and not naturally reflexive and so I was inspired to make a sort of jump map where the jumps are given to you for free and you can focus on the in-air movement. The orange arrows are trigger_catapults that assign fixed direction and speed once touched (not additive!). Then it's mostly a matter of turning in the air. It's most like a jump map but I can't really call it that. There's some elements of surf, bhop, a hint of kz but none of these describe it so I stuck with a tr_ prefix. Also I'm not a fan of surf and bhop in principle because of the modified physics they introduce. Here you are playing with real, normal TF2 physics.

The map can be completed as any class. Yes, all aspects can be done as any class. (Just that with some classes and some items it's unreasonably hard. For instance, the medic's crossbow, for no good reason, is unable to hit buttons or physics objects and his needlegun is very difficult to use for things as well.) The most vanilla way to play through it is probably on sniper and since most of the other classes have extra movement abilities they can do some unintended actions and shortcuts and in some instances "cheat" a bit. I didn't go out of my way to 100% cheat-proof the map and I'm OK with that. By doing weird stuff you're either A) only cheating yourself, or, more likely B) are good enough that you can easily do the map normally and it doesn't matter how you play it.

I enjoyed making this and hope that it's useful and/or fun for someone out there. Btw if you pursue the bonus objectives some extra stuff happens. I know most people here have the 3d skybox off due to fps configs but it's better if you have it on. In console it's "r_3dsky 1".

Version B3
dropbox download

playthrough video with buttons and tips
This video is still 100% useful right now but I may end up remaking it on the final version of the map.

I don't want to find any more problems because I don't want to work on this anymore!

Big thanks to EU folks (domo!) for getting my map on servme servers and FakkelBrigade

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If you want your contending run put here just message me the video and it'll be done.

[Standard map]
>100% speed class, walking only (1:40.1) Bedeviere

>Max Speed
----Soldier (1:03.1) Tomato Tom
posted 6 months ago
#18 apt lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

He's very good and he deserves good people to play with (who aren't assholes and emotional crybaby weenies).

posted 6 months ago
#3 name my cat! in Off Topic


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#3 lft im roamer in Recruitment (looking for team)

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massive gross weeb though, beware
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If he gets bored he has been known to jump around and feed but if he's focused he's got big potential.
posted 6 months ago
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