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#3 Left click gets stuck in Hardware

Ask Zowie (or your vendor) for a RMA, shouldn’t happen after 6 months.

posted about a year ago
#155 Ban Pred and Degu v2 in Off Topic
GazICLi feel like there should be a distinction between things said in call/game vs being said on twitter

When you're in call you have way less time to think about what you say, so you could impulsively say something really bad.
In game I guess is on the level as twitter as you have time to think about what you type, but you also have to consider tilt factor.
Now, I feel like players SHOULD be held accountable for what they say on twitter. They have a lot of time to read a detailed post and think of something to say, prior to hitting the tweet button.

I'm not saying calling someone a hard r or a dyke is ok, I'm just stating that getting logs is a lot less accurate than a tweet.

It doesn't matter. You don't impulsively call somebody a gook or nig*** if you don't mean to use it as an insult.

Cases like that deserve a distinction, because we are part of a sometimes toxic environment in online gaming in general, and reading or hearing slurs like that all the time desensitizes you to some extent. Sometimes in the heat of a game, under stress, you might spurt out something you immediately regret. Probably like Arekk did. He realized, apologized and both parties are able to move on, hopefully with Arekk reflecting on what he said and growing from it. This single instance doesn't immediately warrant a ban.

Purposely posting a racist tweet is something entirely different.

And lets be honest, a few games suspension is merely a slap on the wrist. Maybe something to at least make them behave like a decent human in public. It surely won't change their views on homosexuals or transgender people, but that' also not the job of any league.

posted about a year ago
#444 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic

Any community, no matter how small, would be wise to distance itself from harmful personalities who think it's fun to be racist, sexist, homo- or transphobic. Even if you temporarily decrease the community by banning individuals who use racist slurs publically or harass others, it will only benefit the community in the long run by making a place more accepting for everyone except idiots.

Very few people actually think racist or sexist jokes are funny, some just use them as attention grabs. Don't enable that behavior.

Leagues, websites, forums, etc. banning people for publicly spouting insulting slurs directed towards any minority would be a good way to start. In time people will learn that you're not welcome here if you use the n-word or harass others or whatever. Maybe start with short term bans going up for repeated offenses, but act on it. And tbh it's not really wasted talent even if they are prem players, others will take their place, hopefully someone who doesn't think it's fun to be mean to others. Otherwise you're only driving the good examples out of the community because they are fighting against windmills.

And I don't mean trash talking, you can do that without using racial slurs. And it's not really like this would be difficult to enforce, looking at a case-by-case basis it's very easy to draw the line between trash talk and being a racist.

posted about a year ago
#55 Best player of all time from each country in TF2 General Discussion

Germany - Zerox (yes, I'm old, but him on TCM was amazing)

posted about a year ago
#17 how do u pronounce ye in The Dumpster

I mean, you can hear Kanye pronounce it himself on Kids see ghosts in “...paid this shit just gon’ give up ‘cause Ye just gon’ live up...”

Sounds to me like “yay”

posted about a year ago
#4 TF2 is suddenly censored again in Customization

I remember one fps config I used a long time ago activating the censored mode, even though the cvars for it were all off. Switching configs didn't help, I had to -autoconfig and then use my older config again to fix it.

Maybe that helps?

posted about 2 years ago
#60 What hobbies do you have in Off Topic

For new hobbies I’d always recommend a team sport, something to socialize with people from your area that’s also a good exercise to keep yourself fit. Personally I play Volleyball, it’s great fun and there are lots of tournaments for hobby teams here in my area, so it satisfies my competitive side too. Also the reason why I enjoy the gym again, because I work on my vertical and see progress in my spiking due to that.

I was also really deep into gaming mice, I’d probably still be if I had any more free time outside of work that i don’t spend volleyball or family. But doing reviews is a time drain really, still have 4 that I need to finish someday...

posted about 2 years ago
#309 NFL 2017-2018 THREAD in Off Topic

Damn that was a good game. And to think I lost faith in the Eagles when Wentz got injured, should have believed in Nick Foles, that was amazing.

And to think Brady threw for 505 yards and didn't win it, crazy. That last hail mary had me biting my nails, it felt like the ball was up for ages.

posted about 2 years ago
#228 NFL 2017-2018 THREAD in Off Topic

I feel like without Wentz the eagles will not win against the falcons. That man and his incredible 3rd down conversions kept the eagles offense going. Last games I saw with Foles and Sudfeld were really bad.

Right now I’m hoping for the Vikings, I like both their offense and defence and after the journey Keenum had its nice to see him succeeding. But realistically the Steelers or the Pats are probably going to take it, they have the playoff experience and overall well rounded teams.

posted about 2 years ago
#33 FAVORITE 70'S SONG in Music, Movies, TV - Tim Buckley - Song to the siren - Nick Drake - Clothes of sand - Nick Drake - Place to be - Nick Drake - Things behind the sun - Rodriguez - I'll slip away

Pretty much all downer songs

posted about 2 years ago
#166 NFL 2017-2018 THREAD in Off Topic

That was a nutty play

posted about 2 years ago
#22 Faint Gaming drops roster, reforms as woodpig quantum in News
Wackyfireballyight's story

And what is the actual story? I only ever hear references to this, not what actually happened.

posted about 2 years ago
#14 What os do you play tf2 on? in TF2 General Discussion

Win 7

posted about 2 years ago
#3 Call of Duty: WWII in Other Games

Does the game have the same shitty performance as the last one (forgot the name) that barely looked better than MW yet ran worse then doom on high settings? I’ll never invest in another CoD even for single player or coop fun as long as they refuse to optimize their game. I mean, there are lots of games that look better AND have better performance (whole BF series comes to mind, even though they were shit after BF3, at least they performed well)

posted about 2 years ago
#57 Jungle Inferno after action in TF2 General Discussion
viperlootfps is appalling now, new main menu causes freezes and stuttering if left alone, half of the new particles don't show up half the time, and the only solution anybody offers is DURR JUST PLAY IN DX95 AND LOSE ANOTHER 100 FPS-dxlevel 81 -w 1920 -h 1080 -force_vendor_id 0x10DE -force_device_id 0x1180

keep all these in your launch options and dx8 will work perfectly fine with the new weapons, particles, and contracker

only downside i've seen thus far is alt-tabbing taking forever

What exactly do these -force variables do? Do you have a source for that?

Kavsomeone tested the new FT mechanics.. apparently instead of just checking which hitboxes collide with the target, it rapidly checks if any hitboxes are hitting the target. so while its a lot more consistent, its also a lot more forgiving when it comes to optimizing dps. pretty lame.

Someone send this to Valve, it explains why I feel duels as scout against Pyros seem harder now. That hit detection is pretty dumb, taking every skill out of pyro again instead of giving him a skill ceiling.

posted about 2 years ago
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