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#23 Additional Forum BBCode Tags in News


posted about 10 years ago
#3 dvorak in Hardware

I really enjoy typing with Dvorak, it feels a lot more natural now than Qwerty. A few things:

-I would leave the physical keys alone, that way you learn to touch type and don't cheat.
-You should probably practice qwerty a bit after you've gotten the hang of Dvorak, so that you can use other people's computers.
-Binding keys can be weird. For TF2, you can bind [,] fine, so you can just go through your config and shift all the keys around. I would also recommend having a shortcut to swap between dvorak and qwerty (I used Ctrl-Shift) so that you don't have to always rebind stuff.
-All lot of the shortcuts are messed up (ie Ctrl-C can't be done with one hand), so if that's an issue you could consider Colemak.

TLDR: I enjoy it, you should try it, no issues with bindings in tf2.

posted about 10 years ago
#2 Steam Box? in Hardware
Valve is known for games such as Half Life, Left 4 Dead and DoTA2


posted about 10 years ago
#11 Good Books in Off Topic

Anything by H.G. Wells if you can stand older sounding english.

posted about 10 years ago
#7 Good steam skins? in Other Games

I'm currently using air, which is another win8/metro style

posted about 11 years ago
#9 quoting single letter users in Site Discussion
wby default, it does not display my name

what you did is use w instead of w
edit "w instead of "w"

It just keeps getting better and better
posted about 11 years ago
#62 First Job in Off Topic

I was a lazy fuck in high school and didn't have any summer jobs.

Then got into a co-op program, and after one term of uni got a job at RIM.

posted about 11 years ago
#8 UGC Niagara in Off Topic

Is that an oldschool "No Signal" in the corner under the logo?

posted about 11 years ago
#5 TF2 adblock no longer working? in Q/A Help

I just blocked the ip

posted about 11 years ago
#9 Origins of Your Name/Alias in Off Topic

I was bored of my old alias, so I was going through a bunch of pun names. I had just got a Boston Boom Bringer, so I came up with "Dewey Decibel Sound System." And over time I just dropped the rest of the name and went with Dewey.

posted about 11 years ago
#8 Comics in Off Topic - Dark humour in a bright world

posted about 11 years ago
#3 music with no copyright issues for the comm vid in TF2 General Discussion

I see a lot of people using songs for

I haven't looked through it, so I don't know if any of them are suited for a frag vid, but given the number of songs, there's probably a couple.

posted about 11 years ago
#3 DROPPIN' UBERS (No Fully Charged Again) in TF2 General Discussion

But haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats :C

posted about 11 years ago
#17 Instruments anyone? in Off Topic

Piano and Guitar, with a bit of saxophone in high school.

posted about 11 years ago
#116 tftv i49 fundraiser in TF2 General Discussion
posted about 11 years ago
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