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#3 lamp thing on process in Q/A Help
THEBILLDOZERhave you looked for the switch

or u could just unplug it

posted about 4 years ago
#102 goodbye~ in The Dumpster
ElepimpCan we lock this before more people get offened by this obvious troll shitpost pls.

If it was so obvious, why are so many people upset :o

posted about 4 years ago
#88 goodbye~ in The Dumpster
The man himself

please sir at least [ img ] [ /img ] so others may behold the beauty

posted about 4 years ago
#26 goodbye~ in The Dumpster
Cloudmakerthis is goldenCloudmakeru missed out chunkey in ur thread

i had 2 more pages of this shit

posted about 4 years ago
#23 goodbye~ in The Dumpster

safrix dont worry i gotchu! :)

posted about 4 years ago
#15 goodbye~ in The Dumpster
safrixi cant tell if u pointing out that ppl are black is u being racist or not

racism is in the eye of the beholder

posted about 4 years ago
#10 goodbye~ in The Dumpster
slemnishyay im not on here !

nice try =)

posted about 4 years ago
#1 goodbye~ in The Dumpster

kevin, contrary to popular belief, is not pwn
mr fahrenheit is never going to leave open
jaguar looks like giraffe lizard
light(be lights) baits his team and is really bad.
dippidy thinks hes hot shit but hes not
jeff is a bad roamer lol.
tojo will never escape the dojo
indecency sucks at this game and is black
rowpieces is really bad
barycenter is only good at sniper
fuck inco
venom is a furry and will never grow out of his teenage years
sbt is too gay. AND SUCKS AT MED!!!
MaxHax is immature for his age
enigma’s website sucks
mana’s website sucks
gargleburry is a delusional retard who sucks at demo
brulee is really a boy
nursey is also a boy
oloberd is also a boy
rainoflight thinks hes really good...LOL(bad at sniper)
future’s art sucks
dflame is still a retard
mustardoverlord more like ketchupunderlord
fatswimdude is actually skinny, what a liar
benroads is a cocksucker
gr8stalin will always be bad
botmode sucks
apathy is the worst piece of garbage on this ENTIRE PLANET
geknair sucks
crypt is an mge lord with no gamesense (hes also bad at mge jesus christ)
cloudmaker sucks
geknair sucks
fuck inco
muma cuts to the top
saam’s club
safrix is bad
phlps is so bad considering how much time he puts into tf2
knuckles ego is big!
Rainman is good at bball but sucks at everything else in tf2
alder is an ugly weeb
DracoMeteor frootaloo is bad at roamer.
I LOVE Kawflynn <3
ShikiShiki is asian and is shit at pocket
bone is worse than meus
meus is worse than bone
paragon is worse than deadbolt
deadbolt is worse than paragon
dango is worse than dingo
dingo is worse than dango
Yimi is awful considering how much time he puts into tf2 jesus christ hes so fucking shit
Raytek will never make invite
grape is worse than photon
photon sucks
TheSamuraiSoldier will never leave ugc
Zillyhoo is AWFUL at mge
Jojo will never make playoffs
flatline has a shitty hud and is awful at roamer and is a cannibal
i dont know the difference between owl and mr_owl
aiera is a forever low open pocket
rage is a massive weeb. sssh dont tell anyone
rays makes a bad hud
Rekuso wears the tree hat
juice won’t be good even with 120 fps
b4nny plays to much video games
geo should stick with csgo
FunkyFreshFred sucks at engi
harvest quit tf2 because hes so bad lmao
Getawhale needs to go get a whale
midas only plays csgo
Gecks! what do ya think gecks!
i dont know the difference between reimu and junmu
Tyler is bad at running pugs
Original should use the rocket launcher
Knuckles named himself after a different videogame character
so did Rikachu
Rikachu is a nazi admin of pugme
Not_Matlock is actually Matlock
Deathy should die
is CHERRY a boy or a girl?
langeh nobody will like you outside of tf2
kaidus has no gamesense
warhuryeah is worse than he was a year ago
mightyme sucks
truktruk surfs
ruwin is robust
tagg is cool
aim WILL always lose
jeeringsole is a shitty admin
No wonder trademark quit tf2 hes god awful
I Will Mankut!!!
Scruff is bad at spy
Mykul is NOT the man
cereaI has no gamesense and thinks he is better than he is
papi is only good at mge
zheep is a shitty alias go back to jermang, jeremy
CJ will never make invite again
Maxillaws is a neckbeard
decder reports people because he knows hes worse than them
Admirable grow some hair lol
bunnymonster sucks at hacking
deetr, accelerateservers suck
tragicservers suck
csgo is better than this shitty game lol
dota2 is better than csgo
i like league of legends
Elepimp plays so much of this game yet he is still the worst player in newbie pugs
Differ is awful at medic
Togain add me
fuck inco
alfa sux
foreverinfallable is a spirelord and won’t make invite
bearodactyl talks so much shit yet he always stays in open
tatuwah fucking blows lmao
cme is an awful artist
tambo is a retard
I Will Randal!!!
cozen’s brain will never develop
TLR is weak
RainOfLight is forver mid open even though he thinks hes mid IM but hes delusional and should quit this game
leaky is only good at sniper and hes not even that good at it
kanon is bignig
EvilMrMuffinz has the worst alias in tf2
pokemonizepic has the worst alias in tf2
DavidtheWin is the EU version of KevinisPwn
afrikan08 is a bigger retard than tambo
vote for Donald Trump
Connor got carried lmao
IM sucks now
elen will never get better
did i say something about dippidy? he’s really bad and got carried by tankman
photon carried ESEACantMeltSteelTeams
ktb is a r0cket_wizard
ma3laa is the best pyro
nakee sucks at scout AND medic
hellbent has too high of a sensitivity
CrayonNipple, has, bad ,grammar
sigh is an mge lord
I always get freestate and newspeak mixed up but it’s ok theyre both shit
linkuser more like zeldauserlelelelelelelelle
trip is bad at pocket
shrugger cant aim
alfa sux
Decimate is poor
Mustardoverlord will never make invite even though he has so many fucking hours lmao holy shit.
cloud and oloberd cyber at the age of 12
acewinnerg has no gamesense
dancenumber cant count
Runtime is forever low open
XCV is a retard and sucks at demo holy fucking shit
WhitePowerJesus is black
Protato is bad lol
falleneagle donates to everyone he can
TF2C is better than TF2stadium
Jinta Schy xig and pankeyman are huge weebs that suck at tf2
Dreamboat is an awful caster lol
ILLEGALELEPHANTGUN: quit forfeiting matches and put me in you asslicks
neon is better than candlestick
neon is still a fucking retard
Squidamatron and squid are bad
candlestick has a lot of elo
Pinkushin can only hold w
kuestif is a shit demo lol stickyb0mbzzz!!
slemnish can only play scout
watterson has the worst hud in the game
Comanglia is a big nerd
xattu is a shitty medic
RaysFire you suck at Mario Sunshine and tf2 lol
Kaneco is bad at editing frag videos
cookiejake is a really cool and funny dude to be around!111
JarateKing, do you even play tf2?
stabbystabby isn’t even that good at spy even though that’s all he plays lmao
FatManWithaCigar stop smoking it’s bad for you
train should get hit by a train
circa hacks!!@!!!!@!111
DirtyMort your head is a bowling ball
griff do you have mental issues?
bullet doesn't hack
peyote is not good at medic
aZn is only good at mge
proto is terrible at tf2
1135 is still better than RainOfLight lol
tetromino gets cut from every team hes played on
airistotle has kids and makes them talk over the mic
n1ght sux
harbleu is a shitty furry
lansky is lanky
wonderland is only good at jumping (hes not even that good)
so is Aurora
xalox looks like a Russian retard
Beater is bad at video editing
radeon is bad at medic lol
rando’s dick is massive
Harvard makes ugly huds and is awful at everything
i dont know the difference between radeon and radium, are they the same element?
gibus is a noob
BUICK is mediocre at everything
kobe sucks at basketball
Thalash is tra-ash
arcadia is the worst poster in tftv
obsidian is bad at jumping
MGEMike is washed up
I will Talador!!!!!!
glukkon’s name makes me think of bukkake
azilla go back to csgo even tho u suck at that game
kripparian is better than all of you!!1
Kaptain is the worst EU player
bl4nk is bad
Viper is a worse pocket than venom (they’re both bad)
Tonsha I fucking hate you how are you so bad what the actual fuck.
Omnific is bad and tilts LOL
pootis xd
memes haha lol lmao!!
and finally, you’re an asshole. so start cryin u lil babies!!

Blaze Darkbringer (of doom)

posted about 4 years ago
#6 medic lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

hes p chill

posted about 4 years ago
#6 Looking for pocket mentor in Mentoring

Tojo, this forum is generally regarded for players who have a lot of previous experience. I think you would be better suited to go here.

posted about 4 years ago
#53 4G.ash confirmed in TF2 General Discussion
CorsaarcadiaThe only people who have said things thus far:
Australians (who are known to troll us americans)
Low open players (who are known to troll)
Low invite players (who love gossip)
And dippidy (whose mumble is a secret to no one)

Do you fall under low open?

i sure hope not

posted about 4 years ago
#49 GxL this year? in LAN Discussion

TheFragile I need to know I have to plan!!!111111111111111

posted about 4 years ago
#2 Scout Newbie low/open in Recruitment (looking for team)

a good place to start, especially with low hours, is to make an iron team of your own

posted about 4 years ago
#12 LF emergency pocket in Recruitment (looking for players)

make up pls, it'll be sweet and we'll all be happy and cry like its a movie

posted about 4 years ago
#7 Scrim Sub-forum in Site Discussion
atiderebump i just brought this up in a thread and it should really be added

solid bump 10/10

posted about 4 years ago
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