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#29 The Duke of Edinburgh is dead. in Off Topic
mustardoverlordimagine thinking prince andrew was the only pedophile in the royal family, couldn't be me

also im pretty sure that man of 99 years' greatest crime is hoarding the stolen wealth of colonial subjects, the same as all of those syphilitic germans that you guys still keep around

Jesus fucking christ Mustard. Virtually none of the wealth of the royal family is colonial, it's almost all income from large estates and tenants on said estates. Y'know. In Britain. Plus the Sovereign Grant of course which is a government stipend therefore taxpayer funded. I'm at my wits end with people like you spouting completely inane bullshit like this because it makes all of us socialists look like retards too. Which isn't a great look if you want to actually convince people that change is necessary.

Also abolish the monarchy.

posted 3 months ago
#19 "aloominum" in Off Topic

In some parts of the UK you can get on your bike and ride 10 miles down the road and not understand a fucking word someone is saying because the accent is so different. So I'm gonna cut Americans some slack for pronouncing some shit differently as they are an entire fucking ocean away.

posted 3 months ago
#16 people who dont use auto reload in TF2 General Discussion

I have autoreload disabled on my spy config, as reloading your revolver when disguised will play a little reload animation for your disguise class. The number of times I've actually used this to successfully sell a disguise in 8000 hours of tf2, I could probably count on one hand. But... y'all were asking and I guess it is a reason to disable even if it's a pretty maginal one.

posted 5 months ago
#18 would you take covid vaccine? in Off Topic

In short, I don't want to contract or spread a virus that I can instead be vaccinated against and I'm not scientifically ignorant enough to fall for the conspiracy theories.

I'll take it at the first opportunity because I understand the mechanisms by which a vaccine using viral vectors containing RNA can work. I understand the thorough and exhasutive processes that are gone through to make sure new technologies like this are safe. I also understand the exhaustive painstaking nature of the scientific method and the peer-review process that makes the sort of vaccine conspiracies that idiots on the internet are touting literally impossible to implement.

I also understand that I'm in the minority in that I have been to university to study two relevant fields for understanding this vaccine (veterinary medicine and biology). I don't understand aeronautical engineering, but I trust the people that do to build and test planes that I am happy to fly in. It's only natural that people who don't understand how these vaccines work are cautious about injecting them into their bodies, so it's doubly important that people understand that the uninformed opinions of dumbass conspiracy theorists (see above) are not valid or relevant in comparison to the painstaking results of peer-reviewed scientific study.

posted 7 months ago
#26 trump china virus in World Events

If this fuck dies in office he'll get a state funeral.

Hope he lives to see a jail cell.

posted 9 months ago
#38 consider voting in World Events
fuckmachinewhole lotta stuff

If Biden wins, he has to appease the left wing of his party. Not a lot is going to change, and virtually nothing if the senate doesn't flip blue, but the fact he has to at least slightly listen to progressives and the tiny compromises he makes with them in congress if he wants to legislate is better than literally nothing under Trump. Cos you know how much political power the left has if Trump wins a second term? Jack fucking shit.

And I absolutely agree that the system is shit, and Biden is just another corporate shill who doesn't give a fuck about normal people. In the long term, the only way real progress will be made is by the American people taking a leaf out of the French book and forcing it to happen. I honestly doubt the American people will ever get what they want until their politicians start to hear the sharpening of guillotines. But that's irrelevant to this discussion as we are talking about voting. And the only way your vote can help is if it kicks Trump out of office. And unfortunately, because of the shitty system it is a two horse race, so there is really only one logical choice if you're going to bother voting at all.

I would advocate civil disobedience and a general strike regardless of who wins. But if I were going to vote I wouldn't waste it on a literal zero chance third party.

Anyway I'm not American so I'll leave you guys to your nightmare I guess.

posted 9 months ago
#5 consider voting in World Events
ScrewBVoting for Howie Hawkins. Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil.

The fact you voted with your conscience will be a huge comfort to the millions who have lost family members to the pandemic, the migrant children being systematically separated from their parents, and all the peaceful protesters who were gassed and beaten in the street or lost an eye to rubber bullets.

posted 9 months ago
#46 yomps Family Fundraiser announced in News

This is a lovely idea, will definitely be watching and donating.

Hope to see some of you soldiers running shotgun and going deep


posted about a year ago
#40 happy pride month in Off Topic

Tojo, that slur is like calling a black person the n-word. Doesn't matter how "liberating" you meant it to be. Cannot believe how many upfrags you have got. What a dogshit community. Fuck all y'all.

Also inkyyyyy i love to gay too. Hmu.

posted about a year ago
#28 NA food vs. EU food in Off Topic
unfiabooSo, I guess we're just gonna ignore italian food since it simply belongs to a different tier...

posted about a year ago
#23 NA food vs. EU food in Off Topic
alfaOnly food I hated in EU was at i55 where the pubs + restaurants in that city were just garbage. London however, had A+ food.

The problem is a lot of ordinary people in the UK couldn't give a shit about proper, good food. Our food culture is rubbish, I know loads of people for example that won't touch fish or seafood (except for battered fish & chips) and think a good portion of vegetables is frozen peas and carrots boiled to mush.

As such a lot of people, when they go out to eat, just want a plate of cheap, filling and very boring food and so that's what a lot of our pubs and restaurants cater for. You can't really just walk into a place you don't know on the high street and expect to get served good food there unless you get really lucky (or you happen to be in a trendy up-market area, hence your positive experience in London).
Similarly our supermarkets tend to be shit, especially the limited selection of pretty boring veg and lacklustre seafood on offer.

What we do have, however, is some of the best produce in the world. Quality of meats, dairy/cheeses (fight me France, our cheese is better), seafood, beers, ciders are second to none. We send an enormous amount of top quality seafood to markets in Europe where the people actually appreciate it. And although we don't have the climate for citrus fruits, olives, etc. the fruit and vegetables we can grow are great. I was stuffing my face with some amazing locally-grown asparagus earlier tonight.

It's absolutely a case of knowing where to look. Visiting local markets or fishmongers rather than supermarkets, or knowing that one amazing foody/craft ale pub in the area, or getting a recommendation of a quality restaurant from a local who is actually interested in decent food.

Tl:dr UK has great produce (and therefore great food if you know where to look), but awful food if you don't.

posted about a year ago
#16 quarantine activities ? in Off Topic
messiahblack mesa

Probably wouldn't have bothered getting this if it wasn't for the quarantine, but very glad I did.

Whether you're an old half-life fan or have never played it before, very worth buying imo. As an old fan I loved playing through all the epic set-pieces I remember with vastly improved visuals, and the re-work of Xen makes that notoriously disappointing section of the game stand out as one of the most atmospheric and visually engaging.

If you haven't played half-life before then what are you waiting for? This is one of the best games ever made, updated and polished so that it retains everything that makes it brilliant, but no longer looks or feels dated.

posted about a year ago
#26 1000$ in Off Topic

Meanwhile British government is completely assfucking all of our great independent pubs and (generally less great) restaurant industry by telling the public not to go, but refusing to order them closed (because then they'd have to offer compensation). I honestly can't tell if it's just total incompetence, or a malicious attempt to force people out of business so they can be bought up by corporate chain pubs/restaurants owned by Tory donors.

Anyway, I am usually one of Trump's biggest critics so credit where credit is due: this is a sensible measure that seems to serve the best interests of the American people. Well done on this one specific thing, Donald. Hopefully other countries will follow your lead.

posted about a year ago
#23 1000$ in Off Topic
SpadesHerpTimYou americans will inevitably spend it on healthcare or somethingAt least our dictator is just an idiot, not Satan incarnate

They have a lot in common. Greed, total lack of empathy, narcissism, hunger for power.

Trump is just the retarded, incompetent version.

posted about a year ago
#82 so are y'all gonna be voting for joe biden now in Off Topic

I thought it was great that Joe and Bernie were demonstrating coronavirus awareness at the debate. Podiums were 6 feet apart, no handshakes, and so on. I heard Biden has even decided to temporarily stop sniffing women.

posted about a year ago
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