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#6 Mumble is an issue in Q/A Help

tracert ip post

If there are no breaks or other in his lines. Then run as admin, right click task manager, processes, change priority. Otherwise throughput issue tweak mumble settings and roll. I know when i join the tv mumble i get some weird lag from it which is awkwars.

There are quite a few different things it could be. Anything from bad connections/ routing. To a software issue.

posted about 7 years ago
#6 Casting Feedback in TF2 General Discussion

Casting is generally good. It seems like a lot of casters lack intensity though. Might just be a personal preference enjoying listening to it though. There is something about hearing a caster just going apeshit that makes it even more entertaining.

It's like the soccer announcers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzR_YkFhnNc Those guys are nuts, but it also makes it that much more to listen to them.

posted about 7 years ago
#11 Does anybody here hate me? in Off Topic
flynn__Up until 3 days ago I didn't know you existed

so not yet

I like the "not yet" building that confidence up.

I'm curious how this thread came about >.>

posted about 7 years ago
#6 Servers for clans or community who may need them in Off Topic

After i talk with cinq and see what i can do to help him, i would definitely be up for setting up a server for streamers. What i am going to do though is after i get cinq up, do a week test or some sort of baseline for a few days. Depending on what cinq may want, i will turn the public test into a streamers server. Then get my baseline.

I guess my only question would be for the streamers servers. Does the info get transferred around, would it be for a certain ring, just tf.tv in general, and who would i start off giving the info to?

posted about 7 years ago
#1 Servers for clans or community who may need them in Off Topic

Everyone freaks out at the word free. So i've said it, now run in fear.

I have a terrible hobby of building machines and doing dedicated / colocations. This time i've simply just got extra space and resources i won't possibly ever use.

The box specs are as is:
I7 3770
16 gigs ram
OS drive SSD
Server/Other drive HDD 7200+ quality

The pros:
Good Hardware
It can be a great backup or whatever you want to do with it

The cons:
It is central US located out of MO at the Oak Towers DC.
Weird issue with initial ping stabilization that generally happens on initial join. I've tested numerous things which i can rack up to either they have an old switch or router in house. It stablizes after about 5-10 seconds and stays down.
Finally this is my first run with a colocation with this company. Their dedicated servers were fine but lower hardware.

Also you want to see a speedtest? Since this should be a home line right?


I have a test MGE server up. Just use the url H3R0.us the port is default and it should show up right away if not :27015

Test out the MGE see if it may be what you can use. The fast download and all that is already enabled and set. If it tests out ok and you would like to try doing a match or whatnot on it. Toss me a message. Currently it has soap and mge with the basic MM/sourcemod. Configs are basic. I can setup ftp if you need to change anything out and have a bash script for killing / restarting the server. Also regardless of normal play i have it set to restart at 6am to update ect... It can be changed.

Lastly, who the hell am i?
I've been setting up servers since NS1, tweaking linux kernels for real time and other possibilities when i believed that having 1000fps for everything was a bright idea. Been through CS, CSS, and many other configs and setups. Other than that, i'm just a random guy who stopped having time to play as much so i took a hobby in setting up and configuring servers on my own time. Got some certs through CompTIA and working on Microsoft certs.

This may be ideal for newer teams O or IM who just need a server or backup.


p.s. I would go for a sponsor type deal, but i don't have the extra cash to throw around. This was pre-paid for some time ago(as you can tell my priorities for my hobby are a bit out of wack, but i can throw up servers at any time for games i like). Sorry D:

posted about 7 years ago
#9 ns2 release month in Off Topic

Server requires 4.4 ghz to hold tick rates that still drop to morph / flash shows on full servers. The game needs a LOT of optimizations. Client side isn't so bad.

posted about 7 years ago
#94 Internet in Off Topic



posted about 7 years ago
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