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EvilGuys plot to take over Prem
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January 27, 2022

A new threat looms over Premiership with EvilGuys’ creation, as nothing but first place will satisfy their nefarious ambition. While this is a new name, the EvilGuys roster has already been unmasked as pretty similar to the Ascent.EU and 4Toast squads who won Premiership during Season 37 and 39, a fact that could help any vigilante looking to take them down.

toemas is the only one of the bunch to have featured in the top division last season, adding another gold medal to their already impressive trophy haul and winning both the “Best Pocket Scout” and the “Best Player” awards after a dominating season with Witness Gaming. They are not the only one to have played last season, however, as basedgod (aka LUKASTANK aka Lukas) had been leading their fellow Czechs on Scout, reaching Division 2 playoffs with street debils. The nickname change has divided experts, with opinions split between an homage to rapper Lil B, an act of rebellion after ETF2L introduced a plugin to alter the Iron Bomber, or yet another cruel reminder that I grow older and more out of touch with each passing day.

Some things don’t change though, and papi will be returning on Pocket Soldier as per usual. One of the most hailed players of recent TF2 history, renowned for their ability to mold and lead teams on top of superb soldier gameplay, it will surely be interesting to see them face off against other heavy-hitters in Prem. Carrying the weight of the medigun will be Domo, also a returning player from the 4Toast season. Once a Demo main who notably played with Se7en, they opted to switch to Medic and have been boasting an impressive resume on the medicinal man ever since.

Lastly we have dmoule and klassy, two powerhouses whose last full seasons in the top flight were title winning campaigns. dmoule’s last appearance was with nerdRage during their thrilling S36 run that saw them clinch first place despite a calamitous start, a title which was the ultimate crown after a long and illustrious career in Prem for dmoule. klassy will be returning to Flank Scout after a brief but successful stint as Medic on Ascent.EU, winning Season 37 with them.

We reached out to papi, who was able to slide us answers to our most pressing questions :

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : In recent history, your teams have been known for only playing every other season and still managing to win whenever they played. With the high level of Premiership teams this season, do you still think you can continue this trend ?

We will try our best to win :) We’ve gone through like 3/4 rosters this offseason so we’ll probably have a rough start to the season. Witness just came off a very hot season with probably the most dominant grand final ever. The new nR team look like they’ll probably be even better than the old roster, sil is one of the best and most experienced soldiers in the whole game, I dont think theres anyone on his level so it will be a fun challenge.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : You have been playing for quite a while with the same group of players, is it simply because you think they are the best around or do you have other reasons ?

I wouldnt want to play the game without my current team mates, I don’t really think i’d mesh very well into another current team. Its really fun to have most of our original s33/34/35 roster back, toemas and klassy back to scout, lukas and domo on demo and med. The only difference is now we have dmoule instead of gink/kaptain. Now everyones back to their mainclass we have to re-learn how to play together, hopefully that will happen soon

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : You're the only person on your team to have only played one class in Prem, is this a conscious choice or would you be interested in trying something new in the future ?

Yeah I’ve stayed on pocket the whole time. Maybe I will play a combo scout season at some point, but I work at the moment so I dont really have the time to grind a new class. Also i dont really see the point in doing that if our team wants to compete at international lans, we will just mainclass to beat NA teams :)

Hoping to beat many teams as well as the trademark infringement allegations, EvilGuys is :

  • Pocket Scout: toemas
  • Flank Scout: klassy
  • Roamer: dmoule
  • Pocket: papi
  • Demoman: basedgod
  • Medic: Domo
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Thank You Based God

Thank You Based God
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