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trust the process gun for Premiership once more.
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January 19, 2022

trust the process is one of only t̶h̶r̶e̶e̶ two teams ( Ora Elektro had signed up but ended up rescinding their application) to return from Season 40, where they debuted in Premiership as a new ensemble of players who all had previously featured in Prem, although not together. The first season in the top level was not all smooth sailing for trust the process, who finished in last place with 6 points, but close losses against The League Of Shadows and Witness Gaming and a victory against Projet [FR] Super Try Hard, a team they had lost to during the Qualifiers demonstrated their potential.

trust the process have experience on their side, with all of their players being Division 1 staples on top of their Prem history, and they were able to put this knowledge to good use last season. They showed an ability to coordinate not often seen in new Premiership teams, and the pick-up of brainy Medic Doughy is sure to help them keep up this play style. Last seen playing in Premiership with GlobalClan.EU during Season 38, Doughy was a core member of The Theorists when they won Division 1 in Season 31 and played Prem the following season alongside Jordy and aph, and so their acclimatization should go off without a hitch.

The rest of the roster remains unchanged, with silves and aph on the flank ready to wreak havoc and hemp, Derpy Hooves and Jordy forming a cohesive and reactive combo with the latter taking on a leading role. With many big names returning to Premiership and Qualifiers also filled with talent, trust the process will be looking to show that they can hang in there with the best of them and that their faith in the classic 5cp map is warranted.

We managed to reach out to Jordy, who enthusiastically shared their optimistic worldview :

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Next Season looks to have a lot of new or returning faces in Premiership, does having roughly the same roster as last season give you an edge ?

we've got the edge on no one, we fucking suck, we have been getting rolled by everyone. we have degraded since last season and we fucking placed last. we just get knocked down and honestly we dont even really get up we just keep getting kicked in the head

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Speaking of roster, how did you end up picking up Doughy ? Was your shared past a big part in that decision ?

doughy is the only person i know deserving of this pain

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Before this season unfolds, what are you main takeaways about it thus far (map pool, teams, plugins, LAN?...)

none of these plugins matter, mappool is a lot better, lan is looking grim + i don't know the prizepool but im playing d2 this season so its not gonna be relevant to me

Here to trust processes and process trusts, trust the process is :

  • Pocket Scout: hemp
  • Flank Scout: aph
  • Roamer: silves
  • Pocket: Jordy
  • Demoman: Derpy Hooves
  • Medic: Doughy
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It's true, I deserve it

It's true, I deserve it
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it's true, he does deserve it

it's true, he does deserve it
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haha derpy hooves, what a silly name!

haha derpy hooves, what a silly name!
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