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The Jug Dealers roll in
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May 18, 2021

Watch out, because The Jug Dealers are coming to a neighborhood near you. As one of the qualifying teams, they are ready to make a name for themselves in this brand new Invite division.

Starting things off are the Soldier pair of pauldogg and hayes. Both players have plenty of Invite experience under their belt, playing for teams such as KUOD Damage, Mad Luxurious, GlobalClan, and The Microwave. Medic Phantom has a pair of ESEA Invite seasons to their name, but has not been very active in recent years. The same can be said for team captain mustardoverlord, who is looking to play his first full season in the RGL era.

gungon made his Invite debut last season with The Nest, and has had crazy moments on both Scout and Sniper. Rounding out the roster is his Scout partner Zam. He has been floating around in Advanced for a while (check his RGL profile's short novel of team history) and most recently came off the bench with monstrous performances for TeamSolouMlpst in their playoffs run. Zam is only member of The Jug Dealers without any prior Invite experience, but should settle in nicely within the competition.

mustardoverlord shared his thoughts as the season gets underway:

After months of trying to destroy RGL with 5000 word forum posts, to absolutely no avail, I have decided to use the "nuclear option." It's common knowledge that as soon as I play Invite in a given league, that league will immediately die. I even added Zam to my team in case the curse wasn't potent enough on its own. Unfortunately, I had to pick some some decent players to fool the admins into letting us into the division, so we may accidentally win some matches along the way. Perhaps even challenge for playoffs...mustard team in Invite playoffs...could you imagine?? I might finish this stupid game off once and for all if I manage to make that happen.

He then added:

Also I found out too late that RGL doesn't have team pictures this season, so not enough people have seen The Jug Dealers insignia. Please share it to the world and ensure my 12 minutes of hard work in MS Paint did not go to waste.

The Jug Dealers are:

  • Scout: gungon
  • Scout: Zam
  • Roamer: hayes
  • Pocket: pauldogg
  • Demoman: mustardoverlord
  • Medic: Phantom
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Best name in invite

Best name in invite
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the joker of invite teams

the joker of invite teams
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