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#1 Classic MGE Cups and Prizepots in TF2 General Discussion

Currently, I'm working with the EU classic MGE cup team, I'm also working with the Sacred Scout cup owner, Evan. I'm getting these guys to work together to make two new cups for MGE for NA.

Soldier vs Soldier and Scout vs Scout.

Sacred Scout medals would be used for the event, same with the classic MGE cup medals.

right now I'm just offering my shop up, if you buy my art it will all go towards the prize pot. This will be a free to play event, anyone can join. I will ship to the NA and the EU. With this in mind I recently got voted in by ETB, a low brow punk illustration blog, if I make any new illustrations related to any TF2 projects, I would love to tie it all together.


if you want to support the prize pot:

they are still working the dates out. I'm also looking for volunteers to help out with the NA div staff.

Other then that, I'm just trying to do my part in keeping the scene alive, keeping things going. I know eXtine was interested in the NA half of it and of course KritzKast would get the EU.

posted 4 days ago
#7757 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

just for fun shit, nothing serious

posted 4 days ago
#2561 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

pretty cool made me think of this track: (in regards to the 2nd link)

posted 4 days ago
#2558 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

pretty good.

posted 1 week ago
#30 Who would you clone 5 times to make a team? in TF2 General Discussion
imagine a team where everyone understands more than a quarter of his comms

my 2nd choice

posted 1 week ago
#11 Who would you clone 5 times to make a team? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago

it was addressed in the shaggy thread man, plus his profile is already private. idk how you are gunna take him down any farther then what is already a perma ban in a league that every other platform in this game shadows.

posted 1 week ago
#13 Shaggy | has been banned for being a pedo. in TF2 General Discussion

well he locked up his comment section, but you can still express yourself for the price of a scrap with the trader offer link that's still up if you want. also apparently taco was banned yesterday as well for something along this reason, exactly what I don't know.

posted 1 week ago
#3685 PC Build Thread in Hardware

So I do work from home, I have the extra money monthly to make this work, I know payment pre-built plans are not the best, but I don’t really wanna wait and save up all the money for a extensive setup. This is with origin in a 90' standard orientation super tower. I wanna stream, I want to record gaming and do work for my personal channel on the side. I was also thinking about getting an external capture card for platform stuff, probably gonna record my own game play footage of new shit with the ps5 and all that jazz. I also have some ideas along the lines of machinima style creative content I wanna make. For the PC stuff, for anything not TF2, CSGO, Quake, I really would like to have fun and play/record stuff at 1080p with good frames. Like single player games, metro exodus, death stranding, anything like that new coming out,

90 Standard Orientation
Intel Core i9 10900KF 10-Core 3.7GHz (5.3GHz TurboBoost)
CORSAIR SP120 PRO Performance iCUE RGB
1TB Firecuda 520 NVMe for the operating drive, a 2nd one for the storage.
Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2
Vantec SuperSpeed USB 3.0 All-In-One Memory Card Reader/Writer
Creative Sound Blaster AE-5 Plus for the card

In the end, I'm gonna get the pc, take it apart, put it back together, make sure everything is straight. for what I'm paying, like about 250 a month, I also get a three year part replacement security plan for al the parts. I could overclock the gpu and cpu and have my way with the corsair H100i pro xt cooling, I'm sorta on the fence seeing that I could go and just overclock it all and if anything gets warped I could replace the parts and keep everything pretty tame.

They suggest getting a mouse, but Ive been putting my time in with the g502 hero for a few years, on my 2nd run with one, so i dont think Ill pick one up. The big issue for me is the monitor, ASUS VG248QG or ASUS TUF VG27AQ? A few reasons I ask, is because I've been playing tf2 for 10 years, 5 of those years have been on a 27inch 60 Hz imac. The screen size with my mouse is an important factor and I don't wanna start over with my aim. The 2nd monitor is the same size as what I've been playing on, but I just wanna know if I'm better off taking the time putting the work in with the VG248QG... it would save me nearly 50 bucks a month. So thoughts on the setup, any thoughts on what I should do monitor wise?

posted 1 week ago
#33 Quitting + my story in TF2 General Discussion

Man being french is cool as hell, I remember listening to mewithoutyou, I heard that track bullet to binary back in middle school and I was like wow, its so awesome hearing french, its a great language, I always judge myself for not being bilingual in general. Personally, I say you should just make new friends, keep the good old ones and keep playing and enjoying yourself. I don't wanna be that guy that puts work in pyro, I have my beef with it in HL and my respect within its own limitations as well.

I say keep your BP and block the noise out, I get it all the time and its hard. I get really nasty shit in the NA because people like taking lowblows, that's all they got. Just keep making pals if you change your mind, if you leave, sorry it got that bad. Its not fair, its just rude.

posted 2 weeks ago
#2541 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV
flyingbuddyMay I also use ‘dope’ to describe the song you linked? :) !!!

idk production is very nice but I cant get into it

posted 2 weeks ago
#17 Great TF.TV Fit Challenge in Off Topic

posted 2 weeks ago
#10 covid is casued by [serious thread] in The Dumpster
TobBrockArieLooking forward to your scientific paper describing how mercury gas creates viral RNA.
Not sure why you're replying to that. Floridians being dumb has nothing to do with mercury basically creating the building blocks to life out of thin air. It'd be the discovery of the millennium

Mercury poisoning doesn't have the same symptoms as this variation of COVID. Mercury poisoning also can't be spread to others the way COVID-19 is.

The virus has already been isolated. It is real.
brockNo one ate a batBats have been a food source in many cultures for thousands of years and have been linked to many other virus outbreaks in the past (SARS, MERS, multiple ebola outbreaks). They're flying biohazards.

maybe its both

posted 1 month ago
#8 covid is casued by [serious thread] in The Dumpster
ArieLooking forward to your scientific paper describing how mercury gas creates viral RNA.

honestly up south with all the retires workin this age range, people STILL going to the beach, and restaurants opening up and allowing people to sit and dine, heated food would also just straight up cause shit to just to worse.

And florida is just fucking hell with the constant tourists just flushing everyone in for the tourism and so forth

I would go on record to say that Florida is by far the biggest factor making things worse for everyone.

posted 1 month ago
#1 covid is casued by [serious thread] in The Dumpster

5G internet and mercury fillings!

that's my theory,
No one ate a bat. Fucking mercury fillings.

If you have these fillings they will produce a gas out of your mouth,

heat is the easiest way to make it happen.
And for the record, they stopped doing mercury fillings in 1997, so a lot of people have them. That with the theory of sinus infections / agitations will produce said, gas, you breath it and in close contact give it to other people.

and with the 5g internet, it could also cause shit like this

I would also tie this in with schizophrenia, aka hearing voices.


posted 1 month ago
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