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#10 best pregame scrim theory in TF2 General Discussion

Even if your team gets demoralized from the pregame, I found it was still much more useful to play better teams. Pre-game getting shit stomped by froyo two maps in a row is Very Unfun but it means you can't get caught with your pants down and you're ready for the worst, and we would always play better after it. But if the skill gap is too large of course it's not beneficial at a certain point.

posted 1 week ago
#26 where r lan pics in TF2 General Discussion

Hate to say it but in terms of LAN planning, as far as I've heard and seen, photos are kind of an afterthought--the event can't be run without casters, producers/cameramen, tournament organizers, etc. and there's not usually much money to go around anyways, so if something has to be neglected it's usually the photo/video stuff. Not to say this was necessarily what happened here, but it doesn't surprise me given the i69 photos took over a year as well (which afaik was mainly due to people being overburdened with regular work, and the fact that they were all on a single hard drive that nobody else had access to--I would've happily volunteered to help edit them since I shot a good chunk of them)

I've shot a good number of lans officially and unofficially and haven't gotten paid for anything (which I'm fine with, was just volunteering to give back and gain some experience, but it's hard to justify compared with regular photo gigs which are typically $50/hr at least), i know nyxia and i both considered doing this one and past resup lans but iirc there wasn't a huge amount of money available for compensation, and it's usually just more fun to play instead.

Since the community clearly cares a lot about this photo stuff, maybe we could petition for more resources to be allocated towards it for the next big tournament (or raise money if need be, like the prize pool donations), or at the very least have a pay structure that incentivizes actually delivering the photos promptly. Maybe it's worth actually paying for a dedicated editor or giving multiple people access to the files, or figuring out how things were handled at previous lans (e.g., Rewind 1 with uberchain/jas/moof iirc)

posted 2 weeks ago
#14 making tf2 less stimulating in Off Topic

If you’re having this many difficulties you should probably just do something that’s more natural to you, there’s plenty of other things to do with friends that aren’t as fast-paced and demanding as competitive tf2 lol

I don’t get any of the things you describe but playing the game especially at a high level late before bed makes it difficult for me to sleep, lately I’ve had a lot more enjoyment casually playing pubs or other (non-fps) games with friends at earlier hours in the evening. On the topic of overstimulation it’s often hard to realize when you are actually overstimulated, I was having a lot of stress from work but it turned out that cutting tf2 out made it improve dramatically

posted 3 weeks ago
#24 S14 players I like and dont like in TF2 General Discussion

tomato_tom and hedgehob_hero carrying sam and my stupid ass aliases

ok now somebody tally it up for all the teams we need to see which teams have the best and worst Alias Ranking

posted 1 month ago
#14 RGL 6s Season 14 - Invite Qualifiers in TF2 General Discussion

In fairness they did definitely do the right thing and find another team that actually wanted to play in the qualifiers because goblin zone decidedly did not want to be in it (granted, we only learned this two hours before the game was supposed to be played, but better late than never)

posted 1 month ago
#9 RGL 6s Season 14 - Invite Qualifiers in TF2 General Discussion

i explicitly reached out to the admins like a month ago telling them the roster before we had even tried out, cause I knew the restriction process would be a pain in the ass and take forever, and they gave us the go ahead with no other communication until we saw this announcement, so we all paid up for adv and then found out we're being forced to play in this despite missing players (as are the other teams lol such a stupid way to decide anything)

stuff like this is why so many old heads like me don't bother to play anymore, cause invite takes a ton of commitment and is stressful, and RGL makes so many weird decisions with advanced (randomly doing a 6 team playoffs, the cheater playoffs fiasco, etc) and makes it so difficult to figure out if you will even be able to play

i swear they want to do their absolute best to make people *not* want to play in their league, the process of hijacking a dead roster a few seasons ago was also a gigantic pain due to weird rules and restrictions, the more rules you have the more likely it is for them to be enforced in a biased or incorrect or poorly planned way, it's no coincidence that RGL has been riddled with issues and public backlash for so many years--my opinion is they're trying to do too much and should just step back and simplify things

posted 1 month ago
#10 Transported into tf2 world in TF2 General Discussion

id fill gullywash water up with water again and go for a dip

posted 1 month ago
#2 RGL 6s Season 14 - Map Pool, Season Changes, Final in TF2 General Discussion

exciting to hear about the 6 week season, what exactly does the "voted in map" mean though, I don't see granary mentioned anywhere else, is it an alternative map you can pick on sultry week or something?

edit: also why has there been a LAN sustainability fee every season for the past few years despite only a single one happening

posted 1 month ago
#66 RGL PUGs Public Alpha in Projects

btw it would be nice to have a larger map pool than just the maps in the current RGL system so that people can play games on them and try them out (e.g., include all 3 koth even tho only 2 are in each season, include metal at least since it was just recently voted out, id say even granry/badlands cause people can just ban it if they don't want it, pugchamp had reckoner even which was interesting just for variety's sake--maybe do whichever major new maps are being considered)

posted 2 months ago
#21 long rgl seasons - please fix in TF2 General Discussion

Minor note but if the survey had "other (please specify)" as options for some of these questions it would be good, for example about class restrictions it may not be straightforward as "too lax" or "too tight" (or maybe just add "restrictions were inconsistent", which has been a common complaint and inherent problem with strict restrictions--it's super difficult to be objective about)

posted 2 months ago
#21 Can we bring back badlands? in TF2 General Discussion

this thread sucks bring back via instead

posted 2 months ago
#132 Esperanto should be the language of EU competitive in The Dumpster

bro are u stupid people aren’t forced to learn languages they choose to do so because of its utility in understanding popular culture or communicating with a larger group of people (both of which your meme language is lacking)

u cant actually be dying on this hill that “i was too stupid to learn spanish and also clearly don’t even fully understand english, therefore the entire world should learn this new language that i actually was successful in learning”

this is quite entertaining so i hope you don’t stop posting but for your own sake you might want to just find an esparanto forum or something lol you seem to be getting more and more frustrated/angry (see: increasing use of the word “fucking”) and are pretty much just subjecting yourself to public ridicule at this point (maybe after 5 more pages you will magically convince the entirety of the EU tf2 scene to learn your language but it seems Unlikely)

posted 2 months ago
#6 Top 10 TF2 plays of the DECADE in Videos

Awesome video, cool to hear about the top league play video idea as well. If you’re still looking for suggestions an iconic one that comes to mind is b4nny scout surfing behind sunshine spire and two shot dropping raymon I believe it was at i63.

I like the idea of team plays as well, I remember granary at that same lan I believe was captured literally in the last second of the tournament and I remember the crowd went crazy (showing video of stuff like that would be awesome as well, sort of give a glimpse into how exciting LAN finals can be)

Starkie had a crazy 3k backstab on badlands as well which was super impactful to a finals game, don’t remember which LAN it was though. If it’s possible to show things like “this was the winning play for an invite playoffs/LAN finals game” that would be super hype to see.

posted 2 months ago
#129 Esperanto should be the language of EU competitive in The Dumpster

Bold of you to claim that you can comprehend english when you’ve failed to recognize sarcasm or accurately understand people’s arguments like 100+ times on these forums

posted 2 months ago
#68 Esperanto should be the language of EU competitive in The Dumpster

Maybe if you can’t even type the characters without copy pasting it isn’t the most practical choice lol.

Also love the entire premise being “if everyone in Europe sinks over a year into learning this useless language, then they can *maybe* be slightly more efficient in communicating” without considering if it’s even something people want (calls are already extremely efficient, anyone who actually plays comp knows)

“Noooo this meme language I wasted my time learning can’t be useless, these players just don’t know what’s good for them!”

Also FYI you don’t need a citation to prove the points people are arguing against you, it’s just basic logic lol you’re supposed to argue against the ideas they are saying.

posted 2 months ago
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