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#1 RGB 5 LAN Photos in LAN Discussion

Didn't see a thread for this yet so figured I'd make one myself. Post your pics from RGB 5 LAN below.

Here's some pics I took, a few at the venue and some at my airbnb:
Would've done a google photos album but ran out of storage lol, plus this lets you do a slideshow and i enabled prints at no markup ($1 for a 4x6), figured it might be a good meme for ppl who wanted a polaroid but couldn't get one

posted 1 week ago
#5 Estrogen took my Dunk Masters LFP RGB5 in Recruitment (looking for players)

im mildly traumatized from being locked in screams basement at ATL lan but he clicks on gamers good and so long as he stays away from margaritas and the direct hit frickmynick (imagine trying to change ur alias) will click gamers good too

also if el farmo is vaati like im assuming, he was in the legendary afterglow first try jump video 10 years ago playing pyro so he's clearly a talented gamer

posted 1 month ago
#17 spaceship DM leaderboard + tournament in Projects

as others have said its def better to reward total stats just like how esea pugs used to give small prizes for most ubers/kills/whatever

highest dpm or kills per minute is a bad metric cause it depends so heavily on the people in the server, and could be gamed by someone getting ppl to feed them and then never playing again

posted 1 month ago
#7 Logs from entire seasons of invite/prem in Q/A Help

@Adje word thanks a ton this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for, I can just manually double check the RGL ones and try to find non-combined versions for any of them which are combined matches

as a side note if anyone has ideas they’d be interested in someone analyzing feel free to post or msg me
current ideas:
- which metrics are the most accurate predictor of wins for a certain class (e.g., does KD actually not matter on roamer, which stats are actually most important to look at for evaluating meds)
- make a tool to generate additional insights on a single log: which players had the most impact/least impact on that particular game (potentially making use of the ‘events’ in a log to count things like who dropped a med, vs the overall summary stats of total kills)
- train a model to predict the outcome of a pug or match just by the players in it and their classes (could be used for automated pug balancing like mixchamp/faceit)
- make some tool where a player can look themselves up and find stats over all logs like avg dpm for a given class/map, as well as seeing their “elo”/rank according to the model above
- limit the data just to pugchamp (easy to identify bc the name) and find the most valuable player (delpo, obviously) whose inclusion in pug teams made the most impact on their teams winning (would be interesting to compare what this comes up with vs pugchamp’s elo system if I could get that data from erynn/tsc/whoever has access to it)
- minor contribution but was thinking it would be cool to include stuff like forces, times you dropped a med, backcaps on through a browser plugin (similar to the one that gives DPM - DT/M), maybe even minor things like times flashed w/ uber or dropped from uber altho that might be harder to determine, thinking it could be useful for casts

posted 1 month ago
#1 Logs from entire seasons of invite/prem in Q/A Help

Anyone happen to have a list of all the logs for seasons of invite or prem? Don’t imagine there’s an easy way to download ESEA logs but maybe someone has those as well (Tery or Spacecadet maybe?) Could search manually from match pages but last I remember it doesn’t link logs on RGL, maybe ETF2L does?

I remember there was some site that did statistical analysis of all the top teams and ranked players accordingly, not sure if that still exists but maybe the people behind that have this sort of data. Would ideally get it for many previous seasons to do data analysis on (doing a little machine learning side project)

posted 1 month ago
#3 RGL Season 10 Playoffs Preview in News

fuck alfredodan

posted 2 months ago
#31 Nostalgia thread in Off Topic

these old jump movies bring back such nice memories, afterglow's harmony is my favorite by far, and the jumps are creative and still hold up well today imo (link to playlist with other jump movies)

im glad i made the (shitty) vids i did cuz they're like time capsules from years ago, fun to look back at the stuff i was doing 7 years ago like these metalworks jumps (with the wackiest music on the planet) or these other metalworks jumps (with the best song ever and clips from a SYOPS pug.... oh man)

it appears they're taken down but shades LAN videos were amazing, would love to watch them and get nostalgic, maybe someone has downloads? I've been trying to take videos at LANs to capture some memories like he did, glad habib has been doing his vlogs as well

posted 2 months ago
#1 TF2 player vocabulary in TF2 General Discussion

Recently I’ve heard everyone saying the word ‘schizo’ and I know it’s just the latest buzzword that everyone says to fit in or whatever but I really feel like we can be more creative than calling someone a legitimate mental health disorder

I’m sure this is going to sound like some carebear shit but I also find it weird how prevalent the use of words like “retarded” is. Obviously this isn’t limited to TF2 but we’ve largely cleaned up to not accept people saying transphobic/homophobic/racist/sexist shit, why is it okay to say stuff that’s offensive to mentally disabled people?

It’s not going to change overnight but I feel like people should be more aware about it and try to not say stuff like “this guy has downs” “this guy is autistic” “that was a schizo bomb” “that play was so retarded”

I promise u will be perfectly fine with any number of other words that don’t make those of us who Go Outside and interact with normal humans IRL feel uncomfortable

posted 3 months ago
#17 tf2 look comp players alikes in TF2 General Discussion

posted 3 months ago
#52 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion

local man buys a laptop just for a lan

posted 3 months ago
#5 Super massive map archive in Map Discussion

2f2f directional dinosaurs is a banger

posted 3 months ago
#46 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion

10k prizepool very tempting… who tryna make a pug team

posted 3 months ago
#3 wG Fundraiser RCADIA Fortress TF2 Lan in LAN Discussion

Excited to see these gamers play at another LAN :) (altho ive sadly moved back to the US so won’t be able to attend)

posted 3 months ago
#26 Make a team in Off Topic
Walrexoptimized friend team

switch mental for mechanics and u have the optimal pug team (banny and habib commanding a brigade of DM apes)

posted 4 months ago
#27 what class would rappers play? in TF2 General Discussion

i started typing these and got a little carried away, pretty entertaining meme to think about

im just imagining young thug playing roamer and doing most bizarre plays imaginable but somehow killing the med
lil b would be the one guy in the pub who’s willing to play med (highly based)
earl would be a depressed soldier or med main
yung lean would play pyro in tf2center
i feel like wu tang would be like an entire crew that for some reason is super into bball
eminem would absolutely be a sniper or spy main who everyone hates (leaky?)
drake would be a pub stomper who thinks he’s hot shit but refuses to play comp, whilst calling himself a comp player
jpegmafia would be an invite player who tries his hardest to shit on drake and expose him for how bad he is
lil wayne would literally just be habib
2chainz would be the absolute stupidest player on the planet but who has hilarious shit talk (prob a roamer or flank scout)
not rly a rapper but j dilla would totally be the type of guy who watches demos and plays the game all day and invents some crazy shit (maybe a roamer with sick jumps or timings)
feel like boldy james would be a demo main with mad smooth aim and hits nasty shots but doesn’t react (“meds dead, whatever”)
westside gunn would be a demo main who goes apeshit (“BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM”) after he gets a kill but isnt actually good
feel like curren$y would just be rekuso barred out playing pugs in slow mo
i can totally see vince staples saying ‘give demo a glock’ lmao
aesop rock would be some crazy surfer or jumper main who doesn’t speak ever and is an enigma
im dying thinking about travis being a roamer main who just screams ITS LIT every time he hits an airshot

posted 4 months ago
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