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#1 eu tabletop or civ neets in Other Games

hi gamers i am a Bored Neetling now located in Europe and i would like to play Video Games with Other bored Neetlings

i figure theres gotta be some rats who play civ or tabletop simulator over here across the pond

posted 4 days ago
#11 playing medic probably healthy in TF2 General Discussion
RahmedNo medic in invite or prem is mentally healthy

playing med for 10 seasons in invite has transformed me into a full blown Wackaloon

posted 1 month ago
#152 darwin/grapejuice lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

After playing a season with him I can definitely say Darwin Deserves. Fr tho he was one of the easiest soldier partners I've had, always followed up on my bombs or created sick opportunities for me to follow up on. In clutch moments he consistently made plays to force or drop the med and bailed us out of so many catastrophic scenarios that would've lost the round. He is clearly very eager to learn the game at an invite level, I think he pretty much just needs to get better about knowing when to push the flank while the combo is pushing and not going slightly too early or delaying slightly too long to watch for back caps, but I feel like on an invite team he would very quickly adapt and find the timings.

Gameplay aside he was also an exceptional teammate, super nice to be in mumble with, ego never got in the way, always asking for feedback, and consistent positive presence in mumble (especially important when everyone else on the team thought we were going to die/didn't care to try because it looked like playoffs wasn't possible, got us to keep our heads in the game and keep trying).

I also have a lot of respect for him for his mental game, he did have that one process match with a bad stat line but we had a ringer main caller and people were tilting, it was definitely not his fault he was just the one who suffered the most from the shitty team play. Playing and streaming almost every match and being able to turn up and perform while a hundred people are watching you is definitely not easy, I've played 10+ seasons of invite and didn't particularly care what people thought but I still 'feared' out and turned my stream off halfway through a game cuz I was worried it would make me play worse. He turned up and airshot the shit out of skeez at lan as well lol, definitely performs under pressure. Also despite wonder posting all that cringe on his thread he doesn't even hold anything against him, I would be fuckin livid lmao, have to respect the fact that he was the bigger man and even became friends with him and asked him for advice and shit, shows he really wants to improve and be above the drama.

posted 3 months ago
#9 Unifed Ruleset Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Not as pertinent to the global ruleset discussion but for NA ruleset, I like the two halves + golden cap ruleset a lot better than having single halves that can be 45 mins or longer, it's just deteriorating and makes more sense to let players have a break in the middle and re-strategize. Breaks between golden cap are nice as well, sure teams can pause and take a break but that doesn't happen in practice. The extended 'comeback time' functions pretty much the same as half times, but doesn't give players a break and in my experience can be pretty exhausting on LAN and in scrims pre-lan. I may be biased as medic requires a lot more concentration and you can never let your guard down, so it feels a lot longer, but I think it applies for every class.

Of course for playoffs and tournaments there needs to be some time constraints but for RGL regular season for example I would much prefer to try the shorter round timer with the existing 2 halves + golden cap ruleset. For spectators I feel like it's also simpler, you know each half is going to be 30 minutes and then the golden cap is the overtime, having an overtime with multiple points would be a bit confusing (and would lead to very long matches if combined with the two halves system)

posted 3 months ago
#4 Upcoming RGL config surveys PSA in TF2 General Discussion

link to 6s survey
looks like it doesnt have anything about these changes though lol, have to write them in additional comments section

posted 3 months ago
#6 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)

respect for keeping the team alive and striving to improve as a squad despite two 0-18 seasons

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posted 3 months ago
#3 1738 fetty wap death cult lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

+rep for name

posted 4 months ago
#4 RGL S8 Playoffs Day 1 - Upper Bracket & LBSF in Events

Robert_Cheeto must prevail

posted 4 months ago
#43 TF bots can airstrafe. in Customization

ok but for real the guy who said u should see a therapist is 100% right, but not in a negative way at all
i thought it was stupid when i was younger but it has helped me a ton over the years and i strongly believe that everyone would benefit from seeing a therapist, it's a shame it has such a negative stigma even today

and its much easier said than done but the best solution to not being motivated to finish a project is to simply sit down and make yourself work on it some more

im doing a computer science masters despite not having an undergrad in cs and ive had so many projects/assignments that ive been stuck on or unmotivated to work on, and ive told myself so many times like 'oh i dont have the coding background for this' or whatever story, but at the end of the day every time i actually make myself sit down and start coding or working on it (rather than thinking about it or rationalizing my inaction on it) i find it's not nearly as hard as i thought, its just the first step of getting started that is the hardest (which you have clearly already done on this project and many others, just need to re engage with them)

everyone has their setbacks and things may not be 'fair', but the only thing you can do going forward is accept things as they are and work with what you have, you will never be successful if you hide behind excuses to not try something

by all means maybe this isn't the project you truly want to pursue, but that line of thinking and attitude will prevent you from accomplishing pretty much any goals you have in life and i hope you are able to move past it (or at the very least not post on the forums about it lol, im posting this to be nice and hopefully help u go down a better path but if u keep posting this type of stuff in the future i will not care enough to spell it out like this)

posted 4 months ago
#11 LFP Anglerfish S9 in Recruitment (looking for players)

Very disappointed not to see Cadont on this roster, -rep

posted 4 months ago
#16 how do you pocket with gunboats in TF2 General Discussion

baiter pocket theory go brrrr

obviously u wanna do as much damage as u can without being a bot and standing in a choke but having high damage taken definitely is not inherently a bad thing, i looked at my team's localhost logs out of curiosity and and besides rolls (winning team doesn't take much damage) most invite pockets would take 260-300 damage/min and be at the top or second of damage taken

good damage ratio + low damage taken (e.g., 240dpm 200dtm) usually means u aren't making enough space and are slightly baiting ur team (making them get shot at more), but if its a slow match all damage numbers get skewed downwards so it can be fine

posted 4 months ago
#13 how do you pocket with gunboats in TF2 General Discussion
brodythe ideal tf2 gameplay is playing pocket soldier and going 20-20 260dpm 300dtm


ok fr tho 200 dtpm isnt actually a good thing lol ideally on pocket u want to be the one jumping through first and fading to the side so they need to look at u, and not shoot at ur scout/demo/med who are trying to get through behind you

if ur used to shotgun pocket u can just babysit the med when the enemy team is pushing or on mid and clean up soldiers who jump ur med/demo, while being able to walljump and go deep in order to make space when need be (when ur pushing)

posted 4 months ago
#29 TF bots can airstrafe. in Customization

on the topic of bot airstrafing & miwos post there was a super cool project someone in the jump community was working on with using genetic algorithms to do jump/surf maps

demonstration of it 'learning' (they aren't really considered to be 'true' machine learning but its close enough) -
stages 1-4 on jump beginner surf map -
segmented jump map -

was actually going to mess around with trying to get it to work using deep reinforcement learning last year but got too busy, might pick it up as a side project tho cuz its a rly cool problem

found another video of some guy using GAs for quake airstrafing -

posted 4 months ago
#23 TF bots can airstrafe. in Customization

local man Schizo Pilled (psa, google can already uniquely identify u even without an account based off ip address and metadata like browser, resolution, ip, etc lol)

there are plenty of video hosting sites like streamable that only need an email address (iirc) which you can easily make fake ones
i would suggest using google voice for a new fake phone number but that would require u to overcome ur fear of Guggle

and sorry about the adhd/executive functioning but everyone has their own shit to deal with, doesnt make it an excuse for spreading misinformation (like on the spy thread or config threads) or wasting people's time lol
also i love the logic 'i think i know what im talking about, therefore, i know what im talking about' (maybe this is what Descartes was on about)

AimIsADickI think I understand the topic I am writing about well enough to write well about it, so I know what I'm talking about.

key word "i think" (if everyone else thinks u do not understand the topic well enough and constantly calls you out for talking out of ur ass, odds are ur the one who's crazy not everyone else)–Kruger_effect

edit: also stop using italics and bold in ur posts it makes u look like a dickhead (guys im so certain about this im going to emphasize it! except turns out im wrong)

posted 4 months ago
#16 TF bots can airstrafe. in Customization

pro tip mr AimIsADick bot is used as an Insult towards Bad or Stupid players (and mge servers dont have bots lol)
pro tip #2 if you want people to be interested in what you are doing maybe don't cite your own laziness (which sounds like an excuse for not actually knowing how to do it, which it is fine to admit lol) and put in the effort to upload a youtube video cuz nobody is going to download a fkn mkv file to watch your proof of concept video

if u want to make a post (on mapping forum or tftv) that people will respect u should instead reach out to a mapper or someone who can help you turn it into an actually useful idea (e.g., tr rocket shooting with bots that strafe, or even a simple map demonstrating the proof of concept, not just a nav mesh that ppl have to download and figure out themselves lol)
the thread on tf2maps u posted these incredibly poorly designed and unnecessary images which demonstrate a concept that a two year old could understand lol, makes it really hard to take you seriously (all u had to say was 'yep it turns out u can have nav meshes in the air and they will obey them! here's a youtube video')

it is an interesting idea and its cool that you're curious about these things and messing around with stuff but i feel like whenever you post it's always half-baked and super naive, if you want people to not shit on you whenever you post you should probably wait until you have a more fully fledged project (or acknowledge that it's only the start and ask questions, rather than declaring things as if you're some all knowing god... the problem is your posts often seem overly confident and authoritative as if you know what you're talking about when most of the time you do not, hence why people call you out)

posted 4 months ago
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