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Les darons de l’edition dare to change
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June 9, 2020

In the last year or so, Les darons de l'edition have become somewhat of a mainstay of the Premiership division. Cycling through a vast array of names, they've managed to go from the clutches of the bottom of the table to becoming solid Prem contenders, falling just a few points shy of a Playoffs spot back during Season 34. Their roster shuffles have been as convoluted as their team name history and this iteration is no exception, as a third of top5rocket’s core moves in while the rest of the team shuffles around once more.

The two new recruits are Néo and Corbac, who were key components of top5rocket, going all the way back to their debut in the top level during Season 25 to their latest appearance in Season 34. Néo will go back to the Pocket Scout role, a spot where he came to be known for his efficient clean-up as well as his sniping proficiency. Corbac on the other hand will slot in the Roamer spot, where he first rose to fame thanks to his pristine rocket jumps and his irrepressible desire to kill the enemy Demo as fast as possible on Process middle.

AlienSmiley will also change his role, as he goes from denying bombers — and trying to save Olgha from himself — as the previous Pocket Scout to denying space and chokes on the Demoman. Interestingly, this switch already happened back in Season 32, which allowed les darons de l’edition to pick up their only points that season. While Olgha might be more remembered for his sometimes-bold style of Medic, he has proven his mettle on the medicinal man in the last two seasons already, with his arrows often deciding fights whether they end up in friends or foes.

This remains the only known photo of the gamer phenomenon known as "Raf" (photo by Ness "uberchain" Delacroix)

karnax is the only member of this team that has never changed roles — not even once. His marauding presence inside the enemy flank will thus be repeated for another season and his sniping prowess is also worthy of note. Lastly but not leastly, team leader Raf will lead from the front, spearheading every push and doing anything needed for the success of his team.

Raf detailed for us the inception of this new interation :

After the end of the last season and with the cancellation of CPH 2020, dwo decided to take a break from playing. For the Lockdown Throwdown, we chose to bring back mulaa on medic and to use Olgha on pocket soldier. We got a decent result considering the last-minute change and lost in the quarter final. After that, deli decided to step down from the team to play a season in div1.

Going into S36, we were seeking for 2 players to add to the historic core of the team that is Olgha, Alien, karnax and myself. We heard that Corbac and Néo were looking for a team for the season so we offered them to join us. We never played with them before but we played against them a lot so we knew they were really good and the best fit for our team.

With them accepting the offer, Corbac took the roamer spot previously hold by dwo. We decided to switch Alien back to his old demo slot to make room for Néo on pocket scout. With this roster and a season more open than usual, we are looking to break our streak of 5th place finish and to get a playoff spot

Hoping that they can edit their team page with a 19px trophy, Les darons de l’edition is:

  • Scout: Néo
  • Scout: karnax
  • Soldier: Corbac
  • Soldier: Raf
  • Demoman: AlienSmiley
  • Medic: Olgha
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allez les bleus!!!

allez les bleus!!!
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Allez les biloutes!!

Allez les biloutes!!
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Corbac Gaming
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