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Ora Elektro down the gauntlet to Premiership rivals
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September 25, 2019

Ora Elektro returns from a solid LAN result, with a slightly modified roster and a tingle in their toes.

Ora Elektro is a team that has weathered many storms in the past, surviving a slew of roster changes, Premiership qualifiers, and numerous international LANs slipping through their fingers. The French duo of Azunis and Nevo have stuck together since the team’s first genesis back during ETF2L Season 27. The roster has gone through many variations, and arguably peaked with a 4th place finish at Insomnia63, but the upcoming season is looking even better for them.

At the most recent Insomnia event, i65, Ora Elektro attended as an invited team in the TF2 tournament. The team put up a good showing during the Invite Group stages, winning against Corentin Mas Damage and top5Sons, two fellow Premiership level teams. As the playoffs progressed, Ora were knocked into the lower bracket by Faint Gaming EU (who finished 3rd), where top5Sons got their revenge by knocking Ora out of the tournament.

After the event, Ora said farewell to Poison and Demos, leaving two open spots on the roster as Season 34 approaches. shock joined the roster, replacing Demos on Medic. shock is making a big jump up through the division ladder, moving up from a Mid playoffs team, Sick Laugher, to join the big boys in Premiership. Having only played 50 matches in ETF2L, shock is a surprisingly new player for Premiership standards. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, shock will be hoping to put on a good performance in his first season at the top.

amarok is also moving in, to replace Poison. The Soldier had spent the last season rostered with Ora, but without getting any playtime. Instead, he managed to play as a merc for a couple of games for their rival karnax : ok donc nice calmonie. This season will also mark his return to Soldier, a class he last played during Faint Gaming's Season 31 run that ended in 3rd place. Rounding out the French side of the roster, amarok is wxpected to bring some sick fragmovie-caliber airshots into the equation, and not too many exclamations of “merde!”.

Eemes did his best depressing Irish writer impression when asked about the past and future of the roster:

The Elektro association make their way to another ETF2L season, after a less than electrifying performance at LAN. Ora Elektro has been a name chucked around the European scene for a number of years now, managing to make sure everyone in Europe kinda-sorta knows about us. Despite this fact, our four recent seasons in ETF2L have been lukewarm to say the least, with middle-of-the-table finishes plaguing us each season. This season is another chance for Ora to prove we have what it takes to transcend greatness and achieve wins against teams who have brushed us aside online.

The beloved English YeeHaw and Eemes complete the British-French mix, everyone’s favourite nationalities. YeeHaw is a relatively recent addition to the roster, having joined before Season 33 to play both the season and during Insomnia65 with the team. YeeHaw’s addition to the roster marked improvement from their previous seasons, and could potentially keep the trend going for this season. Eemes, on the other hand, is a veteran of the team, banding together with them before Season 30. The mix of old and new in Ora is something you see in a handful of the most successful TF2 teams around, and they may have finally figured out the formula.

Ora Elektro returns from LAN with a freshly energized roster:

  • Scout: Nevo
  • Scout: YeeHaw
  • Roamer: Azunis
  • Pocket: amarok
  • Demoman: Eemes
  • Medic: shock
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for some reason I always got azunis and amarok mixed up, and now they’re on the same team rip

for some reason I always got azunis and amarok mixed up, and now they’re on the same team rip
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Return of boss amarok

Return of boss amarok
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go go shock!

go go shock!
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