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#80 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News

also, since we've all acquiesced to playing the qualifier:

where is the thread about it to build hype? where is the news post listing the teams trying to qualify? etf2l always has that shit before the games happen, and considering the first matches will be played tonight, you kinda fucked up...

posted 1 day ago
#74 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News
DubThinkWe haven't been done much to communicate our reasoning around the map poolDubThinkOne of our current goals at RGL is to continue to improve the map pool, and supporting new maps is critical to that. This is a worthwhile goal DubThinkWe haven't included older maps in recent surveys because the spot in the map pool isn't open to them DubThinkwe'd much rather have a map with mixed opinions that's in development and will improve than one that has similarly mixed opinions and will never improve (i.e. granary/badlands).

we focused more on maps that have seen less exposure and are newer for this cup.
DubThinkImproving the map pool is part of our mission at RGLDubThinkWe

Therein lies the problem with everything, the fundamental root problem with every terrible decision RGL has ever made.

That 'we' is a non-inclusive we. It's not 'we the competitive tf2 community', it's 'we the 5 people in RGL who have any real input'.

RGL is the fakest community league that has ever existed in tf2. The surveys are a smokescreen, because it's actually even more undemocratic than ESEA.

RGL is instead, at best (as in, this is how they see themselves), a benevolent dictatorship. Who cares if people want to play older maps? We will force in new ones, because it's for their own good. Who cares if people want to play with their friends in advanced and not grind the season like crazy? We will aggressively class restrict them, because it's for their own good. Who cares if black people want to be able to say the n word? We will ban them for it, because it's for their own good.

As long as that approach exists, no one will ever be satisfied with a single one of your decisions. That's the deal y'all have made.

posted 1 day ago
#65 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News

so yeah, I don't know why rgl hasn't even slightly promoted this, but there's gonna be a 6 team round robin to decide the final 4 invite spots.

I don't know why they couldn't think of a better solution than us having to play 5 bo2s in the next 4 days, even if there were a qualifier happening, but that's the situation we find ourselves in.

posted 2 days ago
#63 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News

when ire reached out to me on discord to get my confirmed roster, I asked when we would know if we had to play the qualifiers. all he said was 'after the 6th', which I assume meant right after. I still don't know...

posted 3 days ago
#56 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News

Brace yourself for a long one folks!

ScreamThe whole purpose of qualifiers is to give people a chance to play invite.

I have nothing against giving people a chance to play invite, but there are many ways of doing that. ETF2L's approach is generally to holistically move teams up based on a combination of experience and scrim results, and then run quals if it's too tough to call. I'm fine with that, but etf2l never goes more than like a 4 team qualifier for 2 spots, at least off of memory. What I don't like is when teams that should either obviously be invite or obviously be div 1/advanced are roped into the qualifier because admins haven't done their research.

ScreamI would also disagree and say a lot of the qualifier teams are similar in skill level. For example, one of the teams you left out, cleanbuddies, has tony (played invite, top 4 adv), Bumbo (played invite, top 4 adv twice), ed (multiple seasons of invite), alan (top 2 adv and top 4 adv), cleanbuddy/rowpieces (top 2 and top 4 adv),and FrickMyNick (playoffs adv on offclass and experience playing medic in invite). I don't see how this team is any worse on paper than any of the qualifier teams, and I don't think it's fair to straight up leave them out, as there is not really a clear winner out of the majority of the teams, none are really head and shoulders above the rest.

You said you wanted to give teams a chance to make invite, and yet you're basing this team being 'similar in skill level' on their previous experience, not their current scrim results, or just as importantly, their scrim ambitions. This team has barely existed, and they've only scrimmed the other team I suggested should be in the qualifier, and Cat Posse (who beat them relatively convincingly). Compare that to the artist team, who have much less invite experience, but have traded maps with multiple other teams trying to be invite and have also scrimmed froyotech, showing their ambition to improve.

If we look at the (not very recently-updated) RGL spreadsheet:

We see 6 teams already in invite, and 6 teams in the qualifiers. One of those teams is a really weird RainofLight team that I highly doubt has any ambition to play invite with people like stoper, goldfish and carnage who definitely don't care to try super hard. Them aside, that means there's a 5 team qualifier for 4 spots. Doesn't that seem a bit excessive?

The way I see it, you have 3 options that make more sense.

1) my original idea of the cleanbuddy and kylor teams fighting it out

2) include a couple more teams on the basis of slightly worse scrim results- like the rio team perhaps

3) include a couple more teams on the basis of less invite experience- like the artist team

Either way, from a selfish perspective, my team a) has a lot of people with significant invite experience and b) has clearly performed at a higher level in scrims than the 'obvious' qualifier teams. If we play a team like the cleanbuddy team in the qualifiers, is there a greater than 0% chance they beat us? Sure, anything is possible, and we'll play it if we have to. But I also feel like it's a bit of a distraction when I want to be scheduling weeklies against a lot of the teams that are automatically in invite and preparing for the season. Even if my team does have to play it though, I'd rather see 7-8 confirmed teams and then 3-4 teams competing for 2-3 spots rather than 5 teams for 4 spots.

Tery_Scream's point is that the tony team has players with Invite experience, comparable to or even moreso than the manacute team. In mustard's list, the latter is (in his eyes) worthy of not needing to play the qualifiers, while the former isn't.

If the rubric we're using isn't prior experience, but rather how well teams are performing now, then yes, I think that team is actually pretty good.

Tery_So if RGL decides to thin the pool early by having certain teams bypass the need for qualifiers

You worded this like the default is to have qualifiers, but I can't think of a single situation where you had 11 teams trying to play in a 10 team invite and the admins wanted 5 of them to play in a qualifier.

Tery_it leads to more case-by-case decisions or admin discretion, and we've seen how that has played out before in past decisions.

Putting aside the current RGL admins, it really shouldn't be that difficult to figure out which teams should automatically make invite. I haven't even discussed the fact that Yambo seems to be grandfathered in from playing last season or that Cat Posse got in for winning advanced, even though those teams are definitely close skill-wise to the better teams in the qualifiers. If we've established that some of those teams can be let in automatically, I don't see why we can't make reasonable decisions about teams based on their scrim results or prior experience.

Tery_Edit: Look back to last season for example. There's no telling how the original Burnsiders would've done in Invite, but they lost during qualifiers and thus their chance.

I'm pretty sure looking at that Burnsiders team's scrim results would make it pretty clear that, even if they made invite, they'd clearly be at the bottom.

Tery_And of course the whole / Rebirth death and resurrection, and that team skipping qualifiers. This current offseason is basically that but on a grander scale with more teams and more time, of which these can be both positive and negative.

The thing is not comparable to me, because they're a team that legitimately put the admins in a no-win situation. On the one hand, their re-emergence would force a team back down into the quals that had already been told they could just play invite. On the other, they were clearly MILES ahead of all of those qualifier teams. This season, I'm trying to get out in front of this topic BEFORE the qualifiers even start.

Anyways I know some people will laugh at me for going to such lengths to try to get out of playing a couple maps and call me chicken or big ego or something, but it's not even only about that, I just think the league should be run more logically in situations like this. Hell, it's very possible that that google doc is SUPER outdated and there will be far fewer teams in the qualifiers (again, why the fuck is the RoL team there lol).

posted 4 days ago
#46 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News

this may be a fruitless appeal, but I really hope the invite qualifier isn't like 5 teams or 6 teams competing for 4 spots and we have to do some massive round robin just to have most of us make it, that sounds like a big waste of time

if you want 10 teams, I personally believe it should be:

witness gaming
ford gaming
globalclan ice
my team
cat posse
six paths

and then the other teams (cleanbuddy? kyler? whatever the exile team is?) competing for the 10th spot

if you wanna make it a set 8 teams in invite and add 1 of the above^^^ to the quals that's reasonable too

but I do think it'd be a bit of a waste for rgl to only give 5-6 of those teams guaranteed spots when there's such a clear line of demarcation between the teams that are clearly invite and those that may not be

obviously I am extremely biased here but this is my opinion

posted 4 days ago
#29 2020-2021 NBA SEASON in Off Topic

well-deserved, he's clearly been the best regular-season player

and yet, you could easily make an argument that he isn't even top 5 in the 'true' best nba players list

it just goes to show that the top of the league superstars are maybe more stacked than they EVER have been

posted 5 days ago
#13 demoman tips in TF2 General Discussion

from a dm perspective, a lot of new demos make the mistake of thinking that they need to grind their pipe aim, but that sticky aim is 'just left click + right click"

in fact, being solid with pipes is significantly easier than being actually good with stickies ever since the demo nerf, and being effective with stickies requires a lot of time investment- whether in mge or just in real game settings

demo is also the class where positioning and ammo management flow most directly into aim- if you are desperately trying to fight a scout or soldier at close range while reloading one sticky or pipe at a time you're probably going to die. as domo said, good demos use the totality of their 12 projectiles to make dm fights easier- it's a lot harder for a scout to dodge pipes when there are also a bunch of stickies around them, or for a combo to avoid pipespam when there's 4 of them etc.

posted 6 days ago
#24 mech keyboards, what switches and why in Hardware

it's a hobby of mine!

posted 6 days ago
#22 mech keyboards, what switches and why in Hardware
liasTotally agree that lubing linears makes a significant difference (I use lubed Novelkey Creams) - but just because they aren't lubed doesn't mean they don't sound or feel good imo. I think non-lubed reds specifically are great.

obviously this is preference, so I will not speak in terms of FACTS, but in terms of CONSENSUS:

the general consensus in the mech community is that creams are an overhyped switch that is fairly scratchy even when lubed unless it has been heavily broken in, so it would make sense that the difference isn't as apparent. I recommend trying a jwk switch, they rule.

ghadillilinear > clicky/tactile for gaming. The reason being that tactile/clicky switches have to travel farther up the ROM of the plunger to reset whatever mechanism is creating the click or bump before you can register a second, separate stroke than a linear switch would. It's admittedly not a major difference, but it's very real and will introduce microsecond delays in inputs that wouldn't exist on linear switches, which can make the difference at the top levels of competitive gaming. For casual gaming it's fine to just get whatever switches you like the most, but if you're asking about min-maxing for gaming specifically, the correct answer is linear switches and probably even Cherry Silvers or equivalent switches with higher actuation points for shorter keystrokes. This is a literal microsecond difference and most people won't care and/or will just get used to the delay, but one is objectively faster than the other, and therefor better for time-sensitive tasks like those common in very high level competitive gaming.

I am aware of the mechanics that supposedly explain this argument, but I still find it to be nonsense. There are basically no real world applications where that will make a difference, unless there's some game I don't know about where mashing the W key like 20 times per second in separate keystrokes actually matters. most pro players in actual esports just use whatever keyboard sponsors them, and tf2 players use all sorts of different switches and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. some people's preference will lead them to prefer switches with very light actuation, or even optical switches, but others might find that more likely to make them actuate a switch by accident or double tap a key and would therefore prefer a heavy switch like mx blacks. I personally have gamed on linears and tactiles and have not really felt like it impacted my performance in the slightest in real-world applications. to me it's in the same category as like mouse polling rate and input latency, where you don't want them to be awful but the products that advertise ridiculously high polling rate and low latency are not that distinguishable from other products in real-world settings.

ghadilliFor typing the same doesn't apply because hitting a key 2 microseconds slower isn't going to make a difference, but I do think that most people would prefer 1.) a heavier switch and 2.) a tactile/clicky switch. Both for the reason that they discourage bottoming out for every keystroke, which can make typing for long periods of time more comfortable. Again, most people probably won't care, but at least from personal experience it does make a big difference in comfort when typing out papers, emails, etc for long times.

bottoming out on every keystroke is only uncomfortable if your keyboard sucks imo! and I enjoy typing on both linears and tactiles, so I also think this is a bit of a myth, because I also know people who don't enjoy typing on tactiles and find the bump more uncomfortable than the bottom out in long typing sessions.

ghadilliI have Creams on my LAN (lmao) kb, how much better would you say they are with lube in them? I know they're supposed to be self-lubing with PTFE impregnated plastic, so I haven't tried lubing them personally, but would you say it improves them a lot or just a bit?

as I said in the other thread, that 'self-lubing' thing is just marketing bs. all mx-style linears benefit from lubing, and creams in particular benefit from heavy use before they reach their full potential (some would say using them unlubed first for a while to break them in, but I'm not personally sure if that makes a difference).

bertoCurrently using lubed gat yellows in a GPRO X and it is pretty good for a budget. I also got some case foam and lubed and band-aid modded. the POM plate on the GPRO X works really well with yellows, giving a more thockier sound. Yellows will always be budget king for me

gat yellows are indeed pretty much the best "true" budget switch (what constitutes budget will vary from person to person.

posted 1 week ago
#15 mech keyboards, what switches and why in Hardware

I mean the ridiculous thing about his statement was saying they're bad for gaming, but the notion that linears or tactiles are 'better' for either typing or gaming is just dumb anyways

posted 1 week ago
#13 mech keyboards, what switches and why in Hardware
Adnuraklinear switches for typing over gaming is not "up to preference" that is some square peg round hole shit, enjoy your constant double-press typos

cherry reds and speed switches have ludicrously low actuation force, most nicer linears are more in the 60-80g range and double pressing is never really an issue

posted 1 week ago
#10 mech keyboards, what switches and why in Hardware
liasTuxKingVikingKeep in mind, most linears do not sound or feel great if you do not lube them.nah

while I wouldn't have worded it in such an all-or-nothing way, this is one of the few things he is sorta right about, actually. mx-style switches especially mx-style linears benefit a lot from lubing. once you try it, you can never go back...

posted 1 week ago
#10 Halo vs Cherry Switches in Hardware

to add/modify a bit of what ghadilli said

ghadilliThe reason is that up until recently, the options were Cherry switches (bad) or cheap Chinese clones (worse). Since the patent expired, Cherry switches have been superseded by basically any other switch maker that cares to make one. The only reason to buy Cherry switches these days is blind brand loyalty, as the only switches they outperform are the absolute cheapest of the cheap Chinese clones.

this is mostly true, but the exception would probably be retooled cherry mx blacks or hyperglides, which are solid budget-mid tier offerings when lubed although a bit scratchy if not

but yeah definitely don't look to cherry for a satisfying tactile or clicky switch unless you like BARELY tactile switches (and even then there are less scratchy options)

ghadilliIn general I always recommend people avoid tactile switches unless you work in a cramped office with people on top of you, because there is no way to make a tactile switch that feels even half as good as a halfway decent (i.e. not Cherry) clicky switch, but to each his own.

while it may be true that the tactility of mx-style switches is not as good as like an alps or topre on average, I do think there are some mx tactiles that can fill the niche if need be (but they can also get very expensive since so many of them are either frankenswitches or zeal). for slightly more affordable and really solid mx tactiles, I would recommend boba u4ts if you can find them.

ghadilliThey're far smoother than any linear, Cherry-derived switch I've used, including stuff like the NovelKeys Creams which claim to be self-lubricating.

not only is that 'self-lubricating' idea with POM a total lie, creams are ironically considered one of the scratchiest switches on the market unless they're HEAVILY broken in. it's true that mx switches basically require lubing to reach their full potential unlike a lot of other designs, but I do think most jwk switches tend to be very smooth overall.

ghadilliThere are also a lot of other 'premium' keyboard makers that are coming out with optoelectric/Hall-effect keyboards that are far smoother than anything you can achieve with a contact-based switch. And finally, the best tactile switches you can get pretty much anywhere are going to be Topre switches, as they're a fundamentally different design from Cherry's (Dome-over-coil vs Plunger-in-box) that work much much better for silent, tactile applications.

I definitely agree that it's hard to beat a good HHKB for office work due to the quiet tactility and portability, but unfortunately topre and hall-effect switches are still not commonly an option in the high-end custom world. you can find fancy keyboards that support alps-compatible pcbs, but a) well-maintained alps are still hard to find and b) I find they still sound best in their original plastic chassis most of the time

posted 1 week ago
#4 mech keyboards, what switches and why in Hardware

it's pretty funny that this is written with such a definitive tone because there's a lot here that is just not true (and a lot that is preference, but that you are definitely in the minority on)

posted 1 week ago
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