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ETF2L Div 1 Final: Lowpander vs. The Bugs EU
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Thursday, Apr 12th
3:00 PM EDT

Take part in a historical moment, as the first Div 1 finals since season 19 are about to occur ! Lowpander and The Bugs EU will be the teams facing off over Gullywash, Granary and Process. There is some high stakes to that game, as the winner will get a ticket straight to prem.

Lowpander are using a quite similar lineup to the one they used in prem, with cookye the legendary scout and shampain the bubbly medic replacing Funs and Marten. This season, they finished top of the division losing only to the Bugs and their playoff matches have been quite successful as well, getting a default win to start before beating Danger Dogs in the Upper Bracket Final.

The Bugs EU, featuring a roster that is half made of ex-Loli Squad players had a more rough season, losing their first 2 weeks and their first game of playoffs against Danger Dogs, but they managed to stay on track and won the Lower Bracket semi-final and reaching the Grand Final after the folding of the Crazed Canines. Worthy of note is that when they met Lowpander in week 3, they won.

So, will Lowpander be flexible enough to win ? Or are The Bugs EU going to bee crowned champions ? Who is the biggest weeb ? Tune in to find out !

Play-by-Play: Georgebaii | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Wiethoofd | Match Page | Lowpander | The Bugs EU | Written by Aelkyr
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Bugs to crush

Bugs to crush
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wonder if i can reach 15 minutes without a kill again

wonder if i can reach 15 minutes without a kill again
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can confirm ignis is the biggest weeb

can confirm ignis is the biggest weeb
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tftv3 my god

tftv3 my god
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