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Man I Cant Wait For Poland To Lose To Teo

posted 6 hours ago
#578 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

what a race
both hamilton and verstappen are built different

posted 2 days ago
#576 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

the sequence of the national anthem into attack helicopters into a guy parachuting out of said attack helicopters with the american flag is the most american thing ive ever seen

posted 2 days ago
#43 Copenhagen Games 2022: LAN is back! in LAN Discussion

Sorry for the double post but i feel like a post with general tips for going to copenhagen warrants its own post.

Denmark for the most part and especially copenhagen is almost entirely cashless. I genuinely cannot remember the last time i used cash. Make sure your card works before you go or your journey will be hell. Generally visa debit/credit works everywhere. Mastercard is probably fine but its not as widely accepted as visa.

Check the forecast before you go. This year in april we went from snow to rain to sunshine in 2 hours. Literally anything can happen during the danish "spring". Just make sure you dont decide to pack the cold weather clothes when it suddenly turns out to be 25 degrees and sunny the whole week like last time. No matter what, BRING A RAINCOAT. Sure, umbrellas exist, but copenhagen is quite close to the sea and the whole country is a fucking wind tunnel so an umbrella is almost always entirely useless.

Google maps works just fine when it comes to navigating the city both on foot and on public transport. Unless youre already used to cycling in a city and are familiar with the prerequisite hand signals i would avoid navigating copenhagen by bike despite the romantic notion that its a bike friendly city. I guess this doubles as a reminder to make sure you remember to check the bike lanes before you cross the road, not only the actual road. Angry danish commuters are scary.

The app DOT Tickets on your phone is great because it lets you buy public transport tickets directly on your phone instead of having to fuck around with ticketing machines. All public transport runs on the same ticket system and google maps should let you know how big your ticket needs to be.

Once again remember to check out food and other sights in copenhagen. You can see pretty much everything touristy in an afternoon if youre quick.

posted 4 days ago
#42 Copenhagen Games 2022: LAN is back! in LAN Discussion
RahmedSorry to break the chain but
what are average costs like for a UK fella to travel, eat and stay over?

gonna preface this by apologizing for not really bothering to convert currencies, i included 100kr=11 pounds so you should be able to go from there, otherwize just convert yourself
in general the cheapest way to go is probably staying in an airbnb with 3-4 others (i havent run the numbers exactly)
last time i ended up spending like 100kr (roughly 11 pounds) a night on accomodation by doing this
hostels are usually around 150-300 kr a night depending on how many people are in the same hall as you
hotels are a bit more expensive (like 400-500 kr if you book cheap rooms (do this now and not later because they will run out of rooms fairly quickly))

food in copenhagen is deffo quite expensive if youre eating out, at the food trucks outside the venue you will probably end up paying like 60-100kr for a meal as far as i remember
an airbnb serves as a double whammy if youre able to cook your own meals, groceries still arent cheap in denmark compared to other parts of eu but if you shop in netto/fakta/rema 100 it will still be waaay cheaper than eating out
that being said, copenhagen is one of the greatest food cities in europe and youre doing yourself a disservice if you dont try some stuff out. I'll probably write a list of food recommendations some time closer to lan.

Beer/cider at the venue was like 10-20kr. Im definitely not telling you to buy alcohol at a supermarket and smuggle it inside for way cheaper. That would be wrong of me.

Public transport in copenhagen is usually about 10-20 kr for a ticket unless youre travelling across half of copenhagen.
I know that im danish and that im probably quite biased but copenhagen is genuinely such a cool city and you owe it to yourself to check out the city proper. The venue is only about an hours walk away from the city center. If youve only ever been to an iseries i really cant understate how much you owe it to yourself to give yourself some time to explore the actual city. The middle of copenhagen is a massive step up from the outskirts of birmingham.
If you want to do some further reading the guide linked above is really well made and very informative
If anyone is curious about shit message me on discord wan#5251, i wont plan your trip for you but ive been to copenhagen many times and would be happy to give advice

posted 4 days ago
#571 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

hey did you guys know that the circuit of the americas is bumpy

posted 4 days ago
#18 favorite emoticon in Off Topic


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#5 Ask Delphi in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#32 Could a team of 3 people win open / newcomer? in TF2 General Discussion
PatrickBatemanPoptobobbanny feared and didn’t show up btw
b4nny has much more important things on his head than playing with you...
also you propably didnt even message him


posted 1 week ago
#3 Copenhagen Games 2022: LAN is back! in LAN Discussion

lets fucking goooooo


posted 1 week ago
#10 Favorite Cheese? in Off Topic

i could eat only bread and comté for the rest of my life and die fulfilled

posted 1 week ago
#37 TI10 in Esports

how does dota keep getting finals that are this fucking hype

posted 1 week ago
#566 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

your move hamilton

posted 1 week ago
#12 Favorite Ice Cream in Off Topic


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#124 Thank You Letter to RGL in TF2 General Discussion

tftv trying to explain this shit to tojo for the 10th time


posted 2 weeks ago
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