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LBTF S10 - Main Division: Weekly Review #1
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July 25, 2014

Original article in portuguese

Thanks to Majesty for helping with the translation.

Do you know what is the second hardest part of writing these articles? Writing an informative and entertaining introduction, since it serves to get people's attention to the rest of the article. So I'll just string you guys along in this paragraph telling you about how difficult it is to think of an introduction for a few seconds and go straight to what happened this week.

Player Transactions

Before any matches happened, the division has already started with the withdrawal of the team seisAlmas, what resulted in medic MHC going to Crocolândia. As for RAGE, they parted away with xpd because his personality didn't match with the rest of the team. Big Booty Bitches lost Thunder, who is now playing for War Slayer in Access division, due to some problems with a few players.

Yoyotech was the team with the biggest number of alterations: tt, guy, who now plays in the Immerstarke Team, and satin, who now plays in Imperius Lusitanos in Access, left. While Iratus was the only player to join the roster. Losing 2 soldiers and adding a demoman, I have no idea how their line-up will be. Maybe Iratus will switch to roamer, but we'll see in the next week.

Um time once again brings Bdonski to our scene. To maintain a consistent line-up that was already together before he joined, he will be a backup to help when needed. Next round you may already expect some action from him.


With the new format of two groups of six teams that started this season and to keep with the seven week season (to match up with the other divisions), 2 teams from each group won't play each round. In this first round, RAGE, Monster, one shote and faz were the teams that didn't play. With the death of seisAlmas, we had only 3 matches in this first round.

Renegade (r.) 2-0 Crocolândia (croc) - cpbadlands: r. 5-0 croc (Logs) & cpgullywash_final1: r. 5-0 croc (Logs)

Renegade had no trouble against the retired Crocolandia. With two quick maps, there was no risk of losing to the favorite of this match.

Big Booty Bitches (bx3) 2-0 Trap Gaming (tg) - cpbadlands: bx3 3-2 tg (Logs, STV and VOD) & cpgullywash_final1: bx3 5-1 tg (Logs, STV and VOD)

The match streamed by EsquiladoLIVE began in Gullywash with a surprise quick point for Trap Gaming, but Big Booty Bitches had a fast response with a point of their own. After the score was 1-1, they played a round that lasted about 19 minutes that eventually went to the side of bx3 after a great play from Frozen (26/12/10 FAD 353 DPM). After the capture, bx3 managed to get 3 more quick points, ending the game at 5-1. In Badlands, tg showed they were still in the game, but it was not enough and they ended up losing 3-2 after a last attempt to capture last and bring the match to the golden cap.

Um time (um homem) 1-1 Yoyotech (yoyo) - cp_badlands: um homem 1-2 yoyo (Logs and STV) & um homem 5-2 yoyo (Logs e STV)

Another close Badlands already in the first round of LBTF2 S10, Yoyotech were able to hold off Um time's pressure on the last point for a long time and managed to get the control and finally score after a round of 24 minutes. Um time answered with a quick round, but made some mistakes in the third round and lost one more point. In the last round, the pressure was over for Yoyotech and they were able to hold their last point once again to avoid the golden cap. In Gullywash the story was different, Yoyotech started scoring, but behind the strong mid fights, Um time controlled the match and took the lead to 3-1. Yoyotech still fought back scoring one more point, but it was not enough and Um time managed to score 2 more points, ending the game at 5-2.

This week we're having kothproviaduct_rc4 and cpsnakewaterfinal1. RAGE and Monster will have another week off. The matches played will be:

one shote (os) vs. Trap Gaming (tG)

Renegade (r.) vs. Big Booty Bitches (bx3)

faz (faz) vs. Um time (um homem)

Immerstarke Team (immer.) vs. yoyotech (yoyo)

We can expect four excellent matches where the results can go either way.

That is enough for today, until next week!

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