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#5 FBTF once more, LBTF2 Season 17 announced in News


posted about 3 years ago
#78 Corruption in South American TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
ninjaxI'm just playing devil's advocate here, while these things are indeed true and it's good to see them come out to light I think it's best to show both sides to make you realize no one's good at all here and everyone does the same fucked up shit besides special actions like ddosing.

Feel free to show other people's baddoings, but doing that with the idea of "advocating" for someone else's shit behavior is just a simple whataboutism that doesn't disqualify on any matter all the stuff Pepito and friends have done. Also you are totally normalizing DDOSing and using his "status" (and also taking advantage of one of the only things Valve has been doing to help the tourneys a bit) for personal gain.

posted about 4 years ago
#77 Corruption in South American TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

Holy shit. I left the the SA scene like 4 years ago (5 or more if you add the year I stopped following everything closely and playing frequently), and at the time I thought your behavior was mostly due to being a kid. But years have passed and you don't change, Pepito.

Normally I don't call people names, mainly in online discussion, but you are definitely a piece of shit, dude. A terrible human being that seems time has given up on making you change. Seriously, you had half a decade to grow up, and you didn't. I am really glad me and Jota never fell for your good guy act while we were in the FBTF staff.

posted about 4 years ago
#34 FBTF shuts its doors permanently in News
crgDon't think SA tf2 was alive in some moment, at least since i started(2013) playing tf2 SA was dead. This post don't change anything. FBTF diying don't change anything, we just don't have more people who wants to do or can't do. Myself include. I miss the cups with 3 teams in elite and the no scrims thing.
If you are BR and wants to play you have 2 another leagues to play and the "vanilla fortress" have prize pool. I will not miss FBTF so, rest in peace.

"The biggest characteristic all our leagues always had was whether personal conflicts, misunderstandings or hindrances were imposed, who always reigned at the end was the strongest, most apt team. It was something absolute."

You know what was happening in 2013 when you started? The community was coming back to life after long off-season because S7 was ruined by DDOSers. We were working our asses off to try to get it to the levels the league was until 2012. And it was paying off, we had a great S9, and also some interesting off-season cups. The Elite division with MONSTER, EG, k6 and some others was competitive once again.

But the toxicity never stopped happening, new DDOSers started attacking. It was just unbearable to organize anything (kudos to Aratinga that had a lot of patience to be in the staff for so long). And if you are honest enough, I think you know a lot of this blame can be put in some of the teammates you had those past years.

posted about 4 years ago
#19 FBTF shuts its doors permanently in News


posted about 4 years ago
#42 How many languages can you speak? in Off Topic

Portuguese and English. I also can maintain conversations in French (I have been living in France for almost 2 years, but in my work and most of my personal life I speak in english, this made me lazy to practice more), but I still take long to formulate more complex sentences

posted about 5 years ago
#31 Catbowcar appreciation thread in Off Topic

I don't know about the memes as I am new to playing pugs in Europe, but I just have to say that I was so happy to be in his team when we ended his 13-losing-streak in Faceit PL.

Shit was hype.

posted about 5 years ago
#75 Unpopular video game opinions in Other Games

i. Most of the open world games are just games pretending to have a lot of content by making a huge and boring world, throwing in a huge number of boring collectibles, boring side-missions and boring times where you have to go from point A to point B. There are rare games that do open world properly (like The Witcher 3, where most of the side quests are more interesting than main quests in other games). The Batman Arkham series is the best example of that, Arkham Asylum was so much better than Arkham City because of it, even though Asylum's bosses were mostly boring, City was just so annoying to play with all the "go to point A to the point B of the city" while beating up boring enemies.

I really hope the linear games make a comeback. During the last console generation they were mostly shit because of almost to no content and mostly boring story and characters, but at least you knew what to expect from the get go, they didn't pretend to have a lot of value adding a lot of boring and lazy content like the open world games tend to do.

ii. Grinding and random encounters are other really annoying ways to make your game pretend to have a lot of content, this makes most of the JRPGs shit. Chrono Trigger is one of (if not the) my favorite single player games of all time, but I could never get to like any other JRPG I have tried because of random encounters and grinding, they are just really annoying mechanics that no JRPG developer wants to get away from.

iii. Progression systems have no place in competitive games. If I can't play at the same level with a new account that I play on an old one because I haven't unlocked boosts, abilities or items yet on a competitive game, I don't even start playing the game. This is something that mainly happen in Call of Duties and Battlefields. TF2 is also guilty of that, if I hadn't started playing in 2009, when there were only some few unlockables, I would've probably never kept playing.

posted about 5 years ago
#15 impulse buying in Off Topic

I could say around 70% of my Steam Library...

posted about 6 years ago
#34 "Greatest airshots of all time" in Videos

I will make part 2 soon.

I was really surprised when I saw my name in your comments with the original link of the plays!

But then I watched the video and found out you forgot to put my play in the video but mentioned it in the credits ahahahha

But great video! Videos like this helps me to never really get totally away from competitive TF2. I hope I will see the second one soon.

posted about 6 years ago
#194 TF2 Players that went on to greater adventures. in TF2 General Discussion
DougNosf, a brazilian player, got to like top 3 in South America in Quake Live Duels, he got even mass reported and banned by ID (then later his ban was removed) because he was beating everyone after playing Quake for like 2 months... He was thinking about trying his shot at the next QuakeCON but gave up due to personal obligations and money.

Quake Live isn't that big nowadays but it's nice to see a TF2 player getting really good at it.

Just an update... Nosf is going to Dreamhack Winter. He was qualified for the US$ 350k Quake Champions championship (

posted about 6 years ago
#32 Favourite Game from your childhood? in Other Games

I have beaten it like 10 times (including all the different endings of the SNES version). It was at least once a year for 6 or 7 years, since I was a child until 2007 (when I was 18).

The strange thing is, it was the only JRPG that I ever really liked because I always hated random encounters.

posted about 6 years ago
#450 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

Hello Valve, do you hate europe?

posted about 6 years ago
#480 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

Just to share a QC news (ok, 10 days-old news already) that has something to do with TF2.

Nosfa, a former TF2 competitive player in South America, got qualified to Dreamhack Winter in duel (

He won the South American qualifier without dropping a map.

posted about 6 years ago
#1 Dreamhack Winter 2017 in LAN Discussion

A good friend of mine qualified for the Quake Champions championship in DHW so I am planning to go, but I wanted some info from people who have been in a Dreamhack already.

Is the BYOC ticket worth it if I am not competing in anything? I am thinking about getting it and bring my laptop with me just to play around some games there, but if I don't have any time to do so, just the event ticket would suffice.
Are the sleeping halls comfortable enough to save some accommodation money?

Also, is anyone here planning to attend?

posted about 6 years ago
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