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#36 etiquette of "gg" in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#16 Ultimates in TF2 General Discussion

Heavy would throw sandwiches everywhere and dance like peach in smash bros but with sandwiches. Hope this helps!

posted 2 weeks ago
#11 Fly high milkytf in TF2 General Discussion

rest in peace

posted 1 month ago
#1 stream request in Requests


posted 4 months ago
#2 Looking for research participants in Projects

does highlander count? :D

posted 4 months ago
#2 Meaning of this byte sequence in VTF hex dump? in Off Topic


posted 5 months ago
#6 i69 winning roster (fan theory!! > in The Dumpster
usnpeepooany update on this winning team theory? is the team dead, or is it confirmed they're attending?

sadly due to recent european imposed sanctions there have been some difficulties with bringing the full roster to the uk

posted 5 months ago
#38 Tips from a 4k hr medic to help meds do their job. in TF2 General Discussion
MedicJesusI removed my post.

I finally found my dream medic girlfriend, but without your helpful advice which you have selfishly deleted she was dying so much that she refused to play medic. Now she only plays pyro and we have broken up. Fuck you medic jesus, you ruined my life.

posted 5 months ago
#11 Tips from a 4k hr medic to help meds do their job. in TF2 General Discussion

hey im looking for someone (female) to play medic and heal me in pubs. do you have any tips for this?

posted 5 months ago
#43 Basketball at LAN in TF2 General Discussion
supraoh damn i wish it could happen on insomnia :(

i can bring a ball

posted 5 months ago
#21 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion


posted 6 months ago
#4 3v3 Ultitrio in Projects

so its scout mge

posted 6 months ago
#2 Mother’s Day is tomorrow in Off Topic

no it's not

posted 6 months ago
#13 I made a custom sticky launcher crosshair. in Customization
AimIsADicktiram_Can you make me one for the quickie launcher please, I tried using this crosshair and now I can’t hit any quickies because the arc is all wrong
I'm confused. How is the arc wrong? The quickie launcher does not affect the velocity or trajectory of the sticky; so it would logically be the same trajectory

yes it does

posted 6 months ago
#18 book megathread in Off Topic

I recently finished Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace after about a year of reading it on and off. I'd recommend it to someone who is ok with putting a lot of time in since I found certain sections slow and quite dry. If you push through those bits though I think it is worth finishing. The highlights for me were these long almost stream of consciousness sections where Wallace just writes expansively on (sometimes very plot unrelated) topics for pages at a time, in particular his long digression on the psychology of top level competitive tennis. IJ is also one of those books (springrolls mentioned house of leaves above) where you will get as much if not more out of it on subsequent readings as you did on the first (or cheating and reading online about all the stuff you missed like I did).

For a somewhat shorter and more accessible while still great example of DFWs writing I recommend his essays, in particular Shipping Out (https://harpers.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/HarpersMagazine-1996-01-0007859.pdf) which is 100% worth reading if you have a spare hour or two.

also lol title i started the brothers karamazov yesterday.

posted 7 months ago
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