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#33 new dm servers in Projects

added rtv + nominations + extend stuff

it uses nativevotes because i had issues with default sourcemod's voting scheme where it used the 1-5 buttons on the number row so i would accidentally vote for a map instead of switching weapons

looks like this


posted 1 month ago
#1 stream name change 2 in Requests

hi could you change my name on the stream sidebar from stephanie_ to stephanieLGBT pls? thanx

posted 1 month ago
#9501 stream highlights in Videos

posted 1 month ago
#2 I can't take it, I swear to Christ I'm at my limit in The Dumpster

give me your phone

posted 1 month ago
#16 1 of the koch brothers died in World Events
MelonTFpeople with the worldview and political opinions of a high schooler are doing fortnite dances right now

dying doesn't absolve david koch of his crimes against humanity

posted 1 month ago
#32 new dm servers in Projects

added koth_clearcut_b13 to ALL dm servers and their rotations (it comes after sunshine now) with brand new spawns that im still tinkering with. lemme know how they are, and i'll eventually submit them to the official soapdm repo on github.

also im working on fixing voting/rtv on all the dm servers, it will happen Soon:tm:

posted 1 month ago
#4 help with vtf crosshair??? in Customization

Someone help this man

posted 1 month ago
#7 server request in Requests

requesting to change all the ports of the current servers to 27015 aka

posted 1 month ago
#31 new dm servers in Projects

all updated, updating them on the tftv server tab next

posted 1 month ago
#30 new dm servers in Projects

All servers are being moved to new IP addresses, and all the ports are being changed to 27015. I will post another update to this thread when I've finished moving and sorting out all of them, the domain names *will not change* but the ip and port likely will.

posted 1 month ago
#4 working translucent wireframe viewmodels in Projects

tiny update, fixed missing texture with engie's pistol

download link didnt change for either flavor (rl or original) but if you're using this you should redownload whichever one again because otherwise if you're playing engineer you're gonna see a big old missing texture in the middle of your screen

posted 1 month ago
#3 working translucent wireframe viewmodels in Projects

by popular request here's a vpk for the original viewmodel instead of the stock rl model

also @makemake the lack of animations is the best part of this lol, at least imo its much cleaner

maybe im a loon but i find the reload distracting, which is why i used to play with no viewmodels

posted 1 month ago
#1 working translucent wireframe viewmodels in Projects

So I stumbled across this thread about wireframe translucent viewmodels a bit ago, and i learned that it only works for 2 weapons. wow, this sucks, right?


through the magic of weapon crosshairs, it is possible to do this for every weapon in the game, with some caveats, mainly:

you need a hud crosshair to aim with because these use weapon crosshairs to display the "viewmodel" (which is just a vtf cropped and centered)
you need to adjust some settings
viewmodel_fov doesnt do anything as, again, these are static vtf textures (i use viewmodel_fov 100 with full viewmodels, which is what these are based off of)
some weapons share the same script file, so they share a viewmodel, meaning i have to pick one to display

anywho, i've spent the past few days working on this project, and i think it's time to release at least a rudimentary version of it

this works perfectly at 1920x1080 with cl_crosshair_scale "32" and tf_hud_no_crosshair_on_scope_zoom "1"

if you're at 1280x720, you should change cl_crosshair_scale to around 22ish, if i'm remembering correctly, fiddle with it yourself

at the moment this only supports the following weapons:

scout -

  • scattergun
  • pistol
  • winger

soldier -

  • rocket launcher/original (shows rl model because i use it)
  • shotgun

demo -

  • any sticky launcher
  • grenade launcher / iron bomber (shows iron bomber model because i use it)

medic -

  • crossbow
  • any medigun (shows medigun model)

sniper -

  • sniper rifle/awp (shows awp because i use it)
  • smg

i didnt do melee weapons because IMO it makes them harder to hit because the .25 sec delay on all of them isnt shown as the viewmodel would be static

for any other weapon it will show a blank crosshair, but if there's any interest i'll consider doing more weapons

download it here and put it in your /custom/ folder

this works in sv_pure 2 and any dxlevel, by the way, and since they're weapon crosshairs, you can change the color with the built in settings in tf2.


edit, almost forgot:

if you want to hide the normal viewmodels and only show the wireframe ones, you need to set up class configs with a slot based viewmodel switcher, which there are plenty of tutorials out there for.

should look something like this:

// slot keys
bind 1 "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 0"
bind 2 "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 0"
bind 3 "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 1"
posted 1 month ago
#108 GUIDE: Weapon-specific Custom Crosshairs in Customization
komorebiThis makes this idea for transparent viewmodels completely possible and viable for every weapon in the game. You would simply create a bigger .vtf with a transparent picture of the weapon in addition to any weapon-specific crosshair. It would be a fair bit of work to create for every weapon but .vtfs already exist for many stock weapons (in aforementioned thread).

sry for bumping a 3 yr old thread but uhh its actually totally possible and i made it

posted 2 months ago
#11 MGE Oihguv Reloaded in Map Discussion

b2 update!


spawns download


  • fixed all the spires' clipping, can no longer see through the spire at some angles/positions
  • fixed gullywash floor textures, they were too bright
  • changed skybox to something more reasonable
  • changed light environment to match sky
  • fixed other clipping besides spires on spire 1 and 2 (not spiremod) involving potential OOB stuff


  • fix gullywash weird black square issues (already been working on this for hours but nothing ive done so far looks any better than the current version/b1/a12 because nothing on this map is snapped to basically any grid at all so i have to eyeball everything)
  • maybe add lava spire??
  • maybe add process mid/second
  • maybe fix clipping on the entire map on walls/roofs
  • maybe remove 2v2 maps to make room for more arenas
  • add twenty more spires


I also experimented with moving the blands mid balc spawns to the small hoodoo on each side of the map but it turned out to be way more annoying

will do more testing with spawns based on feedback


posted 2 months ago
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