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#34 [as] mge replacement in Projects

posted 7 months ago
#32 [as] mge replacement in Projects

imported most(if not all) of the bans from AS mge, hooray!

you can find them at

posted 7 months ago
#4 Help to report a cheater. in TF2 General Discussion

if they play in RGL you can message me about it, or if they play in another league bother that league's AC admin(s), but if it's just some random pub player just ignore them and move on. Valve doesn't care at all about cheaters in pubs.

posted 7 months ago
#51 Have a seat. in Off Topic

RGL is looking in to it, things are being discussed. I or some other RGL admin will update the thread when we've come to a consensus.

posted 7 months ago
#17 Have a seat. in Off Topic
jhonmadden\* image \*

Hmm... Something not adding up..... interesintg.

Dom/sub dynamic shit doesn't mean that you're a pedophile lmfao

nor does diaper shit

nor does noncon if it's in the context of a roleplay situation which it 99.9999% of the time is (and when it's not it is literally fucking rape)

i'm completely reserving judgement on this until more evidence comes out but if you're going to accuse people of being a pedophile don't be like "duhhh you like diapers..." because it's completely meaningless and irrelevant

also, re: this image-

viper also hit on me when i was 16, he is a trans-chaser as well, so I can at least back that part up

posted 7 months ago
#45 Payload: the TF2 Discord bot that does it all. in Projects
I am currently reaching out to get a bot token, I am experienced in discord.js and node and I will be hosting it online, 24/7.
I will continue to add to the bot given what I learn from it.

Thanks guys for waiting.

Pog Champ.

posted 7 months ago
#43 Payload: the TF2 Discord bot that does it all. in Projects
NicellThe source code for payload is at if anyone wants to try to rehost it.

i would rehost it myself but the docs page is down/blank and i've never used the framework that the bot is written in (node, i think?) so i have no idea what im doing


posted 7 months ago
#15 If you designed a tf2 mod, how'd it be like? in TF2 General Discussion

i've wanted to (and probably will at some point) make an instagib mod/mode

posted 7 months ago
#9 Update Pause plugin from in TF2 General Discussion

xposting from here bcuz this thread pops up in google search- an updated version of this plugin is bundled with the new rgl server stuff if you're looking for a version that isn't broken with the updater plugin

posted 7 months ago
#6 What happened with the pause uber fix mod? in TF2 General Discussion

the uber saving version of the pause plugin, which was edited by aad, is included in the new rgl server resources, which is actually required to have on your server for matches, but nobody reads the news blurbs on the rgl website ;(

posted 7 months ago
#30 [as] mge replacement in Projects

fixed segfault bug with heavy / sniper (and pyro apparently) !!

thank you shiningstar for pointing me towards the fix

heavy enabled on everywhere that all other classes were enabled (except for all ammomods on all servers)


oihguv server also updated to b3

Gritomaid recommend making an mge server with no elo

for the 30 minutes i actually spend playing mge to warm aim i can play in a place with a lower percentage of i-use-my-mge-elo-as-my-four-digit-bank-pin goblins and not want to die before scrims

overall itd mean a lot
24wheres regular 66 tick oihguv? Not cool, bro.

there is the 200 tick oihguv server if you want it, if I were to make more servers I'd have to see an uptick in traffic above what it currently is to justify it (though that [hopefully?] might happen when AS shutters its last server)

posted 7 months ago
#13 MGE Oihguv Reloaded in Map Discussion

spawns included with most recent version of MGE here!

latest version ALSO includes a fix for handicap mode not ever working too (thank you to gibustf, i just rebased his fix on the then latest branch and resubmitted it)

posted 7 months ago
#12 MGE Oihguv Reloaded in Map Discussion

b3 update

This time i compressed it with bspzip so it's not a huge file!


  • added lava spire
  • fixed clipping in gran mid
  • fixed some clipping in product mid
  • made og ammomod have see through fences for walls instead of bland ugly textured walls (dont worry they still splash)
  • removed walls from both amphis (put skybox instead)
  • added more nodraws on unseeable textures on all 2 3 spires


download here

spawns coming soon

you can currently play this @
posted 7 months ago
#4 call of duty: mobile in Other Games

griff was talking about this in a pug earlier and he left when we all laughed at him about it

posted 7 months ago
#8 [as] mge replacement in Projects
comma5steph1. i dont play the same div as you, so that was definitely not me
2. why did you tell me to kill myself

there are zero records in my dbs of the steamid attached to your tftv account having ever touched any of my servers or any of the other servers i maintain so i'm curious as to who exactly you are and what ban you're looking at? I assumed that you were the same player with that cheating ringer, but maybe not...? if you're serious and not trolling i'd be happy to discuss it with you in private.

posted 7 months ago
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