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#1 working translucent wireframe viewmodels in Projects

So I stumbled across this thread about wireframe translucent viewmodels a bit ago, and i learned that it only works for 2 weapons. wow, this sucks, right?


through the magic of weapon crosshairs, it is possible to do this for every weapon in the game, with some caveats, mainly:

you need a hud crosshair to aim with because these use weapon crosshairs to display the "viewmodel" (which is just a vtf cropped and centered)
you need to adjust some settings
viewmodel_fov doesnt do anything as, again, these are static vtf textures (i use viewmodel_fov 100 with full viewmodels, which is what these are based off of)
some weapons share the same script file, so they share a viewmodel, meaning i have to pick one to display

anywho, i've spent the past few days working on this project, and i think it's time to release at least a rudimentary version of it

this works perfectly at 1920x1080 with cl_crosshair_scale "32" and tf_hud_no_crosshair_on_scope_zoom "1"

if you're at 1280x720, you should change cl_crosshair_scale to around 22ish, if i'm remembering correctly, fiddle with it yourself

at the moment this only supports the following weapons:

scout -

  • scattergun
  • pistol
  • winger

soldier -

  • rocket launcher/original (shows rl model because i use it)
  • shotgun

demo -

  • any sticky launcher
  • grenade launcher / iron bomber (shows iron bomber model because i use it)

medic -

  • crossbow
  • any medigun (shows medigun model)

sniper -

  • sniper rifle/awp (shows awp because i use it)
  • smg

i didnt do melee weapons because IMO it makes them harder to hit because the .25 sec delay on all of them isnt shown as the viewmodel would be static

for any other weapon it will show a blank crosshair, but if there's any interest i'll consider doing more weapons

download it here and put it in your /custom/ folder

this works in sv_pure 2 and any dxlevel, by the way, and since they're weapon crosshairs, you can change the color with the built in settings in tf2.


edit, almost forgot:

if you want to hide the normal viewmodels and only show the wireframe ones, you need to set up class configs with a slot based viewmodel switcher, which there are plenty of tutorials out there for.

should look something like this:

// slot keys
bind 1 "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 0"
bind 2 "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 0"
bind 3 "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 1"
posted 4 weeks ago
#108 GUIDE: Weapon-specific Custom Crosshairs in Customization
komorebiThis makes this idea for transparent viewmodels completely possible and viable for every weapon in the game. You would simply create a bigger .vtf with a transparent picture of the weapon in addition to any weapon-specific crosshair. It would be a fair bit of work to create for every weapon but .vtfs already exist for many stock weapons (in aforementioned thread).

sry for bumping a 3 yr old thread but uhh its actually totally possible and i made it

posted 4 weeks ago
#11 MGE Oihguv Reloaded in Map Discussion

b2 update!


spawns download


  • fixed all the spires' clipping, can no longer see through the spire at some angles/positions
  • fixed gullywash floor textures, they were too bright
  • changed skybox to something more reasonable
  • changed light environment to match sky
  • fixed other clipping besides spires on spire 1 and 2 (not spiremod) involving potential OOB stuff


  • fix gullywash weird black square issues (already been working on this for hours but nothing ive done so far looks any better than the current version/b1/a12 because nothing on this map is snapped to basically any grid at all so i have to eyeball everything)
  • maybe add lava spire??
  • maybe add process mid/second
  • maybe fix clipping on the entire map on walls/roofs
  • maybe remove 2v2 maps to make room for more arenas
  • add twenty more spires


I also experimented with moving the blands mid balc spawns to the small hoodoo on each side of the map but it turned out to be way more annoying

will do more testing with spawns based on feedback


posted 1 month ago
#60 Jeffrey Epstein in World Events
beatricehey by the way bill clinton is on epstein's like pedo plane logs almost thirty times so if someone wants to put a hit on him that's probably a good idea

dont get me wrong, its almost certain that clinton, trump, and plenty of other rich people are complete and probably pedophilic slimeballs, but publicly calling for the assassination of a former president on a public forum - ironically or not - is a great way to get a visit from the secret service

posted 1 month ago
#10 MGE Oihguv Reloaded in Map Discussion

Consider the following:

i'd really like to keep the space theme, but i've had lots and lots of complaints about poor visibility when looking upwards and there's not really much i can do about it because i'm not a graphics designer/artist, so i figured "hey this skybox is pretty pretty" and this is the next best thing

skybox is this one btw

also i just spent the last 5 hours copying the clipping from cp_bad/prolands over to each spire (all three of them)

this completely fixes all clipping issues that existed on spire so thats good i guess

release coming soonish, i swear! it should have these fixes + more and maybe spawns updates

posted 1 month ago
#24 new dm servers in Projects

changes coming:

going to be setting

sm_cvar mp_waitingforplayers_time 0

in each server's server.cfg to skip the waitingforplayers time at the start of each round

hopefully ill be implementing rtv and mapvoting very soon

from now on ill be putting other minor updates in this discord and ill only be bumping the thread for major updates


posted 1 month ago
#13 CPU Servers in Projects
BrimstoneHey just wondering if this is still a thing because the sites been down for a while.

when Computer left tfcl, he took down cputf servers

sidular and I have all the code and the scripts for the site but neither of us have the required angularJS knowledge to re-implement it, unfortunately

tldr- no, it's not a thing anymore, though it could possibly be in the future

posted 1 month ago
#7 Need help with MGE installation on new server in TF2 General Discussion

i added u if u want some help

posted 1 month ago
#1 stream name change in Requests

current stream link is
could yall change it to



posted 1 month ago
#108 so we're back to this huh in TF2 General Discussion

(Thanks to TFTV mods for unlocking this so I can respond)

Sorry if it took a while to respond to this whole shitshow of a thread, but I have to carefully choose what I'm to say next because I'd really like to put this to bed. I'll try to keep it short.

I almost certainly came off like a rambling lunatic yesterday when I made this thread, and that's probably because I was very upset and miserable after the whole experience.

I've calmed down and decided to write this response to maybe clarify some things here and put it to rest.


The player "lol" and me getting DDoS'd are linked. I don't know how someone could not see this, but I'll say it myself, again, in clearer terms- I got DDoS'd *three times*, and gave up on playing scrims/tryouts. I went to play pubs, and this "lol" player showed up within minutes. I then went to MGE on my personal MGE server, where he knew I could ban him instantly- and it got DDoS'd within 30 seconds. This is all in the twitch vod I mentioned in my original post.


Yesterday, I was playing pubs on the furry pound. I was minding my own business, offline on twitch, and the same "lol" player from 3 days ago showed up, at around tick 115000 of this first demo. I knew he was cheating, because he had already done so in pubs against me before, and I pinged an admin in the furry pound's public discord server. They looked at it for a bit, while I played through this second demo, and around tick 55000 of this third demo, he was banned. I feel like I should mention - by the end of that game, there were already at least 2 people in the server who I've encountered before and then blocked for harassment reasons. Surely a coincidence.


After this "lol" player got banned (on a VPN IP), it took less than 15 minutes for Scratchh to show up. He shows up at around tick 31000 in this fourth demo, and him and his now 3/4ish other friends (who are almost certainly all blocked, probably years ago) just fucking target me.

This continued up until the end of this fifth demo, at which point I turned off TF2.

If you think after this shit that Scratchh is an "innocent uwu eboy" or whatever the fuck you want to say - You are dead fucking wrong.

Don't trust him or take anything he says at face value, because him and his friends have been doing this shit for literally years.

The literal actual first time I met him, he pretended to be trans to trick me into talking with him about trans shit, and I only found about about it because someone happened to be in a discord with him and his friends showed me screenshots of them privately laughing at me for being a decent human being and taking people at their word.

I've had other members of the community reach out and tell me that Scratchh and Dogo/Drugstoner420 have been constantly harassing them as well, and I just can't fucking stand the fucking gaggle of clowns that go around and do this shit.

I've been targeted in other ways outside of TF2 as well with this garbage.

Almost every time I stream on twitch anymore, I see a transphobic follow notification on my OBS sidebar. Typically it's something like "trannyhunter420" or "fucktrannyniggers1488", although sometimes people will have generic usernames to bait a response out of me, and then drop the shit on me in chat. These same chatters have also threatened to "exterminate" [sic] me.

I've had to lock down my disused discord with several different safeguards against these people, and I have to screen everyone who tries to come in, because otherwise I get these morons on alts mass pinging the whole server list or just typing slurs over and over and over in whatever chat they can find.

I can't even record (poor) speedrun gameplay of my favorite game without Steam's DnD feature on, because I have to worry about people adding me and "retardtrannyhunter99" showing up in game (because hat in time captures overlays regardless of OBS settings).

I really don't even care what the reason for this shit is at this point, be it transphobia or something else.

I'm tired of being stalked online and the only thing I feel that I can do at this point is post this and then summarily ignore these dumbfucks for the rest of my life.

I'm sorry if this or the whole thread comes off as a vent post- that's probably because they both are.

Add me on Discord (stephanie#9999) if you'd like to discuss this further with me, for now I'm done publicly speaking about it.


posted 1 month ago
#1 so we're back to this huh in TF2 General Discussion
^ old thread

so i dont really have the energy to write an properly formatted essay about this shit - but i got ddossed 2 days ago. it hit one of my servers and i got a message from my server provider about it. no biggie. i played pubs after the ddoses because i was bored. why not? tf2's mildly fun in pubs. a cheating player shows up. his name was "lol". i stopped playing pubs, went to play MGE with my friends on my mge servers. instantly it gets ddossed. i luckily turned it off within like 10 seconds because im not a stupid person and i was worried it would happen, so i had the server console open in another window. ctrl+c that shit and its fine. i then played hat in time, which is a single player game. everything was fine. i turned off the stream and went to bed or something, dont remember.

i was playing tf2 today, offline on twitch, on my *own*, on a community server (furrypound yeet). same "lol" guy shows up. i get an admin to ban him because hes obviously cheating. another player shows up, starts focusing me hard. more ppl start focusing me, hard. maybe im bad, i dunno, but typically 5 ppl dont run at you no matter where u are on the map, right?

anyway one of the ppl was named "FurryFoxCock | TRADE.TF". i thought that was a little strong, even for a furry pound player, so i checked it out.

im fucking tired of this shit. i just want to run my tiny dm servers and play tf2 sometimes. thats not too much to ask, is it?


scratchh is being a fucking goon again can we please just permaban this fucking dunce from every tf2 platform in existence thanks

full chat log of since i started tf2 to writing this right now here

i'll upload demos if anyone at all cares, i have them all somewhere but im not going to be assed to look through them to find pertinent shit

posted 1 month ago
#15 kashmir in World Events

i dont typically throw around the word "genocide" lightly but this very strongly smells like the beginning of a cultural genocide to me

posted 1 month ago
#36 Calm game in Other Games

spiral knights, although i hear the new game experience kinda blows now

v fun game, sank thousands of hrs into it when i was like 14, still play it from time to time

posted 1 month ago
#1 TFCL Suspends Operations Indefinitely in TF2 General Discussion

Hi all,

Due to lack of community interest and developer issues, TFCL has decided to suspend operations for the near future and probably beyond.

We had very few teams sign up for our 6s league, even after extending registration by a month, and unfortunately it makes no sense, financially or otherwise, to continue operating with our current structure.

Furthermore, our main developer completely vanished off the internet, taking most of TFCL's functionality with him. If any of you have any information about Computer, and whether he is OK, please contact me or Sidular as soon as possible.

For any refund requests, please message Sidular on Discord at Sidular#7410 . He is currently going through some IRL things, so please be patient.

For any inquires other than refunds, add me on Steam or Discord (stephanie#9999).

If there's any update or change to this information, I will let people know as it happens.

Thanks from all of us at TFCL.

Special thanks to:


posted 1 month ago
#428 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion
BBiA_duchessWhen you try to get an unusual from someone be it trading or purchasing, the end goal is getting it in your inventory so you can fucking wear it.

not that i disagree with you, but just saying, plenty of (stupid) ppl buy unusuals as only a status symbol and not to wear

posted 1 month ago
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