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#20 The small ammo pack on villa last in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#104 RGL Ringer Fees in TF2 General Discussion

You want a fuckin nerd novel about how your league and this scene sucks ass? Sure. Let's do it,

posted 1 month ago
#6 The small ammo pack on villa last in TF2 General Discussion

what in the fuck

posted 1 month ago
#93 CleanTF2+ (nohats, flat textures, etc) in Customization

ftr i am almost certain that rgl could override or remove footstep noises if they wanted to, it would take a bit of effort with sourcemod and sigscanning but it could almost definitely be done.

posted 1 month ago
#58 RGL Ringer Fees in TF2 General Discussion

nerdpost time

imo? the only competent people working for rgl are on the anticheat team, and theyre HILARIOUSLY overworked, to the point where theyre barely better than esea in that regard. sigafoo doesn't care, i harassed him for six months to enable cloudflare, and even offered to do it myself, because i have exp with sysadmining. he said "eh" and it never happened. i never saw a trello or pinboard or any kind of organizational tool (outside of random gdocs scattered among 6 people's accounts) used in the entire organization, outside of the gfx team, which had an unused trello, and the ac team, which i wrote the form for and set up a google sheets page for. non ac reports would get ignored for weeks, or be unilaterally decided upon by a random admin and then exa/sig would rubber stamp it and send it out. i would get repeatedly yelled at for "mIsRePrEsEnTiNg ThE bRaND" for posts on my twitter account. i eventually got booted off after pug banning one too many people who called me a tranny in voice chat because apparently i needed to go through someone to do that? despite other admins/mods not being able to? what?

i'm with creators tf now, and while it may be a bit of a clusterfuck sometimes, the difference is insane. there's multiple git repositories. people have clear and well defined roles within the project. the moderation team is phenomenal and does research on every case they get sent. there's constant development on all fronts- website, gameserver, you name it. theres even a whole ass feedback channel that is regularly scraped from for new features or improvements to old ones. there's multiple trellos (internal and external), we have sentryio set up to log website and server errors. theres passion and care put into all aspects of the project, and there's great communication between all members.

theres none a that in rgl. sigafoo does not care. he is more than content having a barely functional c# disaster of a website, and the organization and the people in it seem to be content with having little to no communication and with next to nothing being done in terms of improving in general.

idk man. i have lost faith in the na esports scene. while i applaud rgl's stance on combatting bigotry, i think they should focus on more important things.

posted 1 month ago
#3 Viewmodel Offset Customizer in Customization

this is awesome!!

posted 1 month ago
#108 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

i've been spending the last couple days digging thru tf2 pure code and just getting angrier and angrier at how incompetent valve is in regards to sv pure AND my lack of ability to fix it from a sourcemod / server side because srcds doesn't expose ANYTHING i can find that will let me flush a client's soundemitter system, outside of loading a map_sounds_txt override file which has to be downloaded to the client, which personally doesn't seem like a workable solution.

even the laziest hacky fix that would take literally ONE FUCKING LINE OF CODE would be flushing the client's soundemitter system after L969 here:

it's gotta be mentioned that for some god damn reason AddSoundsFromFile there is taking the file it was just told to reload as an input to readd to the soundsystem? what the fuck dude!

of course, actually fixing sv pure to work would be a better solution than just adding a hack kludge fix. maybe even make it not wholly client authoritative!

then again, that's too much to expect from a company like valve innit????

from what i can tell, they wholesale just ripped out the "check crc hashes" part of sv pure (deprecating sv_pure_trace, sv_pure_retiretime, and sv_pure_consensus), but they just ... never bothered to set up anything else like it? at all? when you connect to a tf2 server from what I can tell the server just politely asks you to copy its sv pure whitelist to your local whitelist in memory and not mess with it at all which is HILARIOUSLY easy to bypass for cheats and trivially easy EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT CHEATING by just fucking fiddling with directories and/or preloading because the pure code wasnt updated to properly check for the custom folder's existence (at least that's what i can gather). ugh dude just fucking give this game to another studio already it's just fucking embarrassing

posted 1 month ago
#22 soap dm / mge repos rehosted / remaintained in Projects

Here's a preview of changes coming to soap:

Completely reworked the spawn system. Nothing will change for players, but soap's spawn system is currently... massively hacked together, and a complete fucking disaster.

The spawn system as it currently stands makes a copy of the spawn config 65 times * 2 (one for red spawns, one for blu spawns) on map load, and then iterates thru those copies the same amount of times as their are players on the server to make a new temporary copy of the spawns, and then grabs a random spawn from this new local copy, deletes the local copy, traces a box to the position it finds, and checks for collision with players, and if there are none, spawns the player there.

This is hilariously wasteful, not to mention the fact that it's using the wrong functions to grab and store data, which made it incredibly difficult to know wtf was actually going on.

Especially because basically none of it was commented.

I tore most of that shit out. It currently now just creates a single spawn handle for each team, grabs each spawn and pushes it to the end of the spawn array, and grabs a random index of a random spawn for the client's team. Then, it does the same box tracing test, but I've added sanity checks so that 1) players can't spawn outside the world and 2) players can't spawn clipping into the world. If SOAP finds either of these scenarios, it will delete that spawn from the spawn list it has and never try to spawn another player there again for that map, and will throw errors in console about it.

These improvements have also allowed me to add a new feature: soap_debugspawns.

Set this cvar to 1 to show a green box in the tracebox around a player's spawn whenever soap spawns them -

Set this cvar to 2 to show team colored boxes around all spawns on the map -

They will be pink if a spawn is shared between both teams -

Soap will also yell at you in chat about bad spawns if you have them, like this one I made to test this -

I also added soap_novelocityonspawn (defaults to 1), to prevent players from retaining their velocity from their previous lives when being teleported by SOAP.

I plan on adding twiikuu's suggestion, soap_loadspawns (or a similarly named command, eg sm_soap_loadmap etc), to allow server owners to load soap using an older version of a map's configs on newer versions of maps without configs for them yet.

Stay tuned!


posted 1 month ago
#20 [StAC] - anticheat plugin in Projects
turbochad69maybe you fixed it by now but I remember a few months ago this plugin considered rocket jumping to be 'aimsnap detections' or something

Yeah, I've reworked it several times since then, it used to be based on shitty SMAC logic. It detects only on players who have "spikes" (e.g. snaps) in their viewangle delta (changes) surrounded on both sides by negligible angle changes - see logic here:

ReeroYeeHawHow do turn binds fuck up hitboxes?Yeah I agree the way banning turnbinds is handled is kinda dumb. Some people with really low sens use turnbinds when strafing and turnbinds in general are cool. Banning it based on seconds spent turning is dumb. Couldn't you instead put a limit on yawspeed? As I understand the whole point of the rule against it is that you can make a +right yawspeed 99999 bind that makes you very hard to hit on sniper

Honestly, the logic for turnbinds has remained basically unchanged in the plugin since 2019, when I was making StAC as a plugin to be run on all RGL servers, because RGL has a rule against it. It currently has no checks for yawspeed or anything else, but that could definitely be implemented, because I agree that there's no reason to blanket ban all turn inputs - which is why it's defaulted to never even check for them unless explicitly set with the cvar.

_KermitI'm very sure tviq used to abuse the +left/right and high yawspeed back in the day.

I do wonder though, is there a difference between high yawspeed +left/right, and sensitivity 50 and spinning with your mouse?

Technically yes, in regards to usercmd differences, but practically no. StAC has a check for spinbotting, but it (almost) never detects on legit players (unless they're using weird gamepads/stylus touchpads etc) because it only checks for exact repeated angle differences. I'm not exactly sure how to fix or check for that outside of kicking people with ultra high sens, but then you could just turn your dpi up to a million and do the same thing.

posted 1 month ago
#13 [StAC] - anticheat plugin in Projects
Tholei have a slight feeling this will occasionally ban players with really crappy/inconsistent internet connections but most games anticheat does that so its a good trade off imo.

Naw. I've tuned it over months to ignore laggy players - take a look here and here if you want to see how specifically it does this.

TLDR, checks clients to make sure they're not repeating usercmds or sending them out of order, and that alone filters out 99% of ppl with shitty internet. checks if any angles are 0.0, and checks approximate client command rate after that, just in case.

posted 1 month ago
#11 [StAC] - anticheat plugin in Projects

StAC has been finally publicly released with version 5.0. Check it out here:

posted 1 month ago
#21 soap dm / mge repos rehosted / remaintained in Projects

mgemod update -> 3.0.0


- Merged Pepperkick's ChillyMGE into MGEMod. Pepperkick has push access to the new repo as well, and big thanks to him for letting me merge it. The new plugin is just named "mge.smx", to distinguish it from mgemod and chillymge. It should work on any server running any modern mge map. You will have to delete mgemod.smx
- Updated translation files to reflect the above change (MGEMod -> MGE)
- Added Chillypunch maps to mgemod_spawns.cfg
I DID NOT EDIT THE MGE_TRAINING SPAWN FILE. You will __not be able to use !2v2 on MGE Training__ (at least for the moment).
- Rewrote a lot of the plugin to use more modern sourcepawn syntax / conventions
- Removed a lot of crusty unused and unneeded things - including mgemod_spawns_2v2 and mgemod_stats
- Hopefully fixed issue with getting frozen in spec on server join occasionally, related to ds_enable <= 2, by setting client team to spectate instead of unassigned immediately upon join

As always, please report bugs here ->

Thank you to dog and elektro for beta testing.

posted 1 month ago
#91 ban iron bomber and market gardener for s39 in TF2 General Discussion
CollaideDidn't someone make a plugin that made the iron bomber projectile hitbox the same as default? Or am I confusing it with something else?


(they also made a fix for the wrap assasin / bison / other projectiles breaking:

why not just go full promod when theres plugins that can fix most engine issues with the game lol

posted 2 months ago
#107 Monthly RGL Is Bad Thread in TF2 General Discussion

wait why doesnt rgl just prevent ppl from joining spectator team theres literally a cvar for it - mp_allowspectators

posted 2 months ago
#133 ChillyMGE: New MGE Map in TF2 General Discussion

lol this is because the repo isn't updated with the correct spawn file. doing a pr now

posted 2 months ago
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