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#3 skibidi bop in Off Topic


▄██THE YAOI TANK███▅▄▃▂

posted 1 month ago
#31 TF2 has a 64bit and Vulkan update in testing in TF2 General Discussion
ReeroPhnxtwiikuumitchThis is super good - do we need a different build of srcds for it to work on 64 bit or is it cross compatible?Yes, they're not cross-compatible
Phnxwill the old betas still run in 32 bit?You mean the betas that let you watch demos? They will probably remain 32bit
Yes that's what I meant, And what about programs like HLAE, Lawena and AviRecorder?

I can't speak for client side plugins but this will definitely break a lot if not all server side plugins. I know for a fact that all sourcepython based plugins (tempus being the biggest one) will be bricked for sure, and the sourcepy devs are very dead so thats going to be a lot of fun.

Most SourceMod plugins will be fine, with the exception of plugins that are using Address and integer offsets, due to the way that SM handles addresses (including StAC, oopsie!), but it should be fixable (involving a slight rewrite) with this PR. All *extensions* will need recompiled for x64, but the big ones (Accelerator crash reporting, SteamWorks, etc) are already being handled by some folks. DHooks, which is what some plugins use for function detouring support, does not currently support x64. Hopefully that is remedied, or plugins like TF2 comp fixes will stop working unless they are turned into an extension, which is a slight pain in the ass.

posted 2 months ago
#11 Server STV demos dont upload to demostf in Q/A Help

i went ahead and finally updated the github with a windows version that should work on all servers running sourcemod 1.11 or later

UNFORTUNATELY this requires an update to the demostf plugin, i compiled it here:;

^ this will probably break at some point, luckily i have made a pull request on the demostf upstream

PLEASE!!! let me know if things break (through a github issue report). Thank you!!

posted 3 months ago
#54 funniest tf2 dramas? in TF2 General Discussion
brodycre-8me vs steph. it was the first time this community actually defended me.this shit was actually so good, u guys are insane for -frags here

Honestly I don't even remember what happened that well but I'm sorry that I was such a fucking jackass idiot to you and plenty of others years ago. I hope you're doing well nowadays.

posted 4 months ago
#1 Former Valve writer Chet Faliszek - "I miss TF2" in TF2 General Discussion

Former Valve employee Chet Faliszek (writer for HL2, Portal1/2, L4D, a bit of TF2, etc) made a video about the state of TF2's casual system. Figured some here would find it worthwhile, I know I did.

posted 4 months ago
#14 HAHAHA in TF2 General Discussion

i dont know why people give attention to mcvicker if they don't like him - just ignore him, you're feeding him impressions/views/analytics by responding to his content in any way

posted 4 months ago
#4 Looking for tf2 movment paper in Q/A Help

fucking THANK you i was looking for this the other day, was digging into sv_clockcorrection_msecs breaking market gardener bhops and i KNEW it was in this paper that i just could not find

posted 5 months ago
#27 soap dm / mge repos rehosted / remaintained in Projects

mge 3.0.3 - spring cleaning (it's fall)

plugin autocompiles with no warnings or errors (DO NOT CLONE, use the release)

zip now contains a new map - triumph mge, by community member Shigbeard, zip also now comes with chillypunch so you dont have to go download that either. also requires sourcemod 1.11. also contains a fix from pepperkick for !adding using partial names e.g. !add badlands instead of the full name -

full changelog:

up next, i want to add support for 100 player mge servers (dear god) and maybe other code cleanup. who knows. we'll see.


posted 6 months ago
#2 help is my pc dying? in Q/A Help

it looks like your graphics card is probably dying sorry. do what the guy below me said to be sure but in my experience artifacts like this mean its probably toasted

posted 6 months ago
#2 Server STV demos dont upload to demostf in Q/A Help

the old curl extension doesnt work because it's so ancient and there's not a really easy way to port demos tf to use anything else (steamworks doesn't really support the POST form uploading that demostf requires) so i just updated the curl extension with a lot of pain and agony

idk, it works fine on my servers, and the few ppl ive given it to it works fine for them, but i make no guarantees

posted 7 months ago
#3 update spaceship dm servers url in Requests

man i love being boo-boo the fucking fool, it turns out that there's a Cool Steam Bug:tm: that means that you can't use steam://connect urls with domain names, so i guess if those could be changed to + whatever port is there that'd be great, ta

posted 7 months ago
#6 [Help] Game taking too long to load into a server in Q/A Help

posted 7 months ago
#107 new dm servers in Projects
DivineATplease remove granary from DM it's so badJ0hNplease remove badlands too

also considering adding some new maps - already added warmtic, might whip up some spawns for ctf landfall, cp_sulfur (point a), cp_hardwood, idk what else, or if thesell happen, but we'll see

also might get around to adding barriers/forcefields a la minecraft world borders to prevent people from going and sitting in spawn rooms instead of playing the game, i dunno

edit: added cp_entropy as well, it's an up and coming map and looks good. let me know if it plays well. ta

posted 8 months ago
#2 Community Server nextmap Not Working in Q/A Help

try sm_nextmap

posted 8 months ago
#22 tftv dm servers in TF2 General Discussion
throneerm can these come back pls

they r alive at but mods havent updated them yet on tftv server list (which as a whole is just not maintained anymore which kind of sucks)

posted 10 months ago
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