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#27 someone fix in TF2 General Discussion

no idea what compels someone to do this

list of accts participating so far at least:

i reached out to zoob to see if he would open src logstf and allow ppl to do pull requests so that some sort of account checking/filtering could be implemented, hopefully i get a response

posted 5 days ago
#95 new dm servers in Projects

yeah after listening to ppl who play more dm than i do, and playing with it myself for a bit, im rebanning spoon and mangler. the spoon is an ape weapon and while hilarious, it encourages complete brainless behavior and that aint fun in dm. i also only unbanned the mangler because i thought it was unbanned globally, which it's not. that's what happens when you havent rly played since esea s30 lol. new whitelist is 12587, have fun, thx for the feedback

posted 1 week ago
#92 new dm servers in Projects

meme spoon unbanned along with other nonsense on DM (
dm 4 server (steam://connect/ updated to be all class and have a bunch more maps than the normal servers. have fun highlander players
updated gullywash to f7 and process to f11 (will put cfgs in soap dms repo as well)
most dm maps should have sky_well_01 as their skybox (you don't have to download anything), this is for branding purposes (easy to tell apart from other servers on streams etc)
sorry that servers were broken yesterday, was an issue with an anti DoS plugin i'm writting from scratch
i've added a donator role on servers, donate 5 dollars or more once and give me your steamid on the discord ( and i'll give it to ya. it's purple. thank you to everyone whos donated so far.

i'm *considering* (I HAVE NOT IMPLEMENTED THIS YET) adding reserved slots for donators, and having it be so that the DM servers have 10 slots, where normal people get 8 of them, and donators get 2. nobody would be kicked, the server would just be 10/8 with 2 donators or 9/8 with 1 donator. this would use a modified version of the reserved slots plugin so that we'd avoid issues with steam's autoretry feature bugging and people directly connecting not getting the "server is full message". i'm looking for community feedback on this (and any other changes frankly), so let me know. you can also join the discord as mentioned earlier and that's probably a better way to directly yell feedback to me.

have fun

posted 1 week ago
#20 Market gardener banned in soapDM in TF2 General Discussion

i unbanned the market gardener. and the mangler, and the wrap

posted 1 week ago
#162 Cheating to hear spies is painfully easy. in TF2 General Discussion

i would pay tftv admins money to ban this guy ^

anyway the spy fix has been given to rgl along with source code so it's in their court now. it might be very easily bypassed if you know how it works, but I haven't tested enough to determine that. ill do some testing when i get around to it, if theres no way i can find to get around it, ill dump it don't you worry.

posted 2 weeks ago
#44 The small ammo pack on villa last in TF2 General Discussion

i was going to fix this myself, but my friend nosoop already did it lol


posted 1 month ago
#15 Why must you hate me :C in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#1 stream update in Requests

twitch name updated from sapphonie -> sappho_sappho, please

posted 2 months ago
#74 is islamaphobia a bannable offense in rgl? in TF2 General Discussion

posted 3 months ago
#5 TF2 Instagib in Projects

Scout and Spy have been disabled on the server

posted 6 months ago
#3 TF2 Instagib in Projects
monkeyjediThis is sick, but trying to hit Mach 10 scout is interesting to say the least

Yeah I wanted to class limit it to just pootis, but that would gimp airstrafing by half. probably will end up allowing only sniper + engineer or something

posted 6 months ago
#1 TF2 Instagib in Projects

Do you like TF2? Do you like bhopping? Do you like movement intensive instagib?

Well I have got the (currently FFA, subject to change) server for you!


Utilizes and

Everyone (meaning every class!) gets a rocket jumper and a railgun. This is heavily inspired by Ratz Instagib and Diabotical's (rip lol) Instagib mode.

Press alt-fire to zoom, hold jump (and crouch if you want) to bhop. I've turned up air accel to 100, so you can do crazy strafes if you can move your mouse fast enough.

Hopefully someone besides me enjoys this.


posted 6 months ago
#2 Client Disconnected in Q/A Help

Ask the person who owns the server to tell you if anything funny is getting printed in server console (or more specifically, what the server says your kick reason is) when you get disconnected, or look at the logs if on serveme. Valve broke kick messages (including the official VAC ones that tell you that your computer is having an issue with VAC) so that's all you can really do outside of guessing and checking (like if your interp is wacky and the server is running an interp limiter, fixing it to something not wacky might prevent you from getting kicked).

posted 6 months ago
#26 soap dm / mge repos rehosted / remaintained in Projects

Above issue fixed in 4.3.1 - was broke when SOAP was updated to allow all maps to have instant respawn based on in-map spawn points, which (wrongly) included MGE.

posted 7 months ago
#24 soap dm / mge repos rehosted / remaintained in Projects

MGE 3.0.1

- Fix endif manntreads - MGE will now automatically remove a player from endif (and run elo calculations if applicable) if that player is running the manntreads.

Thank you to elektro and dog for testing.

Further, the changes outlined above (in SOAP) were merged a couple months ago, along with a contribution from icewind ( where SOAP will try to load a map config of an older/newer map if it can't find one for the current map version, e.g. load process_f7 if the map is process_f9, deleting the junk spawns.

posted 7 months ago
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