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#60 NA Invite Top 100: #5-#1 in News

Duwatna had the highest fph for four straight seasons apparently. What was he missing lol?

posted about a year ago
#34 NA Invite Top 100: #20-#11 in News

Here I was thinking Dave_AC was getting a rating way too high and he's not even on the list? Worst Christmas ever.

Hey at least Mangachu is a shoe-in for top 10 now... right...?

posted about a year ago
#1 gofundme for m3z and seagate. M3z has cancer. in Off Topic

If you played hella long ago you guys might know m3z or seagate, anyway they met playing tf2 and are a couple now, and m3z has recently been diagnosed with advanced stage IV non small cell lung cancer.

He is insured through his work, but cancer treatments are still dumb ass expensive in the US either way (often getting into the range of a couple thousand a month). I met m3z playing City of Heroes in like 2006. He's still pretty young, and not a smoker, so kind of came out of nowhere.

He's a funny dude, and he's got thick skin, so he's been keeping his head up. He's planning on starting treatment soon.

Don't feel obligated to give much or anything, but if you knew either of them, or just wanna help out, anything would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

posted about a year ago
#43 sync rocket terms in TF2 General Discussion

Everyone in the thread so far is wrong. It’s not total rockets, nor is it rockets not counting the one you jump with. Maybe play some jump servers and learn the terminology.

Confirmed by aurora: it’s the opposite. It’s not all rockets you sync, but the last rocket doesn’t count. The correct way is: count the last one, not the ones you shoot to sync with.

For example:

One rocket in air, one on ground: single
Two rockets in air, one on ground: single
Three rockets in air, one on ground: single

posted about 3 years ago
#5 Best app for recording game footage? in Off Topic

I have both OBS and shadowplay, any reason to use one over the other?

posted about 4 years ago
#1 Best app for recording game footage? in Off Topic

Hello everyone,

What's the best (as in the least impacting on performance/lowest input lag) app for recording footage of gameplay? I just want to record stuff, not stream.


posted about 4 years ago
#12 gibus lft open roamer/scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

Recruit this man.

Idk how he is in a team environment because all I did with him was b-ball, but this man can jump.

I feel like I need to clarify that this is not one of those typical “lol chill gamer good dm, good jumps, nice guy” posts that are in every lft thread ever regardless of how good the player is.

In b-ball, he had some of the cleanest, most efficient, and unhittable jumps I’ve ever seen - matched only by the likes of exile, wonderland, and aurora.

I remember him being just another baller who could kinda jump decently, then he -very- rapidly improved into one of the most annoying people to play against, even when I was legit playing this game. I feel like he’d be able to adapt his jumps to the 6s game pretty well.

Recruit this man.

posted about 4 years ago
#10 City of Heroes, my first MMO, under unique duress. in Other Games

Tequila launcher I think - check the CoH reddit for more info, should be some set-up guides.

Here's the pvp discord

posted about 4 years ago
#8 City of Heroes, my first MMO, under unique duress. in Other Games

These new ones aren't secret. I wanna say the other one was secret because if it wasn't, it would have likely been shut down and the owners would have faced legal action. I'm not sure what makes this one any different - but rumors are that the hosts are in talks with ncsoft, and its looking promising on their end. I am not super in the loop in that regard, though.

posted about 4 years ago
#6 City of Heroes, my first MMO, under unique duress. in Other Games

There's a server up now with 4 public shards.

Some homies and I are rolling shit on the Indomitable Server if anyone else is playing. Idk how long it will hold my interest.

posted about 4 years ago
#5 City of Heroes, my first MMO, under unique duress. in Other Games

Also, I don't think a lot of the info in that summary is correct. Especially the part about the dev hoping Leandro would release the info into the web.

posted about 4 years ago
#4 City of Heroes, my first MMO, under unique duress. in Other Games

I actually knew destroyer stroyer (the leaker) on live rofl.

posted about 4 years ago
#9 EU Bball League (EBL) in TF2 General Discussion




Y'all better hope we oversleep.

posted about 4 years ago
#212 so uhh.. in TF2 General Discussion

Valve working with you guys to make the game esport ready has got to be one of the most meager, disingenuous, incompetent, phlegmatic, and utterly arrogant efforts I’ve seen anyone undertake. Faster than a speeding tortoise, too. If it isn’t, they’ve done a terrible job indicating otherwise.

If this b4nny quote is the premise: “MM and league formats MUST converge for esports viability. I do not believe Valve will ever implement item bans or class limits, so a lot of the change falls on the community. Rebalance of classes and items will be necessary, but league adoption will accelerate that process.”

Which, it is, right? That’s the whole point?

No one in here is saying bonk and soda popper will help the game evolve in positive ways.

I also don’t see any pub pyro mains breaking their piggy banks and asking mom to up their allowance by a couple quarters so they can mail ESEA money because HYPE they can finally use the scooba crit pyro weapon that lets you crit underwater!

So, as much as people want to say they aren’t suffering from the delusion that tf2 is gonna make it big… that’s really all it comes down to, right? The hope of that actually happening?

I’m not gonna tell you which unlocks should or shouldn’t be allowed, because I’m not qualified to. Do I think most of them are dumb? Sure. Do I think the newer maps heavily favor a class that is already too favored by the demo nerf and med buff? Sure. My opinions don’t matter, though, because I don’t play the game anymore. I’m not going to tell people who play the game now at a higher level than I did -- or, for that matter at level higher than even existed when I played -- I’m not going presume to tell you how to play.

But come on, is anyone really buying into valve’s bullshit? Matchmaking didn’t exist for nearly a decade. Then another really successful class based shooter, marketed as an esport and with a matchmaking system shows up on the horizon and suddenly OH FUCK LETS ADD MATCHMAKING!

Two years later, it’s still shit.

Forget that competitive mode still forces dx9 and viewmodels. Forget the lack of class limits and item restrictions. Forget that random crits still exist for some reason. This is the same company with successful matchmaking processes in CS:GO and DOTA. The interface still looks horrendous, it’s buggy, casual still (unsuccessfully) tries to autobalance servers by splitting up people who queued together. Over the course of YEARS, they can’t even get right the shit they already got right somewhere else. How the fuck are they gonna market a 10 year old, goofy, cartoon hat trading game as anything other than what it seems?

It’s disrespectful of them. All the shit that makes competitive tf2 great, valve made BY ACCIDENT. Valve had no idea people would be able play these classes the way they’re played, rocket jump the way people do, hit crazy surfs, push off the little advantages you guys value… Other than the mechanic of uber and the classes themselves being valve’s intellectual property, TF2 is your game. Not theirs. They’ve proven time after time that they both care about it less and understand it less than you do. Valve handed you a sandbox, and for years, you begged for help. Valve didn’t give a shit.

So you did it all yourself. You made configs when valve wouldn’t, you made huds when valve wouldn’t. You advertised when valve wouldn’t. You made plug-ins, maps, and entire game-modes when valve wouldn’t. You banned weapons when valve wouldn’t fix them. You restricted classes when valve wouldn’t balance them. You guys bent over backward to make the game what it is, you sent teams across the world on your own dime… and to help you out, I distinctly remember valve’s contribution: They posted a picture of a charge and targe demo on pl_goldrush with a small heading about i46 about half way down their news page.

While you guys built a game, valve was still busy breaking theirs. The aging game somehow became more demanding on our computers. A host of broken/useless/low-skill weapons were added; they dug themselves deeper and deeper into the pit of shit they’d have to eventually rebalance. Meanwhile, the pub experience worsened as a result.

Have any of you considered what it’d be like to pick up the game and start pubbing in this era? Most of us started varying degrees of way the fuck long ago, when there weren’t that many unlocks, and people still capped intel on 2fort. Things were simpler back then. The pub game was easier to learn, and we could learn about new weapons one at a time… shit, after a while we got so good by pub standards we didn’t even have to care about new weapons.

A new player today is going to be thrown into a purely chaotic affair, muddled with the congested spam of around 200 unique weapons which often make the same class play in ways polarly opposite to usual. Don’t forget there’s also a good chance he gets to experience that on 12v12 2fort.

When we first picked up the game, we weren’t all good at it, but we all wanted to keep playing anyway. It was fun, so we wanted to get good. I still have fun pubbing, but golly fucking jeepers, I cannot imagine how little I’d play this game in its current state (still talking about pubs here) if I wasn’t good at it. Seriously, imagine pubbing right now in this version of the game, imagine you’ve never played the game before and you suck at it… would you stick around? Casual TF2 isn’t the same game we knew and loved. TF2 fucking blows now.

So, after all the blood sweat and tears you put in to the game, and after all valve has done to fuck that game up, they have the nerve to come to you and be like “Hey man, you gotta do it our way… also all this bullshit we released, yeah you gotta work around that too, we aren’t sorry.” Are you fucking kidding me lol?

What’s the point of avoiding attempting careers in overwatch so you don’t “sell out” when the entire premise of tf2 MAYBE having a chance at (never) becoming an esport is that you compromise the game’s competitive integrity and potentially change the face of the game into something unrecognizable in the process?

posted about 4 years ago
#11 rocket jumping different with minimized viewmodel in TF2 General Discussion

Tell b4nny to tell valve to make a version of the rocket jumper that shoots from the middle like the original does.

posted about 4 years ago
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