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#2189 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

Great song sheepy, loved it

posted 9 months ago
#1113 Vent your anger in Off Topic

I'm unemployed again and even though most of my work colleges were super nice, the manager was just a horrible human being. I know i'm not the only who felt this as I just found out that a few of my colleges also left shortly after I had for the same reasons. I would never be told what to do and how to do it, I would only ever be yelled at for not doing something that I had never been taught to do. I worked my ass off at that place and yet I was expected to do things that no one had ever taught me (despite me asking).

From what I can tell most of my co-workers have also left by now but still I don't have a job once again and finding one job was hard enough and now I have to find yet another one.

posted 9 months ago
#2188 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

Made this one myself RIP Big Shaq

reakodaybraek't vibe with it, but alt rock is really hit or miss with me so it is what it is

It was ok

posted 9 months ago
#81 Game of Thrones S8 in Off Topic
Asi_PasasiI feel like Theon got close enough to the NK to pull of pretty much the same trick Arya pulled and I would have preferred it that way because it would make the Theon character arc ending even stronger and because when Arya does it it just feels like someone pulling a WWE signature move out of no where.

This isn't true and I agree with Ombrack here. Bran could probably see what was going to happen and knew Arya was coming. There is absolutely no way Theon could have just charged in and killed the Night King surrounded by White Walkers. The show had spent seasons with Arya training to be a Faceless Man, who are basically known to be the most silent and deadly assassins in the world.

It was anti-climatic and I think the show could have used an extra season but having Arya be the one to kill the Night King was very clever. She sneaks past the White Walkers and when the Night King grabs her by the neck she stabs him in the tiny gap in his armor. NO other character in the show would have been able to get past the white walkers and kill the Night King other than Arya.

Theon's arc thoughout the show (and books) is about his betrayal to the starks and then his redemption in sacrificing himself and I found it a fitting end for him.

I think people are being a little harsh on this episode and in my opinion and this season (so far) has been better than the last 3 seasons, Also people say that no main characters were killed but most of them were in the crypts and Jamie, Brienne and the Hound are 3 of the strongest and smartest warriors and they know when to retreat and where to position themselves.

alfaThe Dothraki feeding in the first 10 min of the episode was the best part honestly, shame they didn't build up better on that.

Also bran goes like " theon gtg" then just plays Crow Flight simulator 2000 while everyone dies? Wtf was that about, they better explain this.

Their whole plan was to bait the Night King to Bran as that was the only way they could win. Bran was basically using his warging powers to scout for the Night King and to see what's going on from what I can tell.

posted 9 months ago
#70 Game of Thrones S8 in Off Topic
Starkieimagine hyping up a villain for 7 seasons just to have him die in about 5 seconds to a character hopping in from off-screen

i was expecting some kind of depth of the night king to be revealed? george martin is always talking about how he hated the whole good vs. evil trope yet the night king and his army are just evil incarnate and then to top it off they just get deus ex machina'd

This is very true. Although it did at least make sense in narrative terms as Arya had trained with the faceless men, so it makes perfect sense that she would be the one to assassinate the Night King. Despite all the problems with the episode I loved Jorah and Theons death scenes and they wrapped up the arcs of both characters very well.

Basically the REAL villain of the show is Cersei and the whole Army of the dead buildup existed solely to cripple Daenerys' army. Her fight against Cersei would have been over in 5 minutes if she had her entire army and 3 fully grown dragons.

posted 9 months ago

My family is half dutch so i'm really happy to see Max come in at 4th. Hopefully he can get ahead of the Merc duo at some point.


twingodo you guys think ricciardo will get on the podium this year

HAHAHHA TOLD YOU! I like Ricciardo but leaving Red Bull was a terrible decision and he is a complete moron for having done so.

posted 9 months ago
#66 ETF2L player falsely banned for supposedly aimbot in TF2 General Discussion
hpqoeuWhat this thread needs at this time is the same french circlejerk that defended baud/azn/broda/night terrror to spice it up a bit. ever since those people stopped playing its never been the same in the etf2l ban posts.

When Baud was banned someone on ETF2L fiourms said that his human rights were being violated and that it should be dealt with by the United Nations i'm not joking honestly. He edited the part out but here is the thread anyway (

Baud also made a video to prove his innocence and everyone fell for it and the AC team got non stop angry frenchies demanding he be unbanned (

After his 1 year ban was up, this happened (

Maybe he was just using transparent viewmodels like Thalash!!!

posted 9 months ago
#19 Avengers Endgame in Music, Movies, TV

The ONLY modern superhero movies I've liked was Guardians of the Galaxy (and Logan) and Disney fire James Gunn for making some stupid twitter JOKE like 10 years ago. I hate paying these people money but people say this one is good so i will probably see it at some point.

Bring back Guardians of the Galaxy though it was better than the rest.

posted 9 months ago
sniffCondoMNo you're both right, that was also Williams.
Before moving to Force India (now Racing Point), Lance Stroll drove for Williams which then was funded by his father Lawrence Stroll. Lawrence bought out Force India for 2019 where Lance is now driving.
yeah I know but sheepy said 'bought'
he was more of a paydriver at williams, his dad funded it but held no shares in the team

The point was that the dude was only driving for williams because he had a rich dad who funded the company and they couldn't get a better driver because of this.

posted 10 months ago

My biggest problem with Modern Formula 1 is the advancements in Tyre technology. It has completely changed the way the sport works and not for the better. It's similar to how the advancements in both golf ball and swimming suit technology can and do make the sport more boring.

Another problem with F1 is that it's not about pure skill and it is not a race about the drivers but rather it is a team sport. We have seen 1 mistake in the pitstop cost the driver his victory and vice-versa. Basically the team with the most money to spend on drivers, mechanics and research will always win and long gone are the days of outside companies making it because you just cannot beat Mercedes or Ferrari when they have so much more money to invest in the cars.

I still love watching F1 but there is no denying that the sport was at its very best in the 70s-late 90s where it was just far more dangerous and exiting, as well as being more about skill and innovation rather than whoever had the most expensive tyres, mechanics and sponsors. On the lower end of the grid, some of the drivers there have literally been bought by their billionare dads so that they could race in F1 *cough* Williams *cough*

posted 10 months ago
#14 Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in TF2 General Discussion
Spannsmentally disabled scrawny dude in his 50s who had the body of an alcoholic drug user walked into my uni's classroom going "...Freshmen..." and sat next down next to a girl and went "you look like my girlfriend" only to turn to another girl who looked completely different and repeat "you look like my girlfriend", doing all sorts of noises and shit

I would be lying if I said this was the last time we saw him and I would also be lying that it did not get wierder

Spanns I already told you to keep your mouth shut about this. I'm just trying alternative tactics for courting and marrying my next cute waifu. You promised you wouldn't tell anyone, it's been known to work as women have been known to get very jealous and you are just sabotaging this for me.

posted 10 months ago
#4 best games ever in Other Games

I love games like Silent Hill and Forbidden Siren (highly underrated). Resident Evil 4 is always fun to play through and I really love SWERY'S games such as Deadly Premonition and the "D" series. His new game The Missing was fantastic as well. I don't like turn based RPGs but I enjoyed Persona 5 due to the fantastic writing, artstyle and characters.

I still enjoy playing games like The Simpsons Hit and Run and the Timesplitters series.

posted 10 months ago
#22 PSA in The Dumpster

yak is just mad that by grinding mge demoman so hard, i have ended up becoming better than him. This is why he was kicked from the team.

True facts from sheepy dog's hand

posted 10 months ago
#19 6vs6 Meta in official matchmaking in TF2 General Discussion
I personaly watched "cat noises" a lot, as it is, in my opinion, the most interesting team to watch

I know what you mean, after buying the adult only 18+ dlc for Nekopara I literally can't stop masturbating. I'm beginning to develop an addiction to catgirl hentai and now that I am unemployed (again) I have been spending hours masturbating to degenerate anime porn. Apparently "sex addiction" is a real thing and you CAN get help for it Olgha.

Remember you are not alone

posted 10 months ago

I also fucking love Formula 1. Had a good laugh at Ferrari's massive choke last night. Also glad to see Max Verstappen doing so well because he is insanely talented and i'm more Dutch than English so I support him all the way. Also glad that Bottas is doing well and the traitor Riccardo is becoming a laughing stalk.

twingodo you guys think ricciardo will get on the podium this year

haha no

posted 10 months ago
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