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#25 phoxx lft high open demo/scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

team dead alert will play anything/any div

preferably IM

posted 2 months ago
#53 favorite video game music in Off Topic

anyone remember ikaruga that had a sick soundtrack

posted 2 months ago
#93 ESEA Open S31 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

posted 2 months ago
#24 What makes a good player good? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 2 months ago
#8823 stream highlights in Videos

posted 2 months ago
#17 Pls help save invite!!!! in TF2 General Discussion

We will bite the bullet if literally no other team wishes to do so. we don't mind getting rolled every single match as long as it allows for the rest of the invite to have a final hurrah, a goodbye if you will. Plus if I have to I'll pay for someone and I lmao

posted 2 months ago
#8 ESEA Intermediate S31 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

posted 3 months ago
#1 stream request in Requests

Name: phoxx
Country: U.S.A
WIll stream tf2 scrims/pugs and ESEA-IM officials

posted 3 months ago
#4 bea/boxcar/whatever else u wanna call me in Recruitment (looking for team)

as someone who has played with this person, I understand where a lot of bashing comes from, but I really believe she deserves a good team environment to play on and get better as I did see improvement when I played with them, just some key communication stuff and tilting they need to work on. (when they are not tilted they play pretty smart and can shoot things on scout.)

haven't seen their med though

plus they can click on heads when they need to pretty well

posted 3 months ago
#24 phoxx lft high open demo/scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

bump, thanks everyone who tried me out, I'm pretty settled on which team I wanna play for atm so now I'm just looking for a RGB 4 LAN team.

posted 3 months ago
#2 LFP Open s31 (soldiers and demo) in Recruitment (looking for players)

these guys are very cool and will commit a lot of time to improve, if you wanna get better with a team this is a good one to do it with

posted 3 months ago
#21 phoxx lft high open demo/scout in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted 3 months ago
#67 Scratchh LFT S31 in Recruitment (looking for team)
Anthony1118last time i played with scratchh was a inhouse,

posted 3 months ago
#2 lft open demo or pocket in Recruitment (looking for team)

very very cool dude and hits lots of projectiles, pick him up

posted 4 months ago
#6 [DEMOCALL] ESEA S30 Open/IM Highlights in Videos

demo page

air sticky into air pipe


posted 4 months ago
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