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#39 the dream is dead in TF2 General Discussion
downpourvanillaWhat happened to mesr?he moved to medic I THINK

According to the article enigma wrote, mesr returned to playing medic and soup is now a backup.

posted about 7 years ago
#48 what's yo inches/360 in Off Topic

18.2 in/360

Usually solly.

posted about 7 years ago
#43 USA in TF2 General Discussion

There are some trolls and idiots in that ETF2L thread, but a lot of the people here are taking jokes out of context and citing them as European excuses. Yes, the American teams dominated, but this circlejerk is extremely pathetic.

If you read the entire thread, you'll see that there is actually a lot of intelligent discussion. For example, here is Epsilon GeaR's post:

GeaRI want to state here that LG clearly deserved to win against us. I didn’t feel like we played bad at all and it’s no excuse that we only played 3 days as a preparation for this lan. banny and clockwork are both sick at their classes and their overall way of playing the game is better.
In the end it’s somehow sad to notice that epsilon is ahead of any other European team and then still being dominated by LG. I think we lost too much time discussing unlocks. Maybe we should have rather played the game as it is :D
posted about 7 years ago
#7 BIG MACK in TF2 General Discussion

posted about 7 years ago
#8 Where to get Garm3n hud quake style? in TF2 General Discussion
blinKI'm looking for the QL version. It's not on the googled website. Herp derp. That's why I said quake style on my original post.

It actually is. Download the latest version of Garm3n HUD from the website and install either the QL or the QF versions. They are both Quake-like, but slightly different in layout.

posted about 7 years ago
#3 Where to get Garm3n hud quake style? in TF2 General Discussion


Yes, it is updated often from what I've seen. There are a bunch of different versions in the archive, along with screenshots of each. I believe seanbud was using the QL version.

posted about 7 years ago
#15 Windows 8 in Off Topic

It feels as though they are prioritising minimalism and aesthetics over functionality and efficiency.

It's fairly evident that they have been heavily optimising the interface for touchscreen displays. However, the drastic difference between traditional desktop operating systems and smartphone ones is not a coincidence; different interfaces are better suited for different forms of interaction. Microsoft seems to be designing a middle ground between these two styles, creating an interface that is acceptable for both a touchscreen and a more traditional setup, but great for neither. I should not have to waste my time clicking a bunch of extra icons in order to perform everyday tasks.

posted about 7 years ago
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