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#168 NHL playoffs :P in Off Topic

posted about 10 years ago
#16 linux? in Off Topic
totoalso keep in mind that there's no dxlevel on linux(atleast not on ubuntu) so you might not notice a big fps boost if you are using maxframes

This is partially incorrect. There certainly is a 'dxlevel' flag, however all it really does is enable/disable some features. TF2 on Linux works by a translation layer that translates DirectX calls to OpenGL ones, and a different 'dxlevel' setting would affect which calls are being made, which *might* help with performance, but not necessarily, or not by much.

posted about 10 years ago
#10 linux? in Off Topic
HerbsWould any of you Ubuntu users say that it runs TF2 faster than windows 7? I'm on a 13" retina MB pro and I get around 100 FPS (with MaxFrames config) but that's only on OSX. If Ubuntu is going to boost FPS noticeably, then I'd love to dual boot.

Not using Ubuntu, but I do get slightly better FPS than on Windows. It's not too noticeable of a difference, though -- maybe 10-20 FPS.

posted about 10 years ago
#7 linux? in Off Topic
botmodeat the moment i have 32bit windows 7, however come summer i was thinking of maybe installing linux on my pc

given that i've never used a linux os before I don't really know if I should switch or which to use


I would suggest trying it out; it's fast, secure and stable. (And if you care about TF2, it seems to run fine on it.)

As far as which distribution to use, I'd probably recommend Fedora or Ubuntu if you want something that "just works".

r4ptureIn Ubuntu (and in fact most mainstream distros), you NEVER have to use the "scary" Terminal (Command prompt as its called in Windows) if you don't want too, or don't want to do anything complex, so in general you never have to worry about it....but honestly...its easier and faster once you know what to do. Dropping in "sudo apt-get install cinnamon" and/or "sudo apt-get install gnome-flashback" get me a brand new desktop every time. You can install Steam, Skype, or whatever program you really want doing the same thing, just gotta google to find the proper command. Its quicker and easier then downloading the program and installing it manually, but thats what most people are used too.

Just to clarify, the non-CLI alternative to using apt-get directly would not be downloading and installing it manually, it would be using a graphical front-end to apt (such as synaptic). Manually
installing a package is generally a bad idea unless you know what you're doing.

posted about 10 years ago
#51 Spec Tools in Projects

Have you considered implementing a persistent sidebar with health status for all players, similar to what the tournament spectator HUD does? This would avoid the bug where everything is frozen after a pause.

posted about 10 years ago
#158 NHL playoffs :P in Off Topic

Game 2 here we go... LGRW!

posted about 10 years ago
#138 NHL playoffs :P in Off Topic

posted about 10 years ago
#8 Making HUD from scratch need some help. in Customization
bagelso I can literally delete everything else besides hudanimeations.txt and hudlayout.res?

The only files you need are those which you modify. If you do not make changes to either of those files, you can leave out the scripts directory entirely.

posted about 10 years ago
#2 Music Player in Off Topic

mpd + ncmpc on computer.
google play music (with subscription) on phone.

posted about 10 years ago
#8 Need help with making a hud!! in Q/A Help
b0unz3rboth of them didn't work :( i guess i'll give up.

Perhaps you should elaborate on "didn't work". People cannot help you when they do not know what your problem is.

posted about 10 years ago
#20 Mobile App in TF2 General Discussion

I think your best bet here would be to speak with enigma regardless of what you do.

For a mobile application, you probably want a way to query the site using some form of API that returns data in JSON, XML or some other easily parsable format. It will get rather messy if you simply strip out data from the HTML files, especially as any changes could potentially break your application.

Similarly, if you create a mobile site, you probably want it to be part of the main site code, accessible through a subdomain or something of that sort. Otherwise, your site would have to act as a relay, with all data flowing in and out. This would result in additional latency and excess bandwidth use. Of course, you can use client-side JavaScript to reduce this effect, but that sounds messy and will probably not function as expected across the many available mobile browsers.

I don't think a project like this is feasible without adding some needed functionality to

posted about 10 years ago
#55 IT'S COMING in TF2 General Discussion
DarkNecridObviously, but the topic is about the SteamOS itself and the original post you are all quoting/replying to was talking about the SteamOS itself being open source, which it will be.

Not necessarily. An operating system is more than just a kernel, so it depends on how much Valve changes (and whether they open source those changes), as well as where you draw the distinction between operating system and user applications.


To elaborate some more on what I mean... Do you consider the init system a part of the operating system? Basic tools such as coreutils and the shell? What about the display server?

I would argue that the existence of Steam and other Valve tools are integral in making SteamOS what it is and should therefore be coupled with the notion of 'SteamOS'. So what if some of the foundation applications are open source, they already were, so nothing changed.

Then again, even if you don't agree with my definition that the user interface should be considered a part of 'SteamOS', it still doesn't guarantee that the operating system in its entirety will be open source. It's entirely possible Valve could replace parts of the traditional stack and keep them closed source. For example, they could write their own display server. They could even take existing open-source code and not release their modifications, as not all of the standard Linux libraries and applications are released under the GPL, but under more lenient licences such as BSD or MIT.

posted about 10 years ago
#53 IT'S COMING in TF2 General Discussion
DarkNecridLinux is licensed under the GPL, anyone who distributes Linux (including modifications) must make their source code available under the same terms.

It has to be open source, they can't make it not open source.

Due to licensing, any changes they make to the Linux kernel and many other userland tools and libraries must remain open. This does not mean that Valve will have to release the Steam client and other applications they create under a similar licence.

posted about 10 years ago
#50 IT'S COMING in TF2 General Discussion
alfaKanecoIt's Free, not open source afaik.
Except it's gonna be open-source

Nowhere on the announcement page does it say this.

posted about 10 years ago
#46 IT'S COMING in TF2 General Discussion
alfawhy are people crying about free OS, this is great

While there's no reason for them to be complaining, it's not as big of an announcement as some people are making it out to be. Despite all the marketing crap on the Steam website, it will most likely be just another ordinary Linux distribution, set apart only by the applications that come pre-installed and its default configuration.

Of course, there will be some good to come out of this. With Valve creating their own Linux distribution, it's inevitable that they will have some of their developers work on optimisations on both the kernel and user-space programs, with many of these changes pushed upstream. (I hope that Valve will be cooperative on this front.)

Perhaps this will also push NVIDIA and AMD (especially AMD) to take their Linux video drivers more seriously.

alfait's also open source so you can modify anything you want

While Valve will be forced to open-source many of their changes due to licences, I highly doubt they will open-source most of their original work. I wouldn't expect them to change the licence of the Steam client or similar programs, so there's probably not much you will be able to change as far as the user interface is concerned. I only hope that I am wrong.

posted about 10 years ago
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