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#4 Titanfall Movement Love Letter in Other Games


made me think of the phoon clip where he bhops out of train upper at the speed of light and the kid trying to hit him has no chance

posted 21 hours ago
#159 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion
highfiveCali doesn't have waho :(

In-n-out thooooooooooo

posted 2 months ago
#74 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion

wE eSpOrTs NoW

posted 2 months ago
#27 why don't we host MGE tournaments? in TF2 General Discussion

i got shotgun denied on spire in a charity mge tournament on tip of the hats a few years back and im like 99% sure there was no prize so i can only imagine how aids it would be if there was something to actually win

scout v scout is probly ok (idk i rarely play that matchup so not sure how much of a degen you can be) and 2v2 could potentially be cool depending on the map.

posted 2 months ago
#48 b4nny doesn't support iseries in TF2 General Discussion

this isn't even worth a conversation. it's a 12 year old (albeit fun and addictive) game. it's never, ever going to be a legitimate esport. if valve wants to make a class based shooter esport, they're going to just make a new game. they will not go "hey, lets dust off that game from 2007 and pit it against apex legends, fortnite, csgo, etc." because they'd look like fucking idiots, it would fail miserably, and it makes 0 sense. just enjoy the time the game has left.

also realize banny is the only person out there making a living off of tf2. he will do whatever he thinks can benefit him the most financially, which makes sense. but for the 99.99% of people just wanting to compete in a game for fun, the concern is with keeping the game enjoyable.

posted 2 months ago
#75 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion

i think halftime is crucial, have definitely won/lost games because of a momentum swing/adjustment made during half time.sometimes you just get fucking rolled 3-0 in 10 minutes and gotta wake up at half time and try to claw back into it, and removing that would be pretty lame. i think there needs to be a time limit to ready up at half though, have had like 20 minute half times which is a majorrrrrr cooler and really lame.

ban system is bad for regular season imo, use those 8 weeks to see who is the most well rounded, experiment on a new map, etc. and when playoffs come go into the pick/ban system.

alternatively, go with the ban system but teams get a limited number of bans on each map. so if theres 16 matches, you can only ban viaduct 12 times (or whatever number works). Makes bans more strategic,and teams cant just eliminate several maps from the pool for the entire season.

posted 7 months ago
#196 ESEA to drop tf2 after season 31??? in TF2 General Discussion
bl4nkTaking applications for madmen tryouts. Need a big dick demo, a high flying super styling last of the roamers, and a medic who may or may not multi.

me pixel bomb. me roam.

posted 8 months ago
#7 Talking TF2 With marmaloo thread in Videos
crackbabydumpsterguest episode w/ marmaduke

marming with marms


posted 9 months ago
#5 ESEA S30 GF: froyotech vs. Ascent in Matches
nyaHow is no one talking on this thread? its the grand finals of the most biggest TF2 tournament in NA, and arekk literally dropped a 55-12 bomb on ascent

business as usual

posted 9 months ago
#443 AS MGE feedback in TF2 General Discussion

add an option to allow people to reset their elo if its over 1600. tired of elo assassins

posted about a year ago
#37 ESEA Map Rotation in TF2 General Discussion
lazwhatever happens please keep via
literally the most fast-paced and fun to watch/play map in the rotation
having only 1 koth map in the pool isnt actually a problem (but adding more quality koth maps would be cool)

agree on keeping via but also i think 1 koth map is in fact a problem. right now teams can just ban it if they feel like they're not good on the map/on koth maps in general and they wont ever have to play it.

i've said forever mappers need to focus on making good koth maps. way less space/flow to worry about than a full 5 cp map. make a solid mid and a decent rollout and you're done.

posted about a year ago
#111 ban insom from pugchamp in TF2 General Discussion

should flag all invite players to have captain priority.

posted about a year ago
#6 ESEA Map Rotation in TF2 General Discussion


posted about a year ago
#4 Wich cl_interp i use for, 80ping to 100ping? in TF2 General Discussion
hitscan only

cl_interp_ratio 2
cl_interp 0

i feel like the .033 interp for hitscan is a myth but then again i get shot around corners/behind walls all the fucking time so maybe im wrong

posted about a year ago
#10 Thoughts on wallbugging? in TF2 General Discussion

i think using it to avoid fall damage is ok. takes skill/practice and is more or less the same as an edgebug. using it to stay in the skybox above doors should be banned. yeah yeah "just look up lol" but pushing is already hard as it is. checking for stickies/regular hiding spots, avoiding spam, and adding this in is just more shit to force terrible ubers/drops on syncs.

posted about a year ago
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