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#32 BTS LAN: In Memoriam in News

u guys can blame phorofor if he woulda just played medic for us none of thsi would have happened

posted 2 days ago
#29 sigafoo teasing RGL LAN in TF2 General Discussion

whos this renhsad guy whos supposedly doing production, is he any good?

posted 5 days ago
#13 college laptop recommendations in Hardware
Hedgeif you're gonna b coding make sure it supports linux... there are laptops out there that make installing linux really hard. In school I liked to dual boot with windows for video gaming and linux for programming

if ur 100% not playing games on it id still just get a macbook because its way way way less work

posted 5 days ago
#10 college laptop recommendations in Hardware

13 inch surface w/ student discount

posted 5 days ago
#16 the flu in Off Topic

pick ur nose and eat it and u will live forever

posted 5 days ago
#22 Juice Wrld dead at 21 from seizure in Music, Movies, TV

'literally everybody who interacts with me cant stand me it has got to be a circle jerk'

posted 5 days ago
#48 State of TFTV in Off Topic
Dollsakubknthis used to be such a happy fun place to browse

Nah he's right, it was way more fun when people used to talk mad shit all the time and you could expect some form of drama on the forums.

Bring back alts!



if u dont think these forums look way more fun ur outta ur mind

edit bonus

posted 1 week ago
#5 Stutterfest in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#28 6v6 maps tier list in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#57 LOST JOB - NEED HELP TFTV in Off Topic
dflamedon't care who you are you could be fucking bape and I would still try to help you out in anyway

how do u type this when bape is the source of 90% of the money uve received so far lol!

enjoy the chargeback(s)

posted 1 week ago
#33 LOST JOB - NEED HELP TFTV in Off Topic
dflame[ One day you'll grow up and mature just like I have and I wish you the best of luck!

ya i cant wait to be a big boy in my late 20s with 0 life skills asking for handouts on the forum of a videogame community that i spent almost a decade alienating myself from

you should give some self-help seminars, man. maybe you can make a living doin that!

posted 1 week ago
#26 LOST JOB - NEED HELP TFTV in Off Topic
Lastly mason, did you really gotta come on here and say something like that. But tell bape I said thanks! :)

i was having a good day til i came across this thread

now im having a great day

hope ur pathological lying, unrelenting delusion, complete lack of accountability and 5 man diamond overwatch streams all pay off!

seems like they already are, actually

posted 1 week ago

bape sends his regards

posted 1 week ago
#5 Tech tip of the day: Steam and Discord on pidgin! in Off Topic

pidgins been around as long as i have and if u give anything close 2 a shit about security u wont use it

posted 1 week ago
#19 RGL Ban Speedrun Any% (WR) in Off Topic

every thread gets worse

posted 1 week ago
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